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There may come a time when you have a longer update for your watchers. Perhaps you want to write down some of your personal thoughts on what art means to you or you found a really fun internet survey that you want to fill out and tag your DeviantArt friends in. Maybe you've been favoriting so much amazing artwork lately that you want to create a huge feature of your finds... Then it might be time to write a journal!

Journals on DeviantArt are your personal blogging space. You can use them as a diary, as a platform to speak your mind, to become an art curator and put great things on display for your watchers, or any other purpose you can imagine for them. If you have a Core Membership, you can even add stylish and fun journal skins to really make what you have to say stand out. The possibilities are nearly endless, so we included some tutorials to help you learn how to use your journal space the best ways possible!

On Writing Journals:
Writing Journal in Sta.sh part 1 of 3 by KarinClaessonArt   Writing Journal in Stash part 2 of 3 by KarinClaessonArt   Writing Journal in Stash part 3 of 3 by KarinClaessonArt

On Journal Skins:

Journal Skins for Dummies Part 1 by SimplySilent  CSS Tricks: Background ImagesToday's CSS Trick will be about using background images in Journal Skins.
There are three types of images that are mostly used in journals skins: big background images, seamlessly repeatable patterns and icon/logo-like images.
Images can be used for all elements of a journal: in the header, footer, behind text, next to text etc.. Any journal element has the ability to contain an image
I cannot stress enough that the main objective of a journal is making written content enjoyable to read. It is all about readability and making it as easy for the reader as possible. Very often I come across pretty journal skins, that have a complete lack of readability. In one of my previous CSS Tricks I already mentioned the dangers of text lengths and how to limit the .text width to improve readability.
Problems with using images:
Despite being big an images turns out to be too small for a journalAn image does not repeat seamlesslyText becomes non-re
   CSS Tricks: Deviations in JournalsAs promised in my previous tutorial CSS Tricks: Journal break-down comes the follow up tutorial about styling deviations in journals.
You'll see what classes deviations are built from and how to "hack" them in order to style them entirely to your preference. I will cover regular image thumbs, literature and other text deviation thumbs and embedded deviations.
Deviation Thumbs
Aaah, the traditional way of featuring art in your journal.
Generally, all thumbs consist of an image file, a link and one or more containers around both image and link. This tutorial will explain how those are built up exactly, and also explain the elements text thumbs are made up from and how to style embedded deviations.
Do not just take the "easy way" and apply CSS to all images. If you use .img {} without a specified parent like at least .shadow-holder {} or a custom class you want to have thumbs displaye

Skin by Dan Leveille
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I don't have social media. How can I update my profile so that I can write a journal?