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Imperial Jader- Tibetan Mastiff [Bean- Grown]


Fifth January Bean has grown!


Dire wolves are our main canine species on the site, but humans have domesticated them enough over the centuries to create dog breeds that are entirely unique on their own. What is truly intriguing about Eldemore canines, much like their human masters, is that they harbor no magic of their own unlike many of the other magical species. Man's interference over the years has gradually affected domesticated dogs in a way that many of the true born races find utterly abhorrent and somewhat disturbing. They are empty beasts to them, tampered and distorted by mankind's touch, but to humans, they are man's best friend and faithful ally.

The Oriental Jader is one such breed that hails from the Oriental Isles. Slender. Beautiful. Precise. These are the qualities that the people of the isles have meticulously bred for in their domesticated canines. A Jader has speed and grace as their greatest asset, and are almost always seen with cropped ears to convey a sense of ferocity and regal poise. Though they are far in the gene pool from their Dire Wolf ancestors, the highly coveted 'Imperial' Oriental Jaders are still bred for the rare saber fangs or two-tailed traits of the dires-- though these are very few and far between. They are keen watch dogs, speed demons, and messengers of the Emperor. They are the Oriental Jader, and few compare to their carefully crafted appearance that distinguishes them as such. 

Species ref chart here~

Imperial Jader ref char here~

Oriental Jaders Group Here~



Title: Tibetan Mastiff
Ears: Fluffy Uncropped (Rare)
Coat Type: Mythical: New Years Dog (Very Rare)
Special Traits: Maned Fur (Legendary)
Tail Type: Fluffy Curl (Very Rare)
Eyes: Gold Glow (Very Rare)
Imperial Blood: Gold (Very Rare)
Owner: 7MoonWillow


Oriental Jader Lines/Designs/Species (c) Benathorn. Design (c) Jendalie. Please do not use, trace, or claim my work as your own.
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Oh God Jen I have been thinking of the ways to just gush over this jader? He is so absolutely AMAZING, I honestly can't believe that he is mine? Like I am sure if someone pinched me I would wake up and he would be someone else's 
I do not have the words to describe how much I want to thank you!! Like I had generations and generations of breedings planned out to get something like him and I get a bean baby to grow up and be him?? 
I can not express how absolutely awestruck I am by that :heart:
He is my second Imp and my absolute most fancy jader,  gosh thank you so much! I could stare at him all day and just be in awe!
His name is going to be Siniah, a pretty name for a gorgeous boy, it is the mash up of two gods of the moon, so dog dog is moon moon 
But the prettiest most elegant and fancy moon moon in the universe 
Thank you so much again Jen I could probably tell you that a million times 
I am totally star struck 
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floof floof!!!
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;u; OMG THE FLUFF GOD! you exsist!
Fawxilia's avatar
So much floof!
MommaScar's avatar
;A; * weeps and dies *