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5665 Amalineira | Level 1 | Meeting



"Meeting" - On his/her journey/paddock time, your horse has stumbled into one other than Regale himself! Regale offers your Ballator a chance to complete his quests in return for prizes and enhancements. Show/tell us what your horse thinks of this experience.
Depicting Regale is optional but recommended.
Art Requirements: Fullbody or Headshot, Background Required, & Minimum 100 word story

The day was starting off like any other day. The sun was high and its rays reached deep into the crystal clear water. The water was warmer today. Ama felt the currents and the different temps they carried, most being warmer water today. Ama was out and about, just enjoying the warm water. She was primarily alone as there weren't many other Ballators of the Sea. She never met another, but knew there had to be some out there, somewhere! Ama was going to explore a cave she found the other day. She was headed there when something caught her eye. She wasn't too sure what it was but as it got closer to her, she could see it was another Ballator! Her heart started to pound! Finally, another BOS (ballator of the sea)! She swarm towards it but as she got closer, it was not what she thought. Yes, it was another Ballator, but this one was not meant for the ocean life. "What exactly are you?" she snickered as she approached the strange creature. Ama sometimes doesn’t understand personal space. She was swimming all around the strange Ballator. 

“I am a Balloter like you, just not meant for the sea. My name is Regale!” he spoke to her! Ama was now looking at the strange, glass dome on his head. She could see him through it, but also her reflection. “Regale. Nice to meet you. I am Amalineria, but you can call me Ama…. what is this on your head? and on your back?” Ama moved around to see the weird thing on Regals back. “That is my air tank. It pushes air through that tube, into my glass dome so that I can breath underwater.” Ama laughed. “That’s really awesome! So what can I do for you today?” Regale smiled “Do you like adventures? Adventures with grand treasures?” Ama’s face lit up! “YES” she replied. “Good, Ama! Glad to hear that because I am here to offer such things! What do you say?” Ama didn’t even hesitate. She was ready for something to do! Maybe she would even meet another like herself along the way! “Yes, Regale! I am so ready!”

Equus Ballator(s) Depicted: Mascot | 001 | Regale & 5665 Amalineira
Group Prompt(s): RQ's
Stat Breakdown: fullbody +3, shading +1, detailed bg +3, extra character +2, +2 stamina (hare companion)
Stat Total: 11

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This is adorable ???? I love the idea that Regale has scuba gear to meet with her! :giggle: