3. Write a Status Update

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Your gallery is on its way to being top-notch! Some people might have noticed your artwork, maybe a couple have even started following your page by adding you to their watch! This means that they will be waiting for you to make some more art and upload it. If you're in the middle of your next deviation, you might want to write a quick Status Update to let your watchers know what you are up to! Status Updates are a great way to write short messages to your watchers. You can share a personal update, link a piece of artwork you found really interesting, or anything else!

Check out some of the tutorials below to start using Status Updates.

How To: Write a Status UpdateOne of DeviantArt's newest features gives us the ability to write Status Updates to send shorter messages to our watchers than what we might normally include in a full journal entry. Status Updates also eliminate the need to use polls to spread the word about a DA event, group contest, or other situation where we may not be asking our watchers a question. They can include links, deviant and group mentions, thumbnails, and #tags. Even some formatting works such as alignment, bolding, and italicizing.
This tutorial will go over the ways to write a Status Update and where to find updates that your watchers write. I'll let you decide what the content of your updates contains. ;)
:star::star: UPDATE! We now have an Eclipse version for those beta testing! 

I. Creating Your Own Status Updates
From Your Profile Page:
The first way to


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