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Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
United Kingdom
I'm your lord and Master Jemiyah.
I like slash (especially Ten/Simm!Master and Gene/Sam), RP, British comedy, photography, ponies, PewDiePie (*brofist*), cosplay, David Tennant's legs, being evil, and cake.
My heroes are Dermot Morgan and Nikola Tesla <3
Music-wise I'm huge fan of You Me At Six, All Time Low, Skillet, Nghtwish, Lifehouse, Sisters of Mercy, Aerosmith, the Goo Goo Dolls, and the Beach Boys, among thousands of others XP
I have met: David Tennant, John Simm (twice XD), Catherine Tate, Bernard Cribbins, Paul McGann, Jenna Coleman, Michelle Gomez, Robert Llewellyn, Hattie Hayride, Danny John-Jules, Tom Burke and Luke Pasqualino X3 See my 'Famous People' gallery folder for the pictures XD
I RP and (usually) cosplay as Simm!Master or Missy :evillaugh: and aragornsgirl333 is my Tenth&Twelfth Doctor/wonderful fiancée <3<3

:heart::heart: :iconjemiyah::iconaragornsgirl333: :heart::heart:

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Thank you~ <3
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January 2000 - 25th May 2016.

RIP my baby girl. I wish you didn't have to go but I think we all knew you were getting towards the end. I'm glad that we could at least save you from getting to the stage where you were suffering.

I miss you so much but you're back with Sweep, Blackie, Salem, Figgy, Giac and Rosie again now.

:heart::heart: I love you baby girl and I will never forget you :heart::heart:
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Ruitherga Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Happy birthday!
I hope you have a wonderful day!
birthdays Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2018

:woohoo: :party: :iconcakelickplz: !!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! :iconcakelickplz: :party: :woohoo:

It's August 30th which means it's that time of the year again and your special day is here! We hope you have an awesome day with lots of birthday fun, gifts, happiness and most definitely, lots of cake! Here's to another year!

Many well wishes and love from your friendly birthdays team :love: 


Birthdays Team

This birthday greeting was brought to you by: GazSpaz :la:  

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aragornsgirl333 Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Skype bab with you and me having noodle time ;)

:icondwmissyplz::iconsaysplz: ^smiles into the kiss as she feels him shiver, glad to feel as he strengthens the mind link that he /loves/ being in her arms like this^ ^lets out a soft moan, adoring every second of having his lips against hers, reinforcing that he really is hers again^

:icontwelfthdoctorplz::iconsaysplz: ^adores every second as well, and loves to know that they are now in agreement, that he has been able to learn to enjoy all these intimate, physical interactions with her, to be able to share the things /she/ wants^ ~So what /exactly/ are you going to claim as your prize?

aragornsgirl333 Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Skype bab with Simmy & Missy being very naughty :P

:iconjohnsimmplz::iconsaysplz: ^grins again at her reply, then shivers in response to her movement^ ^presses back up to her with a moan, kissing her neck again^ Mmmm, Mistress...

:icondwmissyplz::iconsaysplz: ^lets her eyes fall closed for a moment, boots temporarily forgotten again^ ^moans too, one hand coming to rest over the one of his at her waist, the other reaching back to find his leg – she can’t resist it!^

aragornsgirl333 Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Skype bab with me being you!

:icontwelfthdoctorplz::iconsaysplz: ^hasn't even noticed she's heading for something, he doesn't even dare take his eyes off her right now^ ^knows the second she says 'the 'b' word' though that she /is/ going to drop him, and a split second later he's proved right, letting go only because he doesn't want to pull her to the ground too, expecting the hard impact of a solid floor but instead he's landed on... a beanbag?^ ^stays motionless for a second in surprise before scrambling up again^ Mistress! You... you're so... so /bad!/

:icondwmissyplz::iconsaysplz: ^watches every second, that look of surprise worth every second of telling off that she just /knows/ she’s going to get!^ ^can’t help but laugh too, too slow even to offer a hand as he scrambles to his feet^ ^gives him one of her winning smiles^ Well thank you for noticing, dear! I’ve spent many years practicing! ^winks^

aragornsgirl333 Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Doctor: *Finally feels like he might be ready to regenerate, and not a moment too soon – he can feel it, fighting to start, fighting to get the better of him, and if he doesn’t let it, either it’ll explode from him anyway with catastrophic consequences, or it’ll be too late. The End. Bye bye Doctor* *gives in, the artron energy exploding in a spectacular light display. There’s probably an explosion, it’s hard to tell over the sensations of regeneration. They always were disorientating! And then it’s over. The ring that had been on that finger for so long clattering to the ground, the other clothes so baggy. A glance in the scanner tells everything needed. Female. She’d hoped she would be!* Oh brilliant! *She grins – it may take a bit of getting used to, but she likes it!* *moves to the console – regeneration has addled her senses a bit, and she hasn’t quite noticed the stuttering engines, the damage she’s caused… until she presses a button and everything explodes! Before she even has a second to find something to cling on to, everything has flipped, the Cloister Bell is tolling, the doors have flown open, gravity has gone squiffy, and despite her best efforts to hold on, she’s flying out of the TARDIS doors, into space, towards the ground below. She looks up as she falls, to see an explosion in the heart of the console room. Well, this was just typical!* *starts to get a sense of her surroundings – the planet below… Earth. Well of course it was! Then starts to work things out - her velocity, relative distance to the atmosphere and the ground… chances of survival – low. Oh well done, Doctor, sterling work, great start to a new regeneration! Still, she’s got out of worse scrapes before! Now she just needs to work out how to get out of this one!*
Jemiyah Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2018  Hobbyist Photographer
Missy: *looks over as a warning alarm starts sounding on her TARDIS console - an alarm that she doesn't actually recognise* *puts down her tea and gets up to investigate, only slightly surprised to find it's essentially a TARDIS 'mayday' - oh yes, now she remembers installing that just in case a certain /idiot/ managed to get their TARDIS blown up mid-flight* *sighs in exasperation, even though secretly she's /thrilled/ to have an excuse to rescue him, locking her own ship close to the co-ordinates of the Doctor's damaged one and setting off, before heading to the door and opening it as she materialises, the first thing she sees being the huge fireball that used to be the Doctor's TARDIS* *rolls her eyes, wondering what stupid action led to this - but then sees the figure plummeting towards the planet below, with no signs of being able to stop itself* *moves back to the console to adjust her position slightly, reappearing perfectly in line with where the Time Lord will fall and watching, waiting for that to happen, imagining the look on his face when he sees that it was /her/ who saved him... although... the clothes look the same, but she could swear the figure falling towards her is... blonde...?
aragornsgirl333 Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Doctor: *closes her eyes to help visualise the calculations, the idea of how she might somehow change things, as though it’s got a slightest chance of working* *is mid calculation when she senses a change – there’s something different in her surroundings, and she can feel it - but regeneration, especially one that’s been held back, is always a wearing process, and things aren’t always as clear as they might be* *opens her eyes to see what’s going on, glancing around before fixing her eyes onto the open door that she now seems to be heading for* *doesn’t really have a chance to notice what particular shape this TARDIS is in, before she’s in through the door and tumbling across the floor, with absolutely no finesse whatsoever!* *blinks a couple of times, that definitely wasn’t the outcome she’d expected from falling out of the TARDIS into space and plummeting towards the Earth! It’s still a welcome one though.* *takes a look around for her saviour. And there she is. A face she never thought she’d see again, after what happened on that spaceship.* Missy?

Missy: *stares as the figure flies through the door and lands in a heap… well, this /is/ a surprise!* *shuts the door and then turns back to the Time Lady on the floor – every inch her Doctor, although not as she’s ever seen her… at least she’s finally seen the light!* *takes her in, the hair, the eyes, those /very/ kissable-looking lips, the clothes of her predecessor hanging off her, the dazed post-regeneration expression… she’s /gorgeous/, as ever* Who’s a little copycat, then, Doctor? Couldn’t resist trying female once you’d seen me, could you!

Doctor: *grins up at the Time lady, still not /quite/ sure what just happened, but it widens at her words* Well, you pulled it off /so/ well, how /could/ I resist? *pulls what she hopes is a winning smile – she hasn’t seen enough of her face yet to know whether it’ll be successful or not!* You like it?

Missy: *can’t hold back a grin of her own at her words – she never could resist a compliment! – and oh that smile of her new Doctor’s is infectious* Acceptable, I suppose… *smirks, just teasing, and moves closer, holding out a hand to help her up* You’ve a lot to learn…

Doctor: *pouts slightly at that* /Acceptable/?! *rolls her eyes, but knows it’s teasing – it’s always teasing with Missy* *takes her hand when she’s offered it, stumbling slightly to her feet – why does regeneration always leave her so wobbly and disorientated? She’s quite sure other Time Lords and Ladies didn’t have these problems!* I suppose I have. How did you find me anyway? Not that I’m complaining. I was beginning to wonder how I was going to get out of that one! Great start, wasn’t it?

Missy: *doesn’t let go of her hand even when she’s up – she always found the touch of the other Time Lord addictive, and it’s no different now she’s a Time Lady* Oh, just passing. *smirks a little again, they both know it’s never as simple as that!* Yes, you do know how to make an entrance, don’t you? Always one for theatrics…

Doctor: *doesn’t let go of Missy’s hand either, although there’s still a few things that she needs to clear up since the last time they met… but this body she’s already feeling a /lot/ more touchy-feely than in her last* Right. Very likely. Whole universe, just /happen/ to be passing where I’m falling from an exploding TARDIS! *laughs, and then raises an eyebrow* Oh, and this coming from /you/ Madame Drama Queen!

Missy: *laughs too, squeezing her hand, thrilled that she hasn’t let go* You learnt from the best, obviously! How else would you have got so good? *grins, looking her over again, noting that for once they’re much more similar in height this time – something she doesn’t think has ever happened before!*

Doctor: *shrugs* And oh so modest as ever, eh Missy? *does feel rather small this time… she’d got used to being the tall one, but now she’s not entirely sure which one of them it is – of course, it doesn’t help that Missy’s in her heels, but still!* *after a moment, can’t quite hold back on the questions she has – their parting on that spaceship had been /incredibly/ difficult and emotional for them both, and she has to know… has to know what happened – and more importantly, where that leaves them now* So, dare I ask, what happened with you and Junior?

Missy: *feels a flicker of… something in her chest when she asks that – she’d hated the way they parted, and it still haunts her now… one of the few things that she truly regrets* *doesn’t show it though, she never shows things like that* Oh, the usual. I stabbed him. He shot me. It was all very dramatic, you missed a good show. *grins* But it didn’t kill /me/. As if I’d be foolish enough to make a screwdriver that could actually /kill/ me! Don’t know how he thought /that/ would work. But anyway. Woke up, ship about to be destroyed, called my TARDIS – she’s /very/ good, you know – and off I went…

Doctor: *raises an eyebrow again, but that is /very/ them, isn’t it? Just like Missy and her younger self to pretty much /literally/ stab each other in the back, isn’t it?* I take it you put on the full dramatic show for him anyway? *shakes her head fondly – the other Time Lady never could resist a touch of the dramatics* *it takes a moment though, but then something clicks* Does that mean… *very quietly, almost hopeful* Were you going to come back to me?

Missy: *grins again* Oh of course! The perfect opportunity to show off /all/ my acting skills! No-one would ever know the difference, not even myself. *feels that skitter in her chest again at her other question, half wanting to grab her by the shoulders and scream yes, idiot, she would /always/ come back, and half wanting to keep making light of it, to coyly say maybe and tease her with never going into more depth… but she came so close to losing her forever, of ruining everything they’d started to build during those long years in the vault… could she really bear to go through all that again?* *swallows slightly, and for once, tells the truth* If I could help it, I would have never left…

Doctor: *is all too aware of her hearts pounding in her chest as the seconds in which she /doesn’t/ answer seem to drag themselves out, and then, just when she’s thinking she’s probably going to make some joke and not properly answer her question like always, she says /that/* *doesn’t even have to think about it, the smile spreading across her face again, and then plants her lips firmly on Missy’s and oh, it’s been /far/ too long since she did that!*

Missy: *wasn’t sure what her reaction would be, but it certainly wasn’t /that/!* *stays still in shock only for a moment though before wrapping her other arm tight around her back, holding her there, breathing in her scent – different and new, but the same one she’s always known is still there, underlying it all… always her Doctor* *kisses her back, hearts aching at how much she’s missed it, missed /her/…*

Doctor: *grins, letting her own hand slip to the small of Missy’s back, holding her close, wishing she’d taken more opportunities to do this in all those years in the vault in her last body – but thankfully she’s been granted another opportunity!* *now that she’s started, doesn’t want to stop kissing her, it’s addictive as it always was… Missy’s bound to have her own questions eventually, but… she’s /sure/ they can wait!*

Missy: *shivers slightly as she feels the other Time Lady’s hand there, holding her too… she’s craved this for so long, waited desperately for any intimacy the last incarnation of the Doctor would finally, fleetingly allow… but this new version seems /much/ more affectionate!* *doesn’t make any attempt to stop the kiss, she could /very/ happily stay exactly like this for a long, long time…*

Doctor: *just holds her close, kissing her – oh yes, it’s been far too long, how could she have been so /against/ it last time round? This is /amazing/!* *lets the kiss last for a little while, before gently moving back just a little with a grin, still staying close*

Missy: *wishes they never had to break apart, but at least the other Time Lady stays close as the kiss ends… after so long spent craving affection like that, it’s hard to let go of once she gets it* *keeps her arm around her, fingers of the other hand still entwined with the Doctor’s, savouring every second*

Doctor: *can tell that Missy doesn’t want to stop kissing her, and hopes that soon they can kiss for as long as they like – but she /is/ still a bit woozy post-regeneration, and would rather not push it… just in case!* *has no intention of letting go any time soon though, smiling at her, almost looking a little dazed*

Missy: *can’t help but smile too, watching her, taking in every detail of her new face, and once again finding no flaws at all… she’s gorgeous* My dear Doctor… you /have/ done well this time round, haven’t you?

Doctor: *can feel her cheeks heat up a little at that* I thought you said I was /acceptable/! *grins, perfectly happy to fish for more compliments* But yes, I /am/ rather pleased with how it turned out, at least at a first glance before everything went boom… Haven’t had a chance for a proper look yet, though!

Missy: *grins too* Okay, okay, maybe a /little/ better than just acceptable… *only now lets her arm move from around her back, holding her hand more tightly instead* Well we can soon fix that! This way! *leads her up the stairs that start the access to the rest of her TARDIS, heading for her dressing room*

Doctor: *laughs* I should hope so, dear! *lets her lead the way – this is her TARDIS after all, and it’s not as though she’s been here very much – Missy never /would/ tell her where she’d parked it!* *is rather surprised Missy didn’t make any comment on the whole TARDIS going boom (again) thing, but obviously isn’t going to complain about /that/!* You know, I can’t remember the last time I saw your TARDIS up close… been far too long eh, old girl!

Missy: *grins again, and can’t remember when the Doctor was last here either… she usually /hates/ anyone invading her own personal space, but now that all she wants is to be around the other Time Lady, she’s more than happy for her to be here* Well you might have to get used to it, since yours is now floating around the universe in bits… *opens the door to the dressing room and stands her in front of the mirrors, wrapping her arms around her from behind*

Doctor: *shrugs* Nah, I’m sure she’ll repair herself and turn up again soon enough – she always has before! But until then, I’m more than happy to take up that unspoken invitation to stay! *doesn’t even entertain the idea that her old TARDIS /wouldn’t/ survive the explosion – they’ve been through far too much together for that to happen, and she’s not about to go around being anything but optimistic any time soon!* *smiles again as Missy moves in behind her to give her the full view in the mirrors, taking a few moments to look herself up and down* Yes… yes, I think I like it. Think I may need a new outfit though! This one /is/ looking rather tatty…

Missy: *smirks to herself, hearts leaping at the thought of her staying, /here/, with /her/… the two of them together, her favourite thing in the universe* *nods* Yes, it is a bit, and it doesn’t fit you in the slightest anyway… *turns her around again, towards the rows of her own clothes, all hung up properly and exactly where they should be, the exact opposite of what she just /knows/ the Doctor’s looks like* I suppose you can borrow some of mine, if you see anything you like…

Doctor: *considers for a moment, and then nods* Mmmm, I suppose so… not me this time anyway, a bit… magician! *smiles, and then turns to press another kiss to her cheek* That’s good of you! *holds out her hand again to take hold of Missy’s* Come on then! *starts to pull her towards the selection of clothes, like an excited child being allowed to pick their own outfit for once*

Missy: *feels her hearts skip again when she kisses her cheek and says that… she hadn’t even thought about it being a good thing to do, she just wanted to let her Doctor wear something nice… before, in the vault, when she was learning, she always had to really think about whether she was going to do a good thing, and whether the thing in question was the Doctor’s idea of good, and it was all much more difficult than just doing whatever she wanted… but that, just then, was actually easy* *holds her hand tightly, and lets her pull her over, excited to see what she might pick*

Doctor: *looks around the aisles to see what she might find – she wants to see /everything/ and make sure she doesn’t miss the perfect thing!* *the first thing that she comes across that really stands out to her is a long, pale sky-blue jacket, with a dark lining and a thin stripe of rainbow down the inside* This one! I like this one!

Missy: *watches her affectionately as she looks around, and grins when she picks out that jacket* Have it then… it’s definitely more your colour than mine this time… *looks her up and down again, yes, that one would suit her*

Doctor: *laughs and nods* Oh yes, wouldn’t see you dead in anything /pale/, would we? *grins, teasing her – she doesn’t think Missy has /ever/ gone for anything that wasn’t dark in colour!* But what to go with it? Hmmmm… this way! *sets off again, newly found jacket draped over her arm, stopping in a few places, but then dismissing them, until she spots that rainbow-design again, across a t-shirt. It reminds her of Bill, in some ways, and she liked Bill… Yes, perfect* And this!

Missy: *shakes her head in agreement, she’s always favoured dark clothes, and although she’s added a bit of colour this time, that doesn’t seem likely to change any time soon!* *follows her around, but otherwise leaves her to it – choosing clothes for a new regeneration is always a very personal thing, and she’ll have absolutely no influence over the Doctor’s often terrible fashion sense anyway* *smiles when she picks that t-shirt with the rainbow, wondering too whether it’s a subconscious nod to Bill, she remembers seeing that rainbow badge often and if she associates it with Bill, the Doctor definitely will…*

Doctor: *is soon heading off again, looking for some trousers – Missy might be happy running around the universe in a skirt, but she’d always thought they looked terribly impractical! How are you supposed to run in something like that?!* *she’s not been looking long when she spots something she likes, they’re a /little/ too short but… no, actually, she thinks she /likes/ that! And they come with a set of suspenders – anyone else would probably say the colour of them didn’t go, but…* They’re /perfect/!

Missy: *can’t help but stare when she next makes her choice – oh yes, here comes the appalling fashion sense! She’d actually been doing fairly well until now!* /Really/, Doctor?! Is this regeneration colourblind?!

Doctor: *can’t help but grin at her. She should have /known/ Missy would complain at her choice of clothes* No. I just like it. You got a problem with that?! Wait until you see it all together. It’ll work! *flashes her best winning smile again – it hadn’t gone down too badly last time she tried it!*

Missy: *shakes her head again, she can’t imagine that happening!* Well I doubt /that/ very much, but if that’s what you want to keep telling yourself… *can’t hold back another smile though in response to the Doctor’s, she /does/ have a truly beautiful smile…*

Doctor: *pouts for a moment* Hey, I don’t go criticising /your/ choice of clothes! *can’t quite manage to keep the pout though, she’s in far too good a mood!* Right, just some decent boots, and then I can prove you wrong! *winks, before practically running off again, dragging Missy along with her*
Jemiyah Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2018  Hobbyist Photographer
:icondwmissyplz::iconsaysplz: *smirks* That's because /my/ choice of clothes is so perfect that /no one/ can criticise it! *grins, letting herself be dragged along, clearly hyperactivity and over-enthusiasm has /not/ been lost this time around...*
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