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Feral Jader - Ibex [Auction- CLOSED]


This months feral just might get your goat.

Update: Ownership has transferred from 7MoonWillow to OnlyHope8923 


Dire wolves are our main canine species on the site, but humans have domesticated them enough over the centuries to create dog breeds that are entirely unique on their own. What is truly intriguing about Eldemore canines, much like their human masters, is that they harbor no magic of their own unlike many of the other magical species. Man's interference over the years has gradually affected domesticated dogs in a way that many of the true born races find utterly abhorrent and somewhat disturbing. They are empty beasts to them, tampered and distorted by mankind's touch, but to humans, they are man's best friend and faithful ally.

The Oriental Jader is one such breed that hails from the Oriental Isles. Slender. Beautiful. Precise. These are the qualities that the people of the isles have meticulously bred for in their domesticated canines. A Jader has speed and grace as their greatest asset, and are almost always seen with cropped ears to convey a sense of ferocity and regal poise. Though they are far in the gene pool from their Dire Wolf ancestors, the highly coveted 'Imperial' Oriental Jaders are still bred for the rare saber fangs or two-tailed traits of the dires-- though these are very few and far between. They are keen watch dogs, speed demons, and messengers of the Emperor. They are the Oriental Jader, and few compare to their carefully crafted appearance that distinguishes them as such. 

Species ref chart here~

Imperial Jader ref char here~

Oriental Jaders Group Here~

  • I will only take Paypal ($), currency USD for these. No points.
  • This is a CLOSED SPECIES so you can not make your own Oriental Jader.
  • Once you win I will note you my paypal account and will give you the full png and ref sheet for your personal use.
  • You must pay within 24 hours of winning. If payment is not received by then the adopt will revert to the second highest bidder. Members who fail to provide payment will be banned from entering any future auctions
  • Please be sure to reply to my post below with your bid if you'd like to try to win this Jader. Make sure to reply to the last bid before you to keep everyone informed of the highest current bid.
  • Do NOT claim these as your own species.
  • Do NOT resale your Jader. You may, however, trade, swap or gift them. (New/old owner must note me of the change in ownership if this happens for record and breeding purposes.)
  • You are allowed to trade/ swap your Jaders for other Jaders or Eldemore pets.
  • You do not have to be a part of our Eldemore site to bid or own these.
  • You are allowed to add accessories or scars to your Jader.
  • You are allowed to use these as personal OC's so long as credit is given to me for the design and species.

A soft auction is a snipe guard which permits bidders to bid one hour after the end date and time with a newly increased minimum increment. Each time someone posts a new bid after the last bidder the hour starts over till exactly one hour passes from the last bid posted. If no one bids after one hour you are officially the winner of this auction! This is to act as a snipe guard and to stop snipers from coming in at the last second, as well as to make bidding easier for everyone and less stressful overall over those last few seconds. I hope this helps bidders in the long run~



Name: Torak
Gender: Male
Ears: Cropped (Common)
Coat Type: Feral: Nubian Ibex (Rare)
Special Trait: Capra Beard
Special Trait: Ibex Horns
Tail Type: Tufted Tail (Very Rare)
Eyes: Gold Horizontal Pupil (Very Rare) 
Owner: Tyasi

Oriental Jader Lines/Designs/Species (c) Benathorn. Design (c) Jendalie. Please do not use, trace, or claim my work as your own.
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</3 Last one for now but this one also is going to Tyasi 
7MoonWillow's avatar
The best goat is going to OnlyHope8923 
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I'll send them the PNG files when I can swing by my house this weekend.
7MoonWillow's avatar
I already sent them to her so no worries c: 
Thank you Jen! :heart:
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dont do this to m
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Omg, where this an Anglo Nubian. Omg. I will start praying to the Jader gods for a Nubian goat-dog. Omg.
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also they got my goat jen
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Goat baby is a good baby :heart:
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Oh god they are amazing<3 holycrap Jen!!
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Okay, but wow this guy is incredible. Especially those horns, and the amount of detail in them! ;u;
Whoever gets him is very lucky indeed <3
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Reply here for your bid on...


Name: TBD
Gender: Male
Ears: Cropped (Common)
Coat Type: Feral: Nubian Ibex (Rare)
Special Trait: Capra Beard
Special Trait: Ibex Horns
Tail Type: Tufted Tail (Very Rare)
Eyes: Gold Horizontal Pupil (Very Rare) 
Owner: TBD

Starting Bid: US $5
Minimum Increment: US $5
Auto Buy: NA
End Date: February 2nd, 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time (UTC-5)

Soft Auction at deadline: There will be a soft auction after the end date with a minimum increment of $10.
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