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Quiet Interlude

Lamb-Closer lyrics
Things change yet so much stays the same
Lifes just a dream we have of reality
Love's strength enhances what we have
And then strips us of our sanity
Still I stay
Growing strong
Every day
Closer to you

It's strange
Yet somehow obvious
That what we want the most
We must let go
Your head is freer still than mine
And not so cluttered with morality
Still I stay
Growing strong
Every day
Closer to you
Closer to you

Memories cloud our minds
Invading too much time
We build our own cages
Blames of no significance
In love its of no relevance to life
This very moment
I try every day
So still I stay
Growing strong
Every day
Closer to you
So still I stay
Growing strong
Every day
Closer to you
Closer to you

thanks to for sharing her glorious stock with me
also stuffies

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sorry for spamming. This is beautiful :)
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Beautiful! Love the colors and everything else about it.
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Very great work !
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It's lovely, and the colours are gorgeous. :)
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wow.amazing. i love the peaceful atmosphere adn beautiful colors you used. simply stunning :faint:
xx-zephyr-xx's avatar
This is delicous..
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:wow: That's amazing!!! :clap:
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I love the dreamy atmosphere. Beautiful use of light and shadow. Feels like I'm there. :+fav:
Bellevue-DarkKnight's avatar
very gorgeous colors & pose of the character
ShadowOfSoul's avatar
all your work is fantastic !
I love !
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Wow.. Simply.. Wow. Im envious. =D :clap:
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Your works are simply awesome :love:!
JenaDellaGrottaglia's avatar
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you are welcome :glomp:
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This is so beautiful and magical
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Very beautiful! :nod:
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This is absolutely gorgeous. The vivid colours are beautiful, and give the picture a magical atmosphere. The folds in the dress are also done very well, I like how it sort of fades at the bottom. This picture looks like it's painted, and not a manip.

A small critique though, her left hand looks a bit odd. The positions and size is right, however it looks a bit flat, so perhaps try adding some more detail to it. Apart from that this is very well done. :)
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you fill me wonder and lught my life....
so magical and lovely:hug:
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What a gorgeous picture... well done of course.
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