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Published: May 16, 2018

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Come one, come all! It's time for a community project.

Something many of us see on DA each day is community members asking for comments. Whether it's simply acknowledgement that they created something or genuinely wanting feedback on their art, true deviation comments can be hard to come by! I mean there is a LOT of artwork submitted here each day. If you don't have a large watcherbase, it can be hard to get attention for yourself and your art. There are a lot of comment-oriented projects on DA and that's awesome. I am hoping to keep the momentum going with this new project.

Introducing... #Daily5!

I would like to challenge all of you to take 5-10 minutes each day (or as many days as you can!) to leave only five (5) comments on others' deviations. Commenting gives attention to others but can also bring some attention right back to YOU! Plus, commenting can be a great learning experience for all involved.

Just leave 5 comments per day on the artwork that you are browsing anyway! Now, when I say comment, I don't mean "nice!" or "good work!"... I am thinking something a little more engaging for the artist. Read on!

What Should I Comment On!?

  • You should always comment on things you are interested in. That way it is easier for you to come up with something to say, give advice on, or just plain old gloat over!

  • Comment on art that has been submitted recently. Why? Because you know the artist is active on DA and more likely to see your comment and/or reply to you! There is also the added benefit of others browsing newer artwork and seeing your comment on that piece!

  • Comment on the artwork of artists who are not mega popular. Wait wait wait... I am not saying that our superstar community members do not need some love. But we were all new or undiscovered artists once... And how great was it/is it when someone commented on your piece with some kind words or pieces of advice?! Spread the looooove, people.

What Sort of Comments Should I Leave?

  • Always leave honest feedback. It doesn't help the artist for you to say things you don't mean about their work.

  • Be respectful. You should never leave a comment with the intent of hurting or insulting the artist. See above: spread the love

  • Try to say something more than "nice!" -- WHY do you feel that way? Be descriptive!

  • If you're comfortable, give the artist some pointers or advice. If you could change something about their piece, what would it be and why?

Sounds fun, what can I do to spread the word?

I'm glad you like the idea and would love for you to join me on #Daily5 journey. The best way to get involved is to leave your 5 comments per day and share them with me. You can help spread the word by sharing this blog in your own journals or status updates! The more that see it, the better. Think about creating a Daily5 favorite collection with the #Daily5 tag to collect all of the work you've left comments on! :dance:

Feel free to follow me at JenFruzz too. I will be sure to post status updates when I do my #Daily5 to share the art I commented on and encourage you all to share thumbnails of the art YOU commented on! I'd love to see the impact you're helping make in the community. :heart:

So, who is in?!

Skin by Dan Leveille
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ThePinsterHobbyist Digital Artist
I've honestly been doing this myself for quite a while but I had no idea there was a whole # dedicated to it.  This seems amazing.  I'll definitely try to participate when I can.
MEPArtz's avatar
MEPArtzHobbyist General Artist
Well, I’ve been away, and I know I can’t catch up, but I’ve done some journal features and created the folder here>>>…
Don't know if this is good enough, but I’m enjoying it. :D
JenFruzz's avatar
JenFruzzHobbyist Photographer
There is no such thing as NOT good enough! This project can be done any way you wish, there is no right or wrong :D
MEPArtz's avatar
MEPArtzHobbyist General Artist
I’m already late to the party, and I’m not here everyday, but I think it’s a great idea. I’ll try to do some...💛
enkrat's avatar
enkratHobbyist Digital Artist
Živjo!!!!Hi! I do this but I wish to say this beautiful idea and I wish to be part of!!:huggle:
LoveJuiceP's avatar
LoveJuicePHobbyist Digital Artist
wow nice idea...
kikoeart's avatar
kikoeartProfessional Digital Artist
Great idea!
KlaraDrielle's avatar
KlaraDrielleHobbyist Photographer
J'aime bien l'idée, mais c'est difficile parce que tout est en anglais et que c'est très difficile à comprendre parfaitement, il faut toujours passer par un traducteur et j'ai toujours des erreurs de compréhension

umbatman's avatar
umbatmanProfessional General Artist
this would be such an amazing idea, just not a fave and run but to really write a nice comment , it does so much good for a artist,
sadly i have stopped writing comments cause no one bothers about them
JenFruzz's avatar
JenFruzzHobbyist Photographer
Well this project is supposed to help with that ;P
PorcelanowyOkular's avatar
PorcelanowyOkularStudent Digital Artist
Today I posted this journal : an interesting idea! :0My friend just had a great idea, that I had to try out immediately.

Comment at least one artwork on your DA watch list ( you know what I mean ) per day. Not only you'll excersize with writing constructive criticism and creating logical, consistent statement, but! Also! You'll make someone's day better, because a lot of artists get motivated while reciving some comments from their watchers!

+ It takes MAXIMUM 10 minutes. MAXIMUM. It's such a small amount of time ya dorks. Don't be lazy.'re gonna try it out? C:

And now I come here and read all that stuff. Wowie, world is a bunch of wierd circumstances!

Of course I would like to join in, but...I don't know if I'll manage to comment that much. Of course I'll try, but I would like to start slowely ( baby steps ). Today I've decided to comment at least once per day. Gonna keep it like that for a week. If I'll manage to do it I'll try to post two comms per day for another week, then three per day etc., until I'll hit 5 coms.

I feel motivation to comment a lot, but...I know myself. I should start slowely.

And wowie - great initiative over there! Motivating people to write more, and write with manners, love and respect! We totally need to spread the word! ^^
JenFruzz's avatar
JenFruzzHobbyist Photographer
Even starting smaller does something good for the community :aww:
pearwood's avatar
pearwoodHobbyist Photographer
From my home page...

Steve's suggestions on how to leave a good comment...
  1. Tell the artist what caught your eye, something your particularly liked or didn't like.
  2. Tell the artist something you think they could have done differently or better.
  3. Suggest an alternate title; it tells the artist what you saw in the image.
  4. Interact with the artwork, continue its story.
  5. Ask the artist how or why they did something.
  6. If nothing else, even "Ooh, pretty!" or "Oh, ick!" is a lot more information than no comment at all.
JenFruzz's avatar
JenFruzzHobbyist Photographer
These are awesome, Steve! Thanks for sharing them :la:
pearwood's avatar
pearwoodHobbyist Photographer
pearwood's avatar
pearwoodHobbyist Photographer
Good for you. Comments are the lifeblood of deviantArt. I leave a lot, and even get some back. :w00t:
donlope01's avatar
donlope01Hobbyist Photographer
Great idea, I'm in
JenFruzz's avatar
JenFruzzHobbyist Photographer
Dj-Edi's avatar
I'm not sure if I really should do this, I mean I do comment on other's stuff daily always anyway ((tho maybe not every of my comments is constructive ^^; )) But still it's a great idea
JenFruzz's avatar
JenFruzzHobbyist Photographer
You should try it! Doesn't hurt :la:
JoeDiamondD's avatar
JoeDiamondDProfessional Digital Artist
I dont think this site is lacking of comments or activity, actually its lacking of quality. When i first made my account here, ive met so many artists, talented and creative minds. Now because  this site allow any moron to post all the shitty or ill stuff that come through their heads, photo or photoshopped, this site become their community. Few sites allow sick photos, like making parts of females or males extremely  big or very intimate photos, this site its not about art anymore. Many of my friends and me included low down the activity here because of this problem. When you search for inspiration here, most of the time you get photos of these morons appreciated more then real artwork....

The only change will be this site restored to what it used to be :)
JenFruzz's avatar
JenFruzzHobbyist Photographer
Howdy ^^ Thanks for your comment. I’m sad to see that your DA experience hasn’t been like mine. I met a lot of artists when I first joined too but that hasn’t changed for me. I still meet new people on here from around the world almost every day. I have to disagree that other sites don’t allow the images you’re talking about, a google search can show that inflation art exists all over the place. 

DA is not about art anymore? This place is still a community that allows freedom of expression (within policy of course haha) and just because you don’t like something, doesn’t mean it is not an artistic expression. I don’t like inflation art either... so I just scroll past it. Searching for inspiration hasn’t been a problem for me either. You just have to know how to search and learn to scroll past the things you don’t like. There are actually some tutorials about how to browse “smart” and find what you want to see!

The community here is very much a living thing. You get back what you put into it. If you put effort in you are rewarded. If you get involved in the community, you meet new, talented, motivated artists with similar interests and goals as you! I looked at your page and I might suggest doing some of that giving back, paying it forward. Get involved in some groups, post regular features of art you find and enjoy, hell even getting involved in my #daily5 project is meant to help boost your experience here and have some fun at the same time. :)
JoeDiamondD's avatar
JoeDiamondDProfessional Digital Artist
Dont understand me wrong, DA changed my life so i would never ever dare to say it wasnt a wonderful experience, it still is in the community i am and with the artists i love, but it really bleeds my eye when i look for inspiration and i i only get "that type of art" If you think the activity here its an effort, for me its a relaxation, a time for and with myself

If you consider that thing is an art form, i dont have anything more to say. I agree i might not use tutorials to get a smart search,  honestly i didnt imagine there is such a thing, but if we want to keep DA safe, just for artists, i dont think we should need a tutorial for searching how to skip things that hurts our eyes. On DA there are artists that earn millions, even they look for inspirations, do you think that they are willing to loose time with tutorials for searching? Many of the artists i met here and there is a big number, low down the activity for this exact reason.

I am not trying to put down DA, my life wouldnt be the same without it, im just trying to point that there is a problem and i only wish DA to be the best site for displaying art
JenFruzz's avatar
JenFruzzHobbyist Photographer
I think you misunderstood me. ^^ The tutorials are to help you find art you want to see... Not explicitly to help you avoid art you don't want to see (that is only an added benefit lol). As for considering such a tutorial to be a waste of time... I think anyone who is a professional in any area should always seek to expand their knowledge, not restrict it. ;)

As for whether or not I consider inflation art to be art... I don't think it's up to any one individual to decide what is and is not art. I may not like the content but someone DID paint or draw it... So technically they created it even if I find it tasteless.
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