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Taken from Sonic # 179, I found it to be pretty emotional. Tails was trying to protect his mom and dad, who he hasn't seen since he was a baby. Even thought Sonic has a job to protect the kingdom and all, but there are time he can be a jerk. My regular title should have been "Bros 4ever". But I found "Reconcile" sounds better to me.

If you think I trace them, think again. I actually draw them freehand. I wanted to submit by the end of September but family issue have got in the way. Anyway, hope you enjoy :heart:

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Gotta say, times are tough, but sometimes it'll cross by that bridge when it get to it.

(or not,)

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Awww so very sweet
such a big brother to Tails
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You're welcome~~
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I don't see much on the comics I have a few only because my mother buy it for me Love but I was young then.

even if it is legit IN the comic I still like seeing Sonic ACTUALLY being nice to others.
I see to much of people drawing or animation of Sonic being a jerk to the others because people think "Sonic should be a alone because the first game had no friends" or Sonic has stupid friends" but those are stupid reasons for Sonic Fans.
I know I rent there but all I was trying to say was its good to finally see some art of Sonic (and Tails) NOT being a jerk.

I need to draw Tails more seeing him here makes me really want to! :D (Big Grin) 

Tails free avi Tails! 
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