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lighting up the night sky 2

my own stand alone on my collaboration with Jesse
[and omg jesse you dork! LOL I love our piece completely!!! This was just sepcicificly asked of me>.<]

original piece [link]

Copyright© Jena DellaGrottaglia 2007

changing, tubing, cropping, copyrighting, strealing my work is not only against the law but unethical. To obtain use of my art please contact me personaly, altaring or using without express written permission is stealing > what is copyright?
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© 2007 - 2021 JenaDellaGrottaglia
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There's something really comforting about the feel of this piece
sizzlin-ice's avatar
i likeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
purplekatie's avatar
This is so pretty
Im putting it as a fav :]
jess-ann's avatar
wow, what a great concept.
and very well put together. beautiful work! :aww:
saralclark's avatar
I found this randomly browsing.. Omfg I love it! :clap:
allnaturalphoto's avatar
leah-n's avatar
This is beautiful.... and I love the concept...

Great job!!
GoblinQueeen's avatar
Oh, I love it! There's such a wonderful ethreal quality :)
HipHopPrincess8's avatar
Catch a falling star and put it in your packet save it for a rainy day! I love this its so cute and it reminds me of wishing and dreams! Nice work...
Deea-Dee's avatar
Really gorgeous. And something new in your style, too.
Stunning image, an instant fav!!
Emeralde90's avatar
Wow... I just came to look at your profile because Im trying to find a really good fall background. And omg I love your work, all of it. Im having a phase with stars so this is my number one so far. :winner: I have officially found my new idol. :worship: :love:
JenaDellaGrottaglia's avatar
lol i did a stand alone version for fluff baby ! LoL as asked by agency .. LMFAO No big I love you
0-Carrion-0's avatar
lmao. Thank you, honey. My pride is no longer wounded. :kiss:
JenaDellaGrottaglia's avatar
LMFAO you are welcome >.< I should have known better what with our ego and pride :love:
0-Carrion-0's avatar
:no: sick!
We'll have to talk about that one, lol.
retrocat's avatar
Beautyful awwww
arr-matey's avatar
That is a wonderful concept, very well executed
kayceeus's avatar
Very nice I love the brush work!
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