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Severus and Lili Patronus

By jen-and-kris
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illustration to a book Harry Potter
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She probably doesn't know what Sev's patronus matching hers means? Poor Sev. It would be like him dropping the biggest hint possible. 
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I like the contrast of emotions between Snape and Lily :P
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soooooooooo cuuuuuuuuute
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Awww <3 Lovely, great work!
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OMG! You are psychic! I am working on a series of chapters about Severus' experience at Hogwarts and this happens! :wow:
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This is gorgeous! I wonder what Lily would think of Snape copying her patronus :P
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son tan bonitos
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AWWW I love this! :'D
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snape may have a doe... but james has a stag!!! :boogie:
Chely: James patronus is a stag and lilys a doe is that a coincidence?
J.K. Rowling: No, the Patronus often mutates to take the image of the love of one's life (because they so often become the 'happy thought' that generates a Patronus).
oh yeah, oh yeah!!! :dance::boogie::party:

i love how u drew the does though!! sooo...prettyy... i mean, probably the best i've seen in a long time! gummybear for u!:gummybear:
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Beautiful! I'd be one to argue that Snape's patronus was a doe even before Lily's death. His high morality and nobility are apparent in countless situations not involving his love for Lily.
I strongly believe that he was basically a good person, but he was far too suppressed by the years of abuse he took. Even so, when it came to life and death matters, he was protective of anyone in danger, even if he hated them.
It's tragic, he could have been such a good person had he actually lived a decent life. No one deserves what he had to go through.
I have a theory that you have to be a relatively decent person in order to produce a patronus, seeing as how they represent the ultimate repellent of evil.
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This is Amazing! I love the coloring and the does!
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wait........ lily's patronus is a doe too?
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оххх!моя больная тема)))
очень нравится *___*
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This is absolutely stunning. It really truly is.

That being said, there's evidence that the doe wasn't Snape's original patronus.

His animagus, as shown in Deathly Hallows, is a bat. And your patronus is also your animagus - it says something about that in the Lexicon, with proof of it in the books (a citation).

Patronuses are also known to change under immense traumatic stress. Tonks is the perfect example - her patronus morphed into what was most likely a wolf, to represent Remus - and the unrequited love that was going on between them at that point. And the wolf patronus was originally not hers (personally, I enjoy the idea of her original patronus being a sparrow or some other chirpy little bird, but that's just me. :) )

I'm pretty convinced it was the same way for Snape. His patronus was most likely a bat up until Lily was killed. The overwhelming guilt, coupled with the fact that she didn't love him back, and the fact that he was aware that he destroyed his friendship with her in fifth year (so the break was his fault alone), would have made his patronus change from a bat to a doe. Not to mention that he was the one that told V-Mort about the prophecy, so he's going to be guilt-ridden about that as well.
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Whoa wait. He's an animagus? And here I thought I knew everything there was to know about the amazing character that is Snape. I read Deathly Hallows and I don't remember where it says that he was an animagus, let alone that it was a bat. I always wondered what was Snape's original Patronus before it changed, actually... Hmm.
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In the Headmaster's Office during that fight with McGonagall (or when she confronts him with Harry, I can barely remember it),Snape transforms into a bat and flies out of the window.

So yes, Snape is a bat. Thus when Lily was alive, his patronus would also be a bat. I imagine his patronus changed to a doe shortly after Lily was killed.
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He doesn't transform into a bat. His robes simply make him look bat-like since they spread out like wings in the wind but he is in fact flying as a human being without a broom, a skill he learned from Voldemort, the only other wizard, I believe, that could fly in that manner.
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hahaha this whole conversation was pretty prime XD I liked it made me laugh :'D
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