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Hero - Dancing on the Edge

This is the order for Surreal Studios that I FINALLY got done :P I'm real pleased with how it turned out though. This version is shown at 50% of original size. Feel free to use as wallpaper if you want, but please don't use it for anything else.
Customer is using a cropped version with all below credits on them --

Horse by ~celtic-stock [link]
Waterfall by ~ArrsistableStock [link]
Sky by "Lastexist" on
Smoke/Ghost by "blary54" on [link]
Everything else by me.
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hey, I wanted to let you know that I was looking around on a website called horseland and found this: [link] The player used your image for a layout, and I could just make out on the image your name on there and that is was not to be used. Just felt that I needed to tell you, and I will notify them aswell.
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wow. this is amazing. i love the whole concept and the way it feels. gorgeous & stunning!~ truely a masterpiece.
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Beautiful piece! Just lovely! :D
Black-Lotus-Designs's avatar
wow thats really good :D
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This is so amazing....
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Whauw it's really beautiful!
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:bulletblack::bulletred: THANK YOU for uploading this beautiful piece of artwork.
It has been featured in my journal here » [link]

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that's so awesome!
I love the horse :love:

could you sett up a tutorial or send me a link to one? it would be awesome if you could =D
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It's so beautiful, it's like a painting...
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This is BEAUTIFUL! You have such a talent for this! I NEVER KNEW!
how do you get his eyes to appear soo blue?
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:clap: Such wonderful work, well done :D
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You have a wonderful talent for this kind of stuff. I'm gonna watch youuu :thumbsup:[>w<]
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wow, this is really quite beautiful! :)
I love how you've painted the horse! :+favlove:
Really really lovely :heart:
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That's really interesting. And it looks sooooo great :D
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Wow, this is so beautyfull. Amazing.
You're really good, verry good.
I am so jealous. I need to work more ^_^
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You're just the most amazing manipulator on earth ^^. This is just so wonderful.
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-dies- You know who that looks like? My char Falcon! He was a blue roan grey type paint. -dies again- Wow how odd. Lovely. I just might use that as my desktop for a while since you so kindly invited any to do so. x}
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Everything about this is beautiful
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You never cease to amaze me. Your colorizing skills are just amazing. I love this guy's mane and tail, and those splashes are incredible.
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aww thank you very much! :dance:
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Incredible. You make me so, so jealous.
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