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happy birthday dA stamp by Sheila-M-Carlo

Digital Friday Faves Stamp by JunkbyJen

Contest is NOW OVER! Good luck everyone! I'll have results in a couple of days if not sooner! Thank you so much! :D:D</u>

Look at me, look at me! :giggle: C'mon in and enter! :evillaugh: :D

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Good luck folks! :heart: :excited:

Lookie!!! A Contest Stampie from Lauraest :excited: HalloThanksmas Contest Stamp by Lauraest Thank you lovey! :D

Contest Info</u>

Starts: Monday, September 15, 2008 @ 12am CST
Ends: Monday, October 20, 2008 @ 12pm CST

Contest Rules</u>

Ok, here's the 411:

1. You can submit up to three wallpapers, one of each different holiday, OR
Submit one that has all three holidays combined!
The more entries, the better!
2. They can only be about Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Each one being one of those Holidays, unless you mix the one wallpaper...
3. ANY size is welcome as far as wallpapers are concerned. We want you all to be happy campers lol.
4. If you use stock or textures from someone, we need to know who. I don't want you doing wallpapers and not have things labeled correctly in your description.
5. Put your entries into Customization>Wallpaper and please NOTE me with your entry. It should say Wallpaper Contest Entry in the heading please.
6. Have a blast and I can't wait to see what you all do! :D
7.****THERE IS ONLY 1 WINNER!!!! RUNNERS UP WILL ALL GET A FEATURE!!!!****Also, the winner may also donate any part of his/her winnings! :excited:

snowunmasked,Ikue,UnicornReality,JesseLax, and fourteenthstar

C-Williams, snowunmasked, arrsistable, Ann-McLaren, JunkbyJen, irient, synconi, frozenpandaman. R2Des2, thiagolooney, Sam-Reynolds, vulcania, BeehiveStudio and AloeVeraO - Journal Features
Helewidis - Shoutboard feature
nmandc515 - Shoutboard feature
fourteenthstar - $50 deviantDollar cash prize
Ikue, bluewave, JurgenDoe, HillbillyDeluxe - 1 Year Subbie (EACH) :excited:
arrsistable - exclusive stock + painted texture packages
chakrabird - 5-button pack from bleedsopretty's buttons
Tepara 3 month subbies (2 of them)
AloeVeraO - three 1 month subscriptions
PurpelBlur A Fella, A T-shirt and a print of $20 or less.(You may get to choose from these as to which one you want...TBA)


Have fun everyone and let the fun begin! :D



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