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Hello and welcome! :wave:


If you've found this guide, then there's a good possibility you are new to DeviantArt. If that is the case, then welcome to the internet's largest art community! If you're not new to the community, you might still be interested (especially if you scroll to the bottom). Over at DAWelcomeWagon, we're thrilled that you decided to become a member. The group page has many wonderful resources for you to take advantage of. There is even an associated chat room called #welcome for you to hang out in and meet some deviants ("deviants" are what we call DA's members) both new and old.

We don't want you to feel too confused while you're getting to know the website and community. It's a big place with countless ways to share your deviations (your creations) and find artwork to inspire you. So we put together this helpful Getting Started on DeviantArt guide to connect you with a number of helpful tutorials that will assist you in beginning your artistic journey with us! Follow the links below to learn all the things a new deviant needs to know.

Each page is set up with a Home, Next, and Back button so you can easily follow and enjoy this miniature tour of DeviantArt's features. So, what are you waiting for? Time to explore!

Have fun learning and exploring! Each page will contain helpful links to tutorials and articles to help you dive right into the community. For the more experienced members of DeviantArt who happen across this guide, we would love for you to send DAWelcomeWagon links to some of the tutorials you love. Let's make this guide a community-wide project!

You might want to get started here... there are a lot of terms used on DeviantArt and this glossary should help define them for you!

Learn DA LingoHi! Whether you're a veteran of the community or a brand new member, there is a LOT to remember about DeviantArt. Founded in 2000, this website has transformed its corner of the internet into a busy, thriving, and ever-changing community... And with that comes a LOT of terms to remember! This index was made for inclusion in the Getting Started on DeviantArt guide and will hopefully be a useful reference to those who are just getting to know our artistic internet home. :heart:
The guide is built alphabetically with handy letter links directly below if you want to jump ahead. This guide could even develop further as more people think of terms! Do you know a DeviantArt-exclusive term that is popular around the community and fits this guide? Please leave a comment with the word or phrase and a brief definition and you might see it added in the future!
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If you ever have a question or need some guidance, don't hesitate to send a note to DAWelcomeWagon, stop by the #welcome chat room, or file a help desk ticket. 

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How to use stamps in the Eclipse?
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On the stamp page there is a share icon under the deviation image, if you copy the URL that pops up and paste it on the site, it should turn into the stamp thumb :D

UshankaOverlord's avatar

Great. Then how am I supposed to position them next to each other?

JenFruzz's avatar

I think right now they just go in a column if you do it manually. Alternatively, you should collect your favorites into a Collections folder, then use the "add gallery" function to import a bunch of stamps at once! Then they won't be in a column ^^

UshankaOverlord's avatar

Thanks, your advice seems like it will work. Thanks a ton! I will definitily try it.

JenFruzz's avatar

No problem! Let me know how it works out :)

UshankaOverlord's avatar

Um, it does not work but I value your effort to solve my problem.

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The icon for the group is absolutely adorbs! :icondawelcomewagon:
JenFruzz's avatar

It is the bestest. If I remember correctly, I commissioned @mamaelm for it many moons ago :D

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This is interesting to say the least and I love interacting with others sharing experienced and the like! This site seems pretty nice with the brilliant artwork and people.

SweetSillySister45's avatar

I'm kinda new here or rather not that active I just don't know where to start looking or how to even begin on here but I do wish to be a regular! This site looks interesting and has a lot of nice stuff.

Wait a sec, is this an elf from a previous event?

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found you : )
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how can i make my art able to be critiqued?
Spekkledwolf's avatar
l got a question how do l do a lecture ?
JenFruzz's avatar
Do you mean literature? 
JenFruzz's avatar
Go to the Submit dropdown and choose Literature :D
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