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One of the great things about DeviantArt is not only having the ability to create your own art gallery, but you have an entire world of artwork at your hands to explore and become inspired from. You will find artwork from your favorite book or movie series. You'll find paintings, photography, beaded jewelry, and digital masterpieces. You could find fantastic stock pieces to use in your next photomanipulation or may discover an awe-inspiring scene that just has to become your new desktop background.

With so many categories to explore and artists to find, the process may seem a bit daunting. How can you possibly find what you're looking for? Never fear! We've compiled some great tutorials on browsing art and getting the most from your searches on DeviantArt.

How to do an Advanced Search on DACommunity Week
DeviantArt is a website that hosts millions of works published with broad search criteria, covering hundreds and thousands of results... Which can be very overwhelming! It is never easy to find what you're looking for and it is common to become lost when navigating among the content, unless you know the best way to perform a good search. This guide will show you what the most used and recommended criteria are to look for specific content in DeviantArt's search engine. To find out, I invite you to continue reading ^^.
It is the main search engine at DeviantArt, which you can find tons of graphic and literary material with. There are parameters that make searching the site either easier and faster. These parameters can be combined to optimize the search and get specific results, those that accommodate our needs and interests. Knowing how to manage this page correctly not only allows you to find w
   Recovering Recently Deleted Items From MCHave you ever deleted something from your message center and then thought,
"Oh no!  I wanted to respond to that!"?
Fortunately, the message center is coded in a way that it can update the way it looks without actually refreshing the
 page.  Which is a good thing, as it saves bandwidth, keeps things from getting chaotic, and generally makes it faster.  But it's also an illusion.
Did you know that when you hit the "back" button on your browser, it doesn't actually re-download that page?
It simply brings up what it opened before (this, again is to save bandwidth and time).
That means that so long as you don't refresh the page (locking the saved changes for good), you can get everything back.
Here's how you do it.
Navigate away from the page by using a link on the page.

I usually go to the Prints Shop, but a username also works.  For some reason, going to a deviation doesn't work.
Once you're there, just hit your browser'
   Smart Searching Using #TagsCommunity Week

Search with Tags:
Finding Art You WANT To Find!

Sit back and hold on tight. It's time to learn something useful.
What does it mean to "tag" my artwork?
If you've submitted a deviation to your gallery, you have likely noticed the small box below the description that allows you to add tags to your artwork. You know... tags. The hashtag, number sign, pound sign, or even the original term "octothorpe". Using tags on DeviantArt means you are giving your deviation keywords that people can use to search for your art or art similar to yours. Tags are represented by the "hashtag" symbol and the keyword. If someone submits an oil painting of a puppy, they may include the tags: #puppy #painting #oil #canvas #traditional #art.
tl;dr, tags are a good way to help your art be searchable and seen. Use them. We'll refer back to the oil painting of a puppy later in the tutorial.
Searching for a si
   How to Suggest a Daily Deviation by ItsaBumbleDee


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