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This drawing blew me away when I first saw it, and I largely based my satyr character in D&D on her! I was wondering if you take commissions? 
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Ok) prices on my profile
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A lovely creature to meet in the woods.
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Can you make some illustrations for a book? Please send me a Message
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Wow! What gorgeous hair! I wish mine could look that swirly and pretty all the time! : D
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Her horns are amazing, very detailed and it's stunning how they match the flow of her hair, and her ears are so cute. Beautiful
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It's so beautiful!
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Beautiful work with her hair and the collarbone :)
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wow so pretty even tough it's kind of simple *q*
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She has such a lovely face... But I can only imagine the mischeif that goes on behind it...
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looks great! :)
the eyes are wonderful! ;3
also is the hair ;O
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So great.. Excellent drawing
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The horns... wow
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sweet god, it's incredibly beautiful! :sniff:
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Получаю всегда огромное наслождения, смотря на ваши работы!
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very very beautiful!
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A very lush and well done drawing. Love it. :llama: :)
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Really nice. It has a lot of character :dance:
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very lovely
it looks so much like a non-digital drawing, it kind of fooled me.
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wow shes beautiful
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Прочитала по гороскопу одному, что я сатир.
Уж очень захотелось найти на просторах глобальной сети красивую девушку-сатира.
И вот, нашла.(а я мно-о-о-ого;) просмотрела. Эта понравилась больше всех. Думаю: "надо комментарий хоть добавить\", а смотрю, по-русски все пишут. удивилась, смотрю, а ты из России...
Блин, так чертовски приятно стало :) Что вот: лучший рисунок и дело рук \"земляка\" :)
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Нас двое. Спасибо за похвалу
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