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That's just awesome on so many levels.
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I showed this to my mom... XD

She laughed a lot^^
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Knowing Norse mythology I kept wondering if it would be at least brought up in a throwaway line in the MCU. But I adore that the fans are running with it. This is the best one yet! ;-)
Tenkamchi-Sama's avatar
sleipnir exists in the MCU... odin rides him when he saves the kids from jotunheim in the first thor movie..
Phil-Boswell's avatar
That is so gorgeous <3
7th-Child's avatar
i wanna cry :XD: ur epic.
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Slow down there little fella. I have seen enough foals running like that to know what will happen! (you will wipe out and slide right into your mother's legs, and at the moment I don't think he will remain upright if that happens... you know... having only two legs and all. Meow :3 ).
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this is like the best gif ever!!
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Aaa ah!! Fjcsvjlbrybaawgnfy Bleedrainbow  Cute overload!
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Well, Loki sure has his hands full. But that horse adorable!
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Oh wow, this is adoreable!
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Dear god the cuteness!
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This is adorable.

And incredibly funny!^__^
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ахааха,дивная лошака!!!круто носится)))))))))))
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what a hard fate^^
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Haha! LOL! Sometimes I feel soooooo sorry for Loki! ^^
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