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one lone witch

other witch i have done

credits and thanks

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Wow, this gives off such a warm feeling. Its the first thing that hit me, I love it~
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This is probably really really weird to ask but did you base her face off of anyone you know? I’m only asking because that looks EXACTLY like me. Even down to the ankles and calves, which I admit aren’t dainty but “compact” as I like to say, or “athletic and sturdy” as my Nanny says lol. Friends kept telling me and then my brother saw it and asked if it was me. I hadn’t seen it at that point and kept thinking “people always say that someone with similar features looks alike” and also “yeah ok, no one would look at my face and think it’s interesting enough to draw or photograph” but then I saw it and I’ve literally spent 2 weeks trying to find the artist because it’s extremely accurate in the face, hair texture (I have naturally dark blonde/mousy brown hair though but I dye either purple and burgundy usually), body proportions are exact from what I can tell and that’s my “reading face” as my fiance calls it, I read novels like people watch tv. I’ve also always been extremely devoted to learning Wicca and Autumn is my favorite time of year. I get chills looking at this. I wish I could send you a self portrait so you, as the artist, could confirm I’m not just self imposing my face because of slight similarities and I’ve also shown most of my group of friends (albeit small) and every one of them looks at me in wide eyed shock. It’s pretty amusing actually lol.

This is an amazingly well done picture, not just the fact I’m looking at a mirror or a photo of myself in costume lol but the actual colors used (again I’m biased as my favorite colors are red, orange and mustard yellow) and your use of the negative space to draw the eye to her small enchantment in her hands. I see comments saying how calm she is but to me it seems like she’s slightly sad and lonely, not calm or peaceful  but... dejected and lost. I can hear her sighing upon completion of the spell and her thinking “what’s the point in having the ability to create and do beautiful things if there’s no one to give or do these beautiful things for? What’s the point in being able to do small miracles if it doesn’t bring others happiness? Magic without a purpose is only coincidence, luck and chance...” 
Extremly sorry for the long comment. I ramble and as I said, I’ve had 2 weeks roughly to look at this picture think on how it makes me feel and with my extremely vivid imagination I created a story for her and it’s so lonely I want to cry because I feel her inner fire cooling to embers and it’s sad that she’s turned her back and hidden from the light and warmth she came from to be who she truly is. There’s hope though because the door is open behind her so she has the option of leaving or the possibility of someone joining her and breaking her self imposed isolation. 
This is beautiful. I'd love to get to the point where i could do something like this. ^^
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Your wonderful work has been featured here:
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:blackrose: Your beautiful work has been featured here:
lovelly. me like heheh
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great autumn colors and a pretty young witch :>
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This is stunning I love this awesome representation of a witch :)
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It's beautiful!
she kinda reminds me of Ginny Weasly in harry potter because of her red hair. :)
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That is my favorite portrayal of a witch
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this is my favorite portrayal of a witch
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...awesome pic and concept...:clap:
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the lighting is so pretty!
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Love the lighting and surrounding. They create an amazing atmosphere!
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It Looks So Real And Alive. Like I Can Really See Her In Real Life
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lovelove love one lone witch... love and enjoy the rest greatly but olw is captivating; color, placement, content and skill, it's perfect... thanks
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aw this is very good! Like she just had to find a place to hid where she's comfortable to finish whatever spell she's creating. Lovely work!
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<holds a ball of crimson mage light above him, and shakes his head> She's not alone.
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Wow this is very beautiful!
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This is just so very pretty! :heart:
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The autumn leaves are a nice touch, I like it.
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Lovely! I love the colours, the pose, the surroundings... The longer I look at it, the more I want to know her story!
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