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January 2, 2012
the messenger by `AutumnsGoddess
Featured by kuschelirmel
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the messenger

something new yay for something new
WOW a DD I am blown away originally this piece was made for PC Cast and Colette Baron-Reid for a project we ladies are working on but PC quickly said the owl has a Harry Potter feel, so I changed the image to her specifications, and posted the original one here! I am thrilled thank you so very much for the honor and all the great comments!


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This has been featured in my journal!

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Beautiful and mysterious. :)
Michelephant88's avatar
Haha it totally does have an HP feel! I love it! It's amazing.
Vampyre-Lover's avatar
Gorgeous!!! WOW!!!
KlaraKay's avatar
Beautiful!!!!!!! ;-)
bluebelle-88's avatar
I love your choice of colours. The owl is adorable.
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This is a lovely image, but I really really really wish the full view size was larger. I understand the need to protect your work, but a subtle watermark would work without making your art look like one of those dratted beautiful images you find randomly only to realize it's far too small to see in detail. ;___;
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super cool and pretty!
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This is amazing, but, it does have a HP feel. Nonetheless it is stunning.
lynnkah's avatar
this is truly unique and speaks volumes
great work
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This looks awesome!
Eltasia's avatar
Wow! incredible work, congratulations! :clap:
Peaceful-Child's avatar
Beautiful! Congrats on the DD!
isonade's avatar
Has more of the guardians of ga'hoole feel to it lol. The owl reminds me of Nyroc. I love Nyroc (:
and I love this picture!
Krypson's avatar
I think you mean Coryn... >.> ...But I agree!
isonade's avatar
lol I'm always bad with the names ^__^;
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Looks beautiful, very well done
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This is beautiful~ =D
AntaresDrake's avatar
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may i use this in a dnd campaign and a story
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