2. Submit Art

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Deviation Actions

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You have a profile set up and are ready to welcome your soon-to-be fanbase! But what about your artwork? Your fans demand art to admire and this page will help teach you how to start uploading your creations to your DeviantArt gallery! Once you have artwork submitted, you may be interested in sharing it with the many groups that exist on DA.

There are several ways to upload a deviation. You may have the file on your computer, ready to upload. Or you may have first uploaded your artwork to Sta.sh (FAQ #440: What is Sta.sh?) and want to submit from there. Similarly with groups, there is more than one way to get your artwork included in a group gallery! Either way, we have you covered. Check out the below tutorials to start getting your artwork uploaded.

 How To Submit Art To Groups by KovoWolf  


Skin by Dan Leveille
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I’m on mobile and I’ve just joined today and I don‘t know how to post art or get points from others, I came from Amino and people do commissions on there for points so where do they send the points to?