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I read The Scar by China Mieville and was quite impressed by the depth and detail of the world Mieville had created. However, when I went looking for a map of the fictional world of Bas-Lag I found nothing. So I made one myself.

I've done my best to place every location correctly but there were times when I had to guess (for example, we know Nova Esperium is about 10,000 miles from New Crobuzon but not exactly WHERE it is). If you see any glaring deviations from canon or things that I have missed don't hesitate to point them out - I'll update the map if and when it is needed!

Fullview is...uh...big.

Paper texture [link] by :iconstruckdumb:
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I'm surprised how well done this is in relation to the recently released official map drawn by Mieville himself. (see here on the left side: outtherebooks.files.wordpress.…). The major differences are that the sea is actually much bigger, Tarmuth is only about ten miles from New Crobuzon at the point where the Tar meets the Sea, and the land separating the Cold Claw Sea from the wider ocean is much smaller.