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Here are my pencils for the Joan Trade cover for Big Dog Ink.
This one was fun. It wasn't a typical cheesecake pose, something I don't really do too much with Joan, she's just too badass for that normally. If it's an exclusive cover though I might add cheese but for her, she is more of a the threatening type of hotness. Woman will kick your add and gut you.
Anyway, I had fun redesigning her costume. We went back to the original design of her wings (design by Nei) because all of us artists had changed it a bit. So we made sure to make that more solid. Then I got to play with her clothes. I had designed her original look and with this trade I felt like he had changed a bit in the books and I also wanted more straps, more buckles and more skin. I had fun with it. It's hard to make a costume really thrilling with a crouched pose like this. You don't really see much and I also didn't want to loose too much of her original "look". Plus the boots without heels, just HAD to. (yes they are real shoes like that out there badass!)

Sp those are my thoughts on this. It was really fun to do this and I hope y'all enjoy it as much I do!
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You are  right, She looks like she will say a prayer over you as she guts you wide open.  I known I'm a nick picking A** Hole, But why is the very top of her wings cut off? Other wise she is a lovely Lady!