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I'm Jen, a 28 29 30 (ew I am getting old) year old, often-snarky, nature photographer from Massachusetts, USA. I've been a member of the community since 2004, which means that people who are members now MAY NOT HAVE BEEN BORN when I first joined. Gross. I also enjoy snapchat filters. You'll find me featuring artists, hanging out in the chat rooms (specifically #ThumbHub, #welcome, and #devart), lurking in the forums, and ALWAYS browsing art! Because there are plenty of talented artists to keep me browsing forever :stare:

Feel free to send me a message if you need help with anything :) I'm always willing to lend a hand or direct you to someone who can.

Fun Fact: I am Deviant #1,020,294.
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Happy Deviating! :D

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I was awarded the Angels without Wings feature for December 2016. So thankful for the recognition- thank you!
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How to Eclipse: Status Updates

Sat Feb 9, 2019, 9:27 AM

Three years ago I created a tutorial when DA came out with what was arguably my favorite new feature of all time: Status Updates. GONE were the days where I needed to use a poll or journal to get a simple thought or declaration of hilarity across to my watchers. GLORY BE!

The original tutorial was created to help others find this wonderful piece of the delicious DA pie and it's still relevant... But now there is this MASSIVE change coming in the form of DeviantArt Eclipse... So here is an entirely new one!

Eclipse is really enhancing the usability of status updates. I hope this tutorial will help you embrace the new ways to use Status Updates in Eclipse!

The Status Update Page

Let's start with the most basic piece... The page of a status update. For this example, I am using a status update from my Watch page (we'll get to that later) by the wonderful

The Status Update Page by JenFruzz

The page is simple and easy to read. There is a share button (clicked in the example above) that opens a menu with different options to share what you're looking at. To the left of that is a comment icon that will tell you how many people have commented. If you scroll down on the status update page, you'll see the comment box for you to leave your thoughts.

How to Create a Status Update

Creating a status update is extremely easy but it may not be immediately obvious. From anywhere on DA, you can hover over the Submit menu at the top right corner and you will see the Status Update Option:

Submit menu by JenFruzz

When you click that, the following window appears. See?! EASY! Inside this window is where you create status update magic.

Type the update by JenFruzz
Type whatever you're feeling. Llama get loose and run down the freeway? Let everyone know! Paintbrush fall to the ground and stain your grandmother's antique, oriental rug? Maybe run to a safe distance first before sharing that one... But you get my point. ;P

You have some formatting options as well. You can highlight text and use simple keyboard commands like Ctrl + U and Ctrl + I to make underlined and italic words. Highlighting text also gives you the option to insert a link. Then four media-related icons exist to share an image, a gallery, a YouTube video, or emoticons!
Link and format in status updates by JenFruzz

Where Are My Status Updates?

One of the great new features of Status Updates in Eclipse is that we finally have the ability to find every status update we've ever created. THE POWER!!! And it is so easy to find them! Start on your Profile page and click Posts, then under that select Status Update. There they are!

Posts to Status Updates by JenFruzz
*Pro tip: This works for any other deviant's profile page as well. ;)

How Can I Find Someone Else's Status Updates?

There are two easy ways to find Status Updates that others have shared on DeviantArt!

Updates from Deviants You Watch:
Go to your Watch and scroll down to the Status Updates section!

From Watch Page by JenFruzz

Updates from the Community:
Go to Browse, then navigate to Status Updates!

From Browse Page by JenFruzz

That sums up how Status Updates look, are created, and are found! I hope this guide was helpful and that you feel ready to explore this great feature on your own.

Skin by Dan Leveille


Get ahead of the game! The Tag Editor is a super easy way to add tags to the deviations you already have. Saves a lot of time since you don't need to edit individually.

It's right here!
If you work or have ever worked in any sort of customer-pleasing job then I would truly appreciate you following my brand new blog Service Life, which I hope will provide laughs, reflection, and probably some eye-rolling too!
Update time. Still no working computer and I can't trust image quality on my netbook to set DDs. So you'll see very few DDs for APN this month and i'm SO SORRY!!! But in April I should be back up and running. :heart:
Hey peeps. I am checking messages but haven't been able to do much more than that... My computer fan died so I can't use that. Stuck with my phone and netbook for internet for the time being. GRRR


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hi im starting to draw with drawing tablets and im going to buy one. is the "Parblo 10.1" Coast10 Graphics Drawing Tablet LCD Monitor", for $200 as a good starting tablet?
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