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The state of Massachusetts is starting to re-open (relevant because it's where I live) and so is the world... And so is our community on the new DeviantArt! My goal was to get this tutorial written before it went live but alas, life gets in the way. But let's waste no time and get right into a tutorial to cover the new Watch area of DeviantArt!

We'll cover the following areas:

  • What is "Watch"? Where Is It?
  • Parts of the Watch Page
  • Managing Your Watch Feed (this section is a biggie!)
  • Manage Who You Watch
  • Recommended For You

Shall we begin?

What is Watch... Where Is It?!

Watch is the page you'll visit when you want to view deviations (individual and group), posts, and more from the community members that you've added to your Watch list. On DeviantArt, to "Watch" someone is to follow their work. Simple as that!

Watch is the place to find anything those you watch upload to DA. It's also where you can find new people to follow and manage your watch list. But we'll get to all of that later.

To find it, just click the Watch button in the header bar!

1 Where Is Watch

Parts of the Watch Page

To understand the parts of the Watch page, it helps to see what it looks like. After you click Watch, you're presented with the following page (though yours will likely look much busier than mine since I cleaned up my inbox right before starting this... poor timing x.x')

2 The Watch Page

If you follow a lot of deviants (it tells you at the top of the watch page "Watching ## Deviants and ## Groups"), you will probably have a LOT of Watch items in your inbox! You'll be defaulted to the "Deviations" section but I like to start on "All" to get a quick glance at what awaits me (the screencap above is the "All" view). All will show you a row of each type of Watch item. As you see, I only have one Deviation stack and one Poll at the moment!

You have several ways to sort your Watch if you prefer to look at one type at a time:

  • All: Literally everything :noes:
  • Deviations: Gallery uploads from individual deviants
  • Group Deviations: Uploads to Group galleries.
  • Posts: Click to see all posts or hover and pick individually from Journals, Polls, or Status Updates!
  • Commissions: Check out artwork commissions by deviants you follow.
  • Recommended For You: Selections of artwork by deviants you may be interested in watching.
  • ... : Hover on this icon to select from Forum threads or Misc. items
  • Group By Artist: This option will create stacks if checked (deviations grouped by artist) or no stacks if unchecked (deviations shown individually by upload date)

There are also three additional folders to view Watch items:

  • Feed: The current list of Watch items in your inbox.
  • Saved: Items you have saved for later (I'll tell you how to save them in the next section ;P)
  • Removed: Deleted Watch items. They'll be permanently removed after 30 days!

Let's take a look at a Watch item and learn how manage this Watch page!

Managing Your Watch Feed

Once you know where the buttons are, managing your Watch page is very easy to do! It can be done quickly if you want to delete things rapidly or it can be done on an individual basis to help you view every single item you watch (I respect the people who can do this xD)

Let's take a look at a stack (my Group by Artist option is checked by preference!) and see the different options. *

A stack

*Note** The options above will be the same if selected on a single, un-stacked item!

*Another Note* The menu items will appear when clicking on the 3-dot icon on the deviation.

Here is a breakdown of the options in the view above:

  • X (top left corner): Delete the stack. Clicking once will ask you to confirm, click a 2nd time to remove!
  • View All: Open up the stack to see the individual items.
  • Check box: Selecting the stack. Useful for mass-deleting, which we'll get to shortly.
  • Edit Watch Settings: Will bring you to the Manage Watch List page.
  • Stop Watching ... Deviations: An option to stop receiving deviations from the particular deviant/group. This option displays as Posts for Posts, etc.
  • Remove all deviations by ...: Essentially deletes the stack.
  • Save: Move stack/item to your Saved folder.

Next we're going to View All on this stack to see the individual options and cover some more management tips!

Inside A Stack

These tips are useful when inside a stack or when viewing individual types of Watch items. For example, these tips can be used when you're in the specific sections: Deviations, Posts, Commissions, etc.


  • The top of the page will show the Deviant whose items you're current viewing. Clicking "Back" will take you to the page with all Watch items. Clicking the arrow next to the username will allow you to select a different deviant or group.
  • Newest: This is a drop down (pictured above) to sort by newest or oldest.
  • ... : This icon will display the same options as the screenshot in the section above.
  • Check box: Checking this will give you the option to Remove or Save the deviation at the top of the page. You'll also be able to "Select All" to remove Watch items quickly and easily!
  • X: Will appear when you hover a deviation in the top left corner. This will remove the 1 item you're clicking X for.

*Remember, you don't need to View All to delete the items inside the stack. You can simply delete the stack as a whole from the previous page!

At this point, we have covered how to find Watch and how to manage the many items you may find there. What happens if you want to make changes to who you follow? We're covering this next!

Manage Who You Watch

Over time there could be many reasons you want to change the settings for who you watch. Maybe you only want to see their artwork but not their posts. Maybe they deactivated and you want to clean up your list. Or perhaps you don't want to follow a group's deviations but want to be notified of all of their journals. There's a very simple answer to these scenarios and the option lives right on the Watch page.

Throughout the tutorial so far, you may have noticed the "Manage Watch List" link in the screenshots. This will transport you to a management page that the most organized of people will love. Click it and you will be taken to a version of this:

Manage Watch List

This page contains every deviant and group that you have added to your Watch list. It also allows you to add a new user if you want to do it here instead of clicking the Watch button directly on their profile! Additionally, you can sort users into lists.

To keep this section simple, the most important aspect of Manage Watch List is the ability to customize how you watch someone. The first column will be the usernames and the following columns contain check boxes for each type of item you can Watch someone for. The arrow next to the column header will give you the option to Select All or Select None (pictured above).

You can also quickly remove users from your Watch using the Remove option in the far right column.

*Note* Be sure to SAVE your changes before navigating to the Next Page or leaving this screen. The changes will not save if you go to Page 2 without first savings!

Recommended For You

After our short detour into the wilds of managing your watch list, we get to a fun section that is brand new for the new DeviantArt! This section is called Recommended For You and it suggests artwork that you may enjoy based on your browsing preferences. It looks a little something like this:

Rec For You

For this to make sense, you have to know a bit about me on DeviantArt. I am a nature photographer by hobby and for the past five years I have been the Community Volunteer for Animals, Plants, & Nature photography (more recently covering all of photography and some other areas). I'm also big into useful tools for the community such as tutorials.

Knowing this about me, you can see my Recommended For You page is pretty relevant! It is mostly photographers with a smattering of tutorials, digital art (nature related usually), and other things that genuinely catch my interest. From this page, you can close out of recommendations or directly add the artist to your Watch for the future. Pretty handy for finding new artists to follow!

That's It!

The tutorial covered a breakdown of the Watch page and I hope you found it useful. :heart: Be sure to check out the rest of the series (linked below)!


If you have questions about Watch please leave them in the comments! If you have general feedback about Eclipse, that is better left where staff will see it.

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Wasserball's avatar

The option WATCH vanished from my top bar into the MORE option and I cant put it back in the top bar. I can't see if something new is in as I don't see the circle anymore on top if new messages arrived. How do I put it back into the top bar next t the deviantart logo?

JenFruzz's avatar
JenFruzzHobbyist Photographer

Did your browser window size get smaller? I know on my screen if my window shrinks the options up top condense.

Wasserball's avatar

Thanky, that was it. Had a update and it reseted all my settings on my computer^^;

JenFruzz's avatar
JenFruzzHobbyist Photographer

No prob! Easy fixes are the best kind :D

Wasserball's avatar

Indeed^^ Thanks again :)

TVtheTV's avatar
TVtheTVHobbyist Digital Artist

Is there a way to remove Deviations on in your watch if you've clicked on them? Like, if you're on the Deviation's page itself? There was a way to do this in old DeviantART and the removal of this feature is what makes me so frustrated with this update.

JenFruzz's avatar
JenFruzzHobbyist Photographer

That functionality isn't part of the new site at this time. I believe they can only be removed from the watch page itself. But it's not so bad if you just open the artwork in a new tab! Then you can quickly close the tab when you're done and remove the deviation from your watch.

HyperBowser1's avatar

I'm unable to view, delete or generally do anything in the "Watch" tab. Only things I can do is click on a stack to see what's in the stack, but can't interact with any individual post. The X, the View All, the Check Box and all UI elements don't appear when I hover over things. This has been going on since June 5th, prior to this date it worked fine.

I'm using Microsoft Edge

JenFruzz's avatar
JenFruzzHobbyist Photographer

I would submit a bug report for this!

HyperBowser1's avatar

I did over a week ago. But it doesn't matter anymore, for some magical reason it suddenly started working today

ParchmentPrincess's avatar
ParchmentPrincessHobbyist Traditional Artist

I am no longer able to delete my watcher journals after I have read them, the same goes for polls and status updates... Now they are starting to stack up and I think I read when I was hovering over the page that everything will be deleted once a month... Is there anything that I can do, because the "X" in the corner of the journal pages are no longer there... Is anyone else having this problem???


JenFruzz's avatar
JenFruzzHobbyist Photographer

What browser and version are you using?

ParchmentPrincess's avatar
ParchmentPrincessHobbyist Traditional Artist

I have an HP computer and it will not allow me to download Google so I am stuck with Microsoft Edge but it is the newest version...

stoneificaunt's avatar
stoneificauntHobbyist General Artist

Has anyone been having a problem with the X not showing along with the three dots and the fav button not showing. Cause It's not showing up for me on my laptop computer.

JenFruzz's avatar
JenFruzzHobbyist Photographer

Hi, what browser and version are you using?

stoneificaunt's avatar
stoneificauntHobbyist General Artist

I just updated my Browser when deviantart said it no longer supported this browser three days ago.

warriorcatjulia's avatar
warriorcatjuliaStudent Digital Artist

Same here, and it's kinda annoying because I watch a lot of people (Still sounds weird when I say 'watch' instead of 'follow' ;-;). And I can't go to the deviation, I have to go to their profile and try to find the art piece. (Tbh, I miss the classic setup)

stoneificaunt's avatar
stoneificauntHobbyist General Artist

Yeah and it's been half of last month and the seventh of this day that has been like this

ganellajay's avatar

How do I delete ALL watch deviations at once, not just specific stacks? I browe through every day and after, I dont have the patience to delete them one by one

JenFruzz's avatar
JenFruzzHobbyist Photographer

You have to do it by category. So you would go to Deviations, check one box and then Select All -> Remove. Then same with Group Deviations, posts, etc.

ganellajay's avatar

Okay thanks!

WingedOzelot's avatar

Thanks for the tutorial, that was really helpful to me! :la:

And for the link as well, I've been searching for this for quite a while x'D I remember a feedback form existed during the beta phase but couldn't find it anymore :crazy:

JenFruzz's avatar
JenFruzzHobbyist Photographer

Glad it was helpful!

Trigun1462's avatar
Trigun1462Hobbyist Filmographer

your stats reopening is messing with my states reopening though, that is besides the point how do I make it so when I click on watch I will view all? I hate that I have to switch it every time I click on watch to see all my other stuff, I much rather it be on all my stuff than just on deviations.

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