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START HERE by JenHunter, literature

2009/04 Week 1 - All they have to give is ashes by JenHunter, literature

2009/03/30 Erase Myself by JenHunter, literature

2009/07/03 Baby steps by JenHunter, literature

2009/06/26+ First Contact by JenHunter, literature

2009/06/26 First shred of honesty by JenHunter, literature

2009/06/25 Thin Patience by JenHunter, literature

2009/06/24 Apple fell far from the tree by JenHunter, literature


Ep.?? COVER WiP - screens by JenHunter, visual art

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Something every writer needs to hear by JenHunter, journal

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can you like this video? also comment here

I or anything I do on here has nothing to do with this video, this is random spamming.

Cool that you're still uploading sometimes. Keep up with the great work mate!

I have a lot going on outside of my art so it's probably never going to be as much as I uploaded before, but if I stop completely assume I'm dead~ Thanks for being here to see me try <3

Thank you so much for the:+fav: !!:)

Thank you too :)

You're welcome!