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I Need Help From Apophysis7X Renders.

Wed Mar 15, 2017, 6:08 AM

It's been a long time since I've talked to you lot, but I really need help again and I did try, but now it's time I looked outside myself.

I turned off my internet, exited a whole bunch of programs to get this large fractal rendered. 9400x6500 and after waiting up for over 6 hours so I could post it to a few places, I get an error message that said that the space I was saving it too was too small, but all I get is the option to try again or cancel without being given a chance to pick a new location. Now in defense of my first location I set it to, it had over 800 gigs of space, so I know this fractal was nowhere close to filling that up. Here is the readout I got. 

Simple, Free Image and File Hosting at MediaFire

I'm not prepared to do it again, so soon, but I do need this fractal rendered. Is there anyone here willing to render this fractal for me? Anyone? If you can, please note me. If you have a clue as to why I'm getting this message please leave a comment below. 

Oh. Specks on my system. 

Simple, Free Image and File Hosting at MediaFire

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Jux - Upgraded

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 4, 2016, 1:51 AM

Hello, my fractal watchers and fractal lovers. 

A while back I got my hands on a piece of software named Jux. I was just trying it out since I lost my ability to use Apo on this computer. Some file somewhere got a little corrupted and no matter how much I uninstalled and reinstalled it, I couldn't use any the plug-ins and all my past prams couldn't be rendered and even some new ones caused it to crash. 

So it is now me, Sterling2 and Jux. I had the free program up until a few hours ago. I have now paid for it and like I promised I have started to go back and make my already posted fractals larger so you now have the ability to buy a nice large poster for your wall or get it framed and pass it off as a high-end gift to friends and family. :D

I'm going backwards, so the first one I did tonight to test it out on is this one. Dark Hairs In Sunlight.

Dark Hairs in Sunlight by jemgirl

Next, in order of date, will be these. 

The Trees of Consequences by jemgirl  Jeweled by jemgirl   Neon Scroll Work by jemgirl  

Undressed by jemgirl   Bright Order by jemgirl   Circus Colours by jemgirl

Folding In by jemgirl   So Small by jemgirl   Shock Me by jemgirl 

Holding Up by jemgirl   The Blue Field by jemgirl   Idea by jemgirl 

Attacking All Sides by jemgirl   The Darkness Is Alive by jemgirl   Rivers by jemgirl

Yellow Sunset Above The Trees by jemgirl   My Milk Chocolate with Marshmallows by jemgirl   In The White Spaces by jemgirl

Twist and Tie by jemgirl  and lastly  Stripped by jemgirl

"Shock Me" is my fave so far. :D

Have a great weekend everyone. :wave:

Original Version by: zy0rg |Edits by: UJz
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Don't Re-post My Stuff!

Wed Jul 20, 2016, 9:54 PM

I won't tell you that, but I've come across a lot of this.

"© 2008-2016 SOMEONE'S NAME All rights reserved
All material in my gallery may not be reproduced, copied, edited, published, transmitted or uploaded in any way!"

Yet, they have the share buttons displayed on their page. 

Fullscreen capture 20160721 121435 AM.bmp by jemgirl

For all of you who don't want us to share your work at all, here is how to get rid of those buttons so it sinks in and we don't have to worry over mixed messages.

When you go to submit your work you do what you have to. Then you go down to the bottom and you see this. 

Fullscreen capture 20160720 115018 PM.bmp by jemgirl

Click on Publishing Options and you will see the options to turn off or change. 

Fullscreen capture 20160720 115027 PM.bmp by jemgirl

You don't want comments? This is where you kill it. Or perhaps you want real feedback. You can turn on Critiques here too.

Fullscreen capture 20160720 115039 PM.bmp by jemgirl

The first drop-down menu lets you change what this journal is really about. Changing your sharing options. The default is set to showing your share buttons. The next option is to just outrightly hide them from everyone. The third option allows only members of DA to see these share buttons and they are the only ones that have the privilege of sharing your work. But I'm sure you don't want that. 

So that leaves you picking the second option. 

There is also the Licence to change. 

Fullscreen capture 20160721 123018 AM.bmp by jemgirl 
It's set to 'No' as a default setting. But if you are throwing around the word 'copyrighted' and so on, you may want this extra bit in there also. You change the first part to 'Yes', then you can change the others below it. 

I'm not sure about what all of that means, but I'm sure that if you really want to protect your work, you do and know what options you want or need. 

Lastly. When you have picked all these settings and they are how you want most of your work set up, along with it being downloadable or not. I almost forgot that. Uncheck that option at the top of the page on the right-hand side. 

Fullscreen capture 20160721 123916 AM.bmp by jemgirl

You can now tell your submit page to remember your settings. 

Fullscreen capture 20160720 115132 PM.bmp by jemgirl
Checking that little box will have all these setting presented to you again the next time you submit something to DA. No need for you to keep changing things if you want the same time done each time. 

There you go. I hope that helps you and people like me who have a Tumblr account and like sharing work found here on DA. 

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I won the the contests, but it's not worth bragging about. I won by default. No one else entered. In both contests.

I was sad when I didn't get mine in time, the other times. Then I posted them outside of the contests later.

is anyone else still working on their story and will post it later?

Blonde is Female??

Mon Feb 29, 2016, 2:28 PM

Yep, I keep finding this out.

I was helping someone correct something and I changed what they had from 'blond' to 'blonde' and the red line showed up to tell me I spelt it wrong. So I went see if it was me writing British again and I could ignore it.

It was only part right. This is what I found. 

In French, blond is masculine and blonde is feminine. This distinction generally extends to the English adjectives, especially in British English, where blonde is more common than blond (mainly because the word is used in reference to females more often than than to males). In American and Canadian English, blond is generally preferred over blonde in all cases—even in reference to female hair color—though a minority of writers continue to observe the gender distinction. In any case, using blonde in reference to male hair is simply a misspelling.

The use of blonde as a noun in reference to a female with blonde hair is best avoided because it can be interpreted as sexist.

They then go on to give you examples and using 'blonde' when talking about a girl and 'blond' when talking about a guy. 

What I found also really interesting is one of the comments. You should go read all of them, but this is the first one and it made me think of sharing all this with you guys here on DA. 
English is unique among major European languages in that it lacks any grammatical gender distinction. Hungarian, Finnish and Basque do, too, but they’re not indoeuropean to begin with.
With this unique position there’s been an ongoing tendency in English to discard the gender differences in the language. A current example is the phrase “she’s a good actor” which doesn't sound wrong at all to most native speakers.
In the case of blond(e), brunet(te), fiancé(e), etc. the tendency may even be stronger due to the fact that both genders have an identical pronunciation, and it even seems that the use of the ending “-ee” (employee, mentee, etc.) has gained general currency to refer to any gender, even though it originally was a feminine ending.
Employee is a new one for me. The conversation then goes on with more examples and explanations from other members. In case you didn't get the actor thing, they are saying that it should be 'She's a good actress'. :) That one I still do. I didn't know that in some places it was being dropped. 

I did find out, and then kinda forgot about, the 'fiancé(e)' one. I was looking up the word to see if there was a name we use to have for a guy, who was engaged, even though I knew we called both the girl and guy the same thing. The words sound just the same, so I can see why the extra 'e' was mostly dropped. 

Here is the link.…

Considering there are so many places and languages represented here on DA, I'm sure this could fill a few holes for a lot of people who may have been wondered a few things. :)  

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Good bye Daddy...

Tue Dec 1, 2015, 11:03 PM

I'm taking down my story 'Daddy's Acceptance'.

No, no one threatened me or anything like that.

I found a place that publishes my kind of... fantasy, and they require that all submissions be formatted in a certain way. Once I did that, I gave it a read over and saw that I had a lot of mistakes. I would like to think that I've gotten better and that is why I see these mistakes now, but I would also like to believe that something happened to the file and messed up all those words for me.

Either way, it's fixed now and if they don't like it enough to try and sell it, I'll be reposting the fixed version. So as of now, I think I've taken down my online copies. Let me know if you find it out there so I can take it down.

If they do like it, maybe I'll have a little party on line with my readers... once I figure out how. :)

Wish me luck and I'll see you later.

Update - Dec 2.

I know, I know. It's the same day. But I got a default reply back when I sent it out to the publishers. 

Wp 20151202 001 by jemgirl

So now we/I wait. 

And wait. 

Update - Feb 2.

I feel like saying something first, but he covers most of that in the e-mail. So read that then I'll have my bit to say. 

First Real Response by jemgirl

So, it was a bit of a mixed bag but over all good news. 

I have actually pulled out the story and worked on two things. I think I fixed the first sex scene, and I started work on fleshing out Ben a bit more, but I'm not sure about the next sex scene. It wasn't meant to be something of great importance. 

As for Ben, if I didn't already feel like I defined Ben later in the story, past the 45 pages he read, I would be very offended, if not saddened that he was mixing them up in his mind. 

So, I wrote him back and said that I was willing to work on the story, and that I would like for him to finish reading the story and to let me know what else he believes I should work on. 

He seemed interested and likes the story and he said it was the kind of story they like to publish, so between him finishing it and reading the other 300 pages, and my fixing some of the first 45, I think I have a punisher. Why turn my back on them and track down another?

Wish me luck. :) 

Update - Feb 3.

Well I believed that I would get a response back today and I did. It wasn't what I was hoping for, but it was a response.

For the same reason it took him months to just lay his hand on my story and read 45 pages, is why he can't read the whole thing. Major wok load. But he does wish me will. So I'm going to do what I first set out to do. Make the start of the story stronger and see what I can do for Ben. I've already fixed up the first sex scene so I can cross that off the list. 

I'll try and fix up the second one just because it has bugged me. The teacher should be wearing a condom, but somehow I let it pass the first time. I thought I was crunched for time when I was going over it, so I didn't think too long on how to change it and ended up leaving it in place. Now it seems that I do have time and I will fix it. 

So when it's done, I'll send it to another publisher, suggestions will be welcomed, and see how they like the improved version. I would send it back to Go Deeper Press, but I think I would just fall into the black hole of their backlog. But I'm opposed to sending it back there if the others turn me down too. 

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Rampant Misunderstanding

Sun May 24, 2015, 2:00 AM

So many things happened today, but it's the last thing that was waiting for me when I got on DA a few hours ago that I'm going to talk about. 

Those of you who are my friends or good acquaintances know that I see things a bit differently and if I don't understand something, I'll ask you about it, and yes, I toss in my two cents so you see where I'm coming. If I'm completely wrong I want to know. 

I have never, ever thought about or wanted to take anyone down a peg by my comments. A few years ago I was told that I came off sounding too rude, so I stopped giving critiques because I didn't want to be misunderstood and hurt people feelings. 

I started to do it again a bit at a time, slowly, and I took my time reading my comments before posting them. I reread them and reread them. I changed words as I tried to make sure that I didn't insult them and also tell them what I thought they did right in case they didn't think I saw any good in their work.

But once in a while I'm not just commenting on a piece, but a piece of a whole, like a chapter in a story, and I just have one question. When it goes back and forth we are having a conversation. You say why you did it. I might ask why not this way. You say why not. I give a comment. You give a comment, and I end up saying 'Okay', you say 'Okay' and we move on. 

And for the record, when I say I don't do something, I'm just saying I don't do something. If I think doing it is bad, I will say so. And what is common sense for someone, isn't all that common for someone else. 

I would have apologized for one word I used in this latest incident. I thought it was the right one, I even included a smiley face so she would know it wasn't all that serious. But it appears that I was very mistaken and I can't apologize for it. She told me that telling her about myself bored her and she didn't care to hear anything about me and then she blocked me. 

All I was trying to do was show her where I was coming from and why I thought the way I did. Once again, that didn't work.

I can be angry at he for calling me names, but I'm not. As far as I know, I've never thought of someone so badly that I had to block them, and there won't be much point in doing it to her since she clearly has no want, wish, or will to talk to me ever again. 

Now for those of you who have gotten a comment from me, and we may not have become friends, we were able to talk, hopefully, and see each other's point of view. For that, I want to say, thank you. 

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Fractal Help Needed

Tue Mar 17, 2015, 5:38 AM

Recap :

I am having the hardest time with apo right now. I upgraded a while back and it was fighting with my plug-ins. So that locked me out of using some fractals until the next update. Then I did that and It would open the prams in a flame, but as I opened the editor, it would give me an error message that didn't go away. I did that for about 5 mins last night until I had to open my task manager to close apo down. 

So I thought it was time and just removed it. I saved my plug-ins since some were hard for me to find. I uninstalled it. Got a reg cleaner and it took out anything that pointed to apo and I got the newest version of apo17x. 

So what is my new problem? It won't see any of the plug-ins that I added to its plug-in folder. It runs, it doesn't crash, but it tells me that it doesn't have this list of plug-ins to create the flame. I re-added them and it still tells me that. I added older versions of a few plug-ins to see if they might be seen in some way, but nothing. 

So I was thinking that I would have to get a copy that actually installed itself into windows and then hope that will then work with plug-ins. But I know if I get an old enough install it will have issue with the newer plug-ins. It doesn't help that the newest versions are just zips. 

What happened to the installers? Do you know where to get the newest version that does?


Ashampoo Snap 2015.03.17 06h31m20s 001  by jemgirl

This is a screen shot of the error I talked about. I'm not happy. I remember this being a stable copy for me before, but then, it's now a copy that installs. :(

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Music video with integrated fractal art work!

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 23, 2014, 10:06 AM


I know the video isn't working. It's gone, but I'm leaving this up for when they get the file remade and reposted. 

Yep, they have to remake it too.


I was contacted by the band, Dan really, to use some of my fractals in their video, it wasn’t what I expected, but it’s cool just seeing my work used. :)

Check out the video and support the band. :)

These are the link they have at the end of the video if this is the kind of music that you like and want to learn more about them, or leave them feedback.:)…


As for me, you know where to find me. Right? :D

Original Version by: zy0rg |Edits by: UJz
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I'm Working - Really (not anymore)

Sat Jun 14, 2014, 10:58 PM
Back around the 9th of May, I was hired by a construction company to be their estimator in training. More or less. Actually, it's more. I tried to make it very clear that I didn't finish the classes that IDC had on estimating, but they hired me anyway. 

I'm not saying that I'm unhappy at being given a chance. I'm saying that I'm worried about letting them down. So far, a month in, I seem to be working out quite well. They only had to talk to me once, other than the massive dumping of information on me that I can't take in at the same time they are giving it to me, which was about when I was staying late to get their long list of stuff to do done. 

I can understand why. they are a small family business with not that much over head. If that is what you call it. In fact only three of us, the secretary and my friend who suggested me to her boss and me, are the only ones not a part of the family in the business. 

I now don't stay later than 5 unless it's really called for, but they rather I come in on my day off than stay past 4:30. Oh, I was hired to work 4 days a week. Another reason I felt pressured to get so much done in a little amount of time. But when I suggested that I do some work from home, they then said that they rather I come in one the 5th day to get some work done instead. I know, I pointed out to her how that didn't make sense. I can't work past 4 but I can come in another day. 

Well, after trying to do stuff after 4 I started to see why. If I was just doing paper work on my own it's ok, but if I had to call anyone everyone else already went home or were on their way out the door and didn't want to spear the time. 

So, when I first said that I was going to write this journal, it was to explain why I wasn't on DA as much as I was before, but the real reason I wasn't on that much until this past week, was because I had taken down my table to clean and kept it down to enjoy the space of my room. It's a big table. But having the computer where I put it, didn't incline me to use it as much. 

So I brought some work home with me the last weekend and that gave me the best excuse for putting my table back up again. So that is why I'm back to my normal update pattern, and I've started writing on my story again. So things seems to be working out. 

You know, when I was first offered the job, I went cold?

I wasn't happy, I wasn't pleased beyond punch. I felt dread. I felt my blood turn cold. It was like I just realized that something really bad had happened or was about to happen. I said yes, because I wasn't stupid, but I was still racked with stress over everything for like 3 weeks. 

I'm ok with doing sub work take off, but when it comes to doing a GC job, I'm not anywhere near happy. I know that I'll get better once I don't mess up too badly on my way there. 

This has now turned into an update journal instead of and excuse journal. 

So now this is the longest I've had work since 2008 and my first job since 2009 if you don't count a seasonal job that I snagged in December of 2013 for 3 weeks. 


Lost it. It's partly my fault, not from a lack of trying. I was suppose to be trained. I wasn't, and so of course I messed up. It was at the end of August. Yeah, I'm not very prompt at letting people know about when I'm working or not working.

So I'm thinking that I'll just do what I was going to do when I was offered this job. I check it out like a week later, but I missed enrollment, so I have to wait until the start of the year to get into this school that should help me get a slightly different job sooner.

I promise to tell you in a far more timely manner when I get a job that I'm not scared of. :)

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A Plea for Linked Chapters

Sun Feb 16, 2014, 5:53 PM

I've been here at DA for a good number of years, so I think I can voice how I feel about something. It's a little bothersome when I find a multi-chapter story and they aren't connected. 

More often than not, I don't find the story on it's first chapter, and there is no link to the next, previous or first chapter of the story. So that leads me, and I'm sure a few other people, to click on the author's name. Go to their gallery, and then look for the first chapter of the story, if not the next chapter. 

Now if they had been given their own folder, it makes it easier to find them, but after reading each chapter, we have to go back to that folder each time to get the next chapter in line to be read. 

Before you say that I'm lazy, that isn't the point I'm trying to make. Everyone one wants visitors to their page. To look through their gallery and to find something else that they like. Get a watch or two. I begrudge no one that.

What I'm talking about is the inability I, we, have as a reader to flow from one chapter to the next. To stay in the world that the writer has put time and effort into creating for us to enjoy and be swept up in. 

But how swept up could we be, if we have to keep going back to find the next chapter and perhaps having that be even more difficult if the story wasn't organized by the author and left scattered among other stories and different pieces of work?

So a few weeks or so ago, perhaps a week ago, I found a story that l liked and asked the author why her chapters weren't linked. 

She didn't have a clue what I was talking about. I almost, almost, couldn't believe it. Not that long ago, almost every story I read had links, but since I don't see that many stories with links now, I could understand why she didn't understand what I meant. 

So the first part of this journal was me explaining why we need more authors to add links to their multi-chapter stories. 

This next part is to show you how to do it.

Firstly, you need two chapters to do it. Yes I just said that. To link chapters in a story to each other, you must have more than one chapter in to you story. I know how dumb that sounds. 

Now, if you you want to, for some reason, link stories to each other, go for it. :) I know, I think there was something in water.

Anyway, some people may have a few connected stories, side stories or part one and part two or what have you, that they want to link together. 

The process is still the same, the only difference would be how you label the link(s). 

Now on the right side of everything submitted on DA there is a set of codes for you to use to link to that page. 

Fullscreen capture 2162014 60754 PM.bmp by jemgirl

To be fair there is another field/"box" with code under the title Embed, but that is used, mostly, for outside of DA I believe. Correct me if that's wrong. Also, it is only given if you posted an image or another non-text submissions. 

For what I'm trying to show you here, you are only concerned with these two anyway.

Now, you will have to choose which look you want to present. Do you want them to see something like this?

Fullscreen capture 2162014 61647 PM.bmp by jemgirl

Or if you just want a line of blue letters like this.

Am I wanted -

Now the process is very simple. Go the the page that you want to link to. Copy the code that you want to use. Link or thumb. Go to the submit or edit page of where you want to place the link. Now place it inside this space/field. 

Fullscreen capture 2162014 61226 PM by jemgirl

Now, I didn't clarifier this part to someone else and she place the link in the same text field as her chapter. 

At first I was surprised, but then I thought it was brilliant. She placed a word link back to the previous chapter at the start of the chapter, and then a link to her next chapter at the end of the chapter. 

Now when placing links you may do it this way. 

Fullscreen capture 2162014 73033 PM by jemgirl Giving links back to where you came from and forward to where you want to go next.

Or this way.

Fullscreen capture 2162014 73306 PM by jemgirl

Showing a link to what is next or pointing your readers back to the start of the story if this is the first time they are seeing it. 

Some people have all three. Previous chapter link, Next chapter link and Start of story link. Like my friend here. 

Fullscreen capture 2162014 74445 PM by jemgirl

I think I've coved it for quick simple linking. If you want to know more, ask me. I answer all questions. :)

Happy linking. :wave:

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I know, this is a funny skin for such a journal, but I like the menu in the top corner. I even customized it so you can jump to my stories, especially 'Together' my first Inuyasha story. 

Now before you go to see it, know that it has a yaoi/gay couple in it. I also put Kagome with Sessomaru and Sango ended up with Kouga. 

How does this end up with me asking for research help?

Well I knew for the last 30 chapters of the other story, that I would have to do a story that was mostly about Sango and Kouga and I'm starting to really think about details for it now. I'm starting to wonder how I'm going to explain why part of Kouga's tribe/clan/pack is human/demon, while the other part is wolf. I want to explain this, but I want to know what canon has to say about this, if it does at all, and what other writers have come up with to explain this. 

I did a lot of research for my first Inuyasha story, and I don't remember coming across something that would explain this, so I'm not even sure there is canon to help me here. 

I need to answer this for myself before starting this story. So can anyone help me?
Most of my stories are gay/yaoi (whichever you like to use), and I'm sure that the gay couple from the first story will show up a few times since I haven't come up with a story line yet, but this will be a hetero story. 

For some reason I felt like I saying that. :) 

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Hello Everyone,

This journal is really for my reading followers/watchers. 

The prompt for this contest is Sexy Cops & Robbers. I'm sure those of in the club know about it already. Oh, for those of you who don't know the club is AdultAnonymous.

Yes, it's sexy. Yes, it's a gay story. 

Anyway, today is the last day to submit and I'm looking for someone to help me by reading it over so they can tell me if I missed a typo or something before posting it. 

If you do want to help me out, note me and I'll send it to you that way. 

I sent it out to two friends, but they haven't gotten back to me and I'm starting to run out of time. 

So, if you have the current mind set and about an hour free, and willing to help. please note me within 5 hours of this journal is posted. :) 

Oh, it's my B-day today too. So It would be cool if I got it entered on time and perhaps place. :D

----------------- EDIT - Jan 12 -------------

I barely got the story submitted in time because I thought they said the dead line was midnight and not 8pm.

I got one person, through this journal posting, to help look over my story for me. Thank you RenRou . :hug: She is in the middle of this great gay web comic here on DA. Stolen. She draws beautifully and with great catch-in-your-throat colours. :)

Personae by RenRou  Merry Christmas! by RenRou  On This Perfect Day by RenRou
One of my friends came through, but he gushed and reviewed instead of error check, but he gave me one thing to look for. He's such a dear. :) 

Here is the story if you are interested in seeing what the fuss is about. It has mature content if that didn't come across before. I don't want to surprise anyone with that. The rest of it, you will have to ... muddle through on your own. :D

Do leave comments and I'll still fix any errors that you find and would like to point to me. :) 

----------------- EDIT - Jan 15 -------------

The results are in. I came in third. I was hoping for second, but at least I placed. :) 

I knew that making it a gay story would hurt my chances of getting 1st, but it's what I write and it came out darn well. 

So my prize is a sketch from the artist Pumpkin-Queen-Ildi . I was just notified so she/he should be getting their notice around now too. What can I ask for? The only thing I can think of is a cover for one of my stories, but I don't know how comfortable she/he will be with that. 

I'll just have to ask to find out. 

I would like to say "Thank You" to everyone who read, liked and or faved my story. :) 

I changed the skin because the header was hard to see and read. :)

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Hello everyone. 

I'm sorry that my updates are no longer daily. I've found myself a job up until Christmas. I had two training days this past week and I'm on the grave yard shift. So I get home somewhere around 2:30am. I'm on my feet in the ware house for about 8 hours and I got my schedule for the up coming week. I'm working five days. I won't be awake most of the time I'm home considering how I've dealt with it these two days. 

My legs hurt and I just passed out for way too long once I get home. Granted, if things or people didn't keep waking me up I would naturally wake up a little bit earlier. 

So, this week looks bad for any work between me and DA. I'm still trying to make some new fractals and mess with some photos. And I'm going to try and get to work really early one day, this upcoming week, so I can take pics of the water. I'm over by the Brooklyn Navy Terminal which is next to the East River. I'm still adding to House Boys so you may get a chapter of that before Christmas. Shame it won't be a Christmas chapter. But then, I'm not all that sure I will have a Christmas chapter, but there will be a new year's one. :D

Oh, you can shop where I work, since I work in the warehouse and it's an internet store. :) ;

If I survive the first week, I would love for you to buy something so that I can keep the job a bit longer. :) 

As for here at DA, I'm going to really try to post something at least once every three days.

See Yeah around. :)  

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EDIT - 5 days. I've been off the grid for five days. But I'm back now. :party: 

Thanks to all the guys that hoped that I would come back soon and said so. It was nice being missed. :) :kiss:

On the up side, I'll have time to write/type now. :) - I did get to write a whole 6 page long chapter and I'm a page in on the next one.

Yeah, the bill got backed up some how. I don't know. My mom was suppose to be paying it, but she doesn't have the money right now or something... either way, the tv is already gone, the internet is next, then phone line. - It worked just about that way backwards too when they were putting everything back on today.

Yep, the bundled deal. So I don't know how long it will take to get back, so I'm saying goodbye for now. Sorry to my new watchers. I might get something up before it goes, but I can't promise anything. - I did manage to get something up. I hope it was a nice farewell. I manged to check on my smart phone that some people liked and faved it. :) That is one of the reasons I now came on line. To take everyone that faved something or said something to me while I was gone. I kinda feel like I should stay way from 'this' (internet and tv) until I get another page written or another fractal made. But I heard something over the radio, on my phone, about some gassing so I'm sure I'll go look at that and see what on earth is going on. I know. It's sad. No internet, no tv, and I haven't a clue what is going on in world. 

And did I see bondage lesbians on my message page? O.o

See ya -  I do see you. :D

Oh Canada! - Good Bye.

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 15, 2013, 12:49 AM


I'm back. :) 

I walked into the house after 10pm Tuesday night. The second part of our flight had been delayed due to a storm around Newark in New Jersey. 

It is a lot easier to get to Newark airport than I thought. I took three trains to get there, but one belongs to the airport, so it's all good. :)

Now if they could make getting to Lagaudia easier. :)  

How was it. It was almost the same, and yet different than last year. Everyone was rushing. It was hot and had no fan and the bugs got to us. That was the same stuff. 

The new stuff. We saw the other family that produced the groom this time. It wasn't at the church but a wedding hall. I wasn't taking the photos this time and my other sister and her daughter came for the event. 

At one point that produced family drama. Family drama I would like to forget, but it will take a whale.

We were suppose to go see a movie. Superman actually. Instead I found myself picking red clover ... in the wild, and felt things bitting me for hours. 

I'm happy to be home. In my bed. With AC. My computer and being able to type along with watch tv. :) 

I miss DA and all you guys. 

Now I have to go post a fractal. :wave:

Sorry, I didn't have time to even try writing on my story, never mind thinking about it. Sorry.


Yep. I'm going back again and it's for a wedding too. But in their defense, unless it was a funeral this might be the only way they would see me. 

So I'm leaving Wednesday, spend the day traveling there, stay until Tuesday or so, then spend another day getting back. 

I was ready to say something for when I posted my "last" photo or fractal until my return. I also was going to do this journal then also, but it didn't hit me until I was answering a comment on my story that I will not post the next chapter as soon as everyone would like, and possibly not for 2 weeks. No computer and all that. 

Yeah I have my iPad but I don't know. Last year it didn't work, but I might have more luck this time. Well see. 

Aside from the trip. 

House Boys - I think I have about 15 -20 chapters left to go in this story. I've also reached out to the person who I got the picture from to make the 'Daddy's Acceptance' cover. They are also traveling, so it will be a week or so before they would be able to even try, never mind set up for the shot I requested. 

Past Posts - I got book cover happy a few days back when I tried to have a cover ready for the story, 'House Boys', and came up with something that I was happy with for about 2 days before I asked for help. 

House Boys Cover by jemgirl It's not a true fail, but click on it and you can see why I changed my mind about it.

To continue my cover trend, I realized that I had started other covers, but didn't finish them. Yes, I had covers before, but I seemed to not have saved the Gimp files, or a copy of the covers. So when I have to repost the pdf's with corrections, I no longer had a cover. 

So I have two remakes of past covers. One is already up with it's story that I read over and fixed. Check the link for more info on it. 

The next one is for 'Daddy's Acceptance'. I kept the same photo, but It was heck to find the same font again, so I have a new font, changed the colours a little and changed words of the back cover also.

The other one that I can see myself working on again is the cover for 'Hero'. I also see myself working on it, the story that is, but I don't know when or how I would change it, but I know I have to find a better way to show my opening. Of course I thought I did well until someone said that it was confusing for them. I haven't forgotten, but I don't know how to fix it yet. 

So You get two or so posts from me, then I'm off for a while and I'll see you when I get back. :wave:

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Taking Down My Stories

Journal Entry: Fri May 17, 2013, 6:41 AM

 I knew it was coming and I put if off as long as I could. 

But someone is picking at my stories and having random chapters taken down by DA and I won't have them pecked to death.

This is the second chapter in two weeks. I don't know who is doing this since I have warnings and they are still reading the story, and then reporting the chapters.

But fine. I get the hint. I'm packing them up.

So I'm taking down Together -…

Next is Daddy's Acceptance - and  

The Gift -… but 

Snow Days - is staying up because they are 'clean'.

My Home -… is coming down, but I think I'll leave

Love's Love -… up.

The poems stay. As shotty as I think they are now that I'm older, once in a while, someone finds them and think they are good. 

Out of my one shot stories, Late Lunch -…,

Happy Ever After - and

Walking are coming down. Oh, and

Hello -…. The other two OC stories are safe. Nope. "Happy Ever After" is staying. I just read it over. It's safer than I thought.  

Luckily, I only have to take down Luna's… out of the FanFic one shot folder. I so expected that one to have been taken down once I realized that I actually posted it here, but no. Still up. Yes I feel crummy! :fight:

Now that just leaves my current story. :angered:

I'll continue to post it here for the people who have already started to read it and want to see how it ends. I already blanked on the story for a year before starting up again. I will finish this. Once It's been up for a decent amount of time, it will come down too and will be with the others over on my Scribd account - .

As tempted as I am to leave up the the pdf of 'Together' - and make them read through 93 chapters for the parts they want gone, .... Ok, I'm still thinking of that one. :devilish: So it stays up until I make up my mind.

I think that I'll just preview my new stories here, disable comments and then take it down when I'm at the end, with same of that decent amount of time thing in play. 

See yeah around and thanks for reading.

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Do you Have My Camera? - FOUND!!

Fri Mar 29, 2013, 6:46 AM



Yep, I found it. :)

It was next to the wall under my bed. I sleep with my twin bed pushed up against a wall. You think that would keep things from falling down there. Nope.

Yes, kinda. As in, yes, I did look under my bed before the day I found it. No, as in it wasn't actually me. I asked my very young and skinny niece to look under my bed for me. Twice. Clearly the girl's eyesight can't be trusted. I ended up cleaning around my bed a day last week so I moved my bed to make sure and there it was. :)

So I have my cam back, I have apo reinstalled again and I've posted one new chapter of "House Boys". I say I'm in a good place. :)



Yep. My camera decided to protest it's use in cold, snowing weather by pulling a Houdini on me in my own apartment.

I went out like a week ago or so ago and saw that it was snowing. So I came in, got my camera, spent like 30 minutes out side taking photos and stopped when I got cold. I took the photos off the memory card, and I put down my camera ... somewhere. :icononionwoeplz:

I say somewhere because it's not where I expected it to be. It's not next to my bed where my computer is, and it's not in my coat where it rarely ever is. I have spent three-ish days looking for it. I've cleaned to look for it. I've had my niece look under my bed for it. :icondizzyplz:

I know it's in the house, but I can't lay my hand on it. It's crazy. So I cleaned my registry and got ride of loose ends/code that pointed to my old install of my fractal programs and I installed Apo15x ... this morning. I'm rendering my second fractal now. At least with the newest version I can ditch my old plugin zip that I've held on to for a while. So many of them are built in now. But I still had to get one for the newest set that I'm doing since they are worked off of someone else's prams. :)


Back. :iconsayhiplz:

Sorry. I fell asleep, then kinda woke up just long enough to see that I had fallen asleep and turned off the computer to continue... well now. :iconembarrasedplz:

So what was I saying? Yeah, my camera pulled a Houdini and I couldn't go more than a few days with out both my fractal programs and no cam. My life is so sad. So ... upside. New fractals are being made. Down side, I will continue to look for my camera but until I do find it, I will not have any new photos to post. I'll dig through my old stuff to find something for you guys. :)

In other news, for my story readers.

I have started writing again on my story "House Boys"

Mature Content

I just started chapter 15. I won't start posting that again until I'm like 5 chapters ahead. I need that buffer to make sure that I every thing matches up and I have time to reread my chapters to catch as many typos as possible.

I have one other story that I was writing fairly quickly until I hit a wall. That one is called "The Pregnant Male". You might have seen a past journal talking about this. Yep, I'm still working on it. :icongreatjobplz: I'm up to Part 6 now. They are not long enough to be called chapters, so I'm not going to even try. :) I don't really want to say much about it, since once I start I'll give most of it away, as if the title doesn't do that all on it's own. :) But of course I gave it a twist. Once I get past this block, which I will work on this weekend, I hope to reach part 10 soon, so I start posting that also.

Now I won't be posting one per day like the good old days. :) The good old days had a near completed 93 chapter story or a completed 35 chapter story. :) I have far less chapters and I'm no where close to being finished so it will be more like twice a week I'll post a chapter. Once from each story. So I guess I'm waiting until they have both reached a target number of chapters before posting can start. :iconwhistleplz:

So I guess this means I'll have to stop reading and get back to my writing. Which I've already done. I just have to keep going. :iconheehee-plz:

So see you guys later. :iconbaibaiplz:

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I have lost my Fractal hard drive!

Wed Mar 13, 2013, 8:24 AM


Gone. The I'm getting I/O device errors whenever I get close to it. :(

I'm darn sure it's because I didn't want to make up my mind to loose some games on there.

//Techno babble ahead. //

Ok. I have, or had, an odd hard drive set up. This use to be a one hard drive desktop from Dell. Then I Installed a newer hard drive and the old hard drive lived on as a slave with two partitions. The second being the recovery partition which wouldn't help me now since I was now using Win7 and not XP anymore.

So I whipped that part of the drive and installed all my fractal programs there after Apo showed that it liked crashing on me when I either added a plug in it didn't like, or copied prams that I didn't have some plug ins for. I also keep all my pram and flame files there. Lucky me I saved my rendered pics to my C drive, or I really wouldn't have anything.

As for where the games come into this... Like I said I just left the old hard drive in, and did try to delete things off it with out wiping or re-formating it because, at the time of the change over, I had a few games that I played on here, and I didn't have the information to reinstall some of them and not have to pay to get them to work again. So I just placed links on my new desktop and lived happy for a few years now. No more than 3 I'm sure.

Then it happened last night. I decided it was time for me to make some new fractals. I go to my shortcut folder, double click on the shortcut and I get this message saying that it can't access the program. I am puzzled and clicked it again like a new mouse to the science experiment. When it popped up again I tried to go to the drive directly to see what gives. And what do I see? My C drive and my attached thumb drive.

This is when the feeling of sickness started to show up. Not only can't t see the old hard drive with it's two partitions, but my other back up drive that I brought from home with all my yaoi pics and music and backed up files.

I then embarked on a few long hours of remembering some things I haven't done since I worked in the computer lab back home and running my Anti-virus software. Malware software, system care software, and defrag software.

I seemed to have regained my storage drive, but it seems to blink in and out, so I don't think the drive itself if going bad, but maybe my connections. They are still parallel ATA cables in there. I did update the motherboard also, I just missed the part of the connectors and it of course has more SATA then PATA and all my stuff was PATA. Which is why none of my burners are working.

So now I'm thinking of getting a 1 or 1.5 TB hard drive and partitioning that out and copying over everything from all the drives and hoping that I can get to see that other one with my fractal programs once I crack open the cpu.

My only question is how? I'm thinking that I would have to ghost my C drive to the new hard drive with only those two connected to my computer. Then take out the older hard drive, make my new one the master and put in the other two again and hopefully see everything and do the partitioning and then copying, then I can take out the older two hard drives.

//End of techno babble. //

So what does this mean? I really don't want to install those programs again and then have to clean it all up for when I do get the new hard drive. I don't know when I'll get it, so I may not have new fractals for a while. I don't have that many photos to share, so that leaves my stories.

I guess my 'words per minute' is going to up then. You still might not see anything for while since I think it was a disaster to post an unfinished story, but I should be creeping faster to the end now.

Oh. I think that I'll back up my stories to a my thumb drive.... Maybe I should get an external back up also.

See yeah around. :)


I've been to BestBuy, and from what I told them, they, well he, thinks that my old XP C-drive is what is causing all my problems. Even though I had deleted chunks of it,  The native boot manager, DOS or BIOS, I'm not sure which, sorry, still saw it as a bootable windows system because enough of the file structure was still there. If I wanted to keep everything on a new hard drive, I had to get a real Boot Manager.

After thinking it over for about 2 days, and even looking at a few boot managers, I cracked open my case and disconnected my old C-Drive. I lost my fractals and my games, but my storage hard dive is back. I've given it a few days to make sure, and its still here. :)

So It looks like I'll just have to suck it up and reinstall my fractal programs and kiss my pram files good bye. I'll hold on to the drive, and in a few years or so, I might be able to get them back. If I still want them. :)

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My Scribd Account

Sun Feb 24, 2013, 3:04 AM
Profile | Gallery | Favourites

Hello everyone,

Long time no chat. This "little" notice has come about due to the removal of one of my stories.

You know how to are weary when you first post something that you might think might not go well, then people tell you how good it is, then a year or so later you forget it's even there?

Well that happened with this. Once I read over the story, I realized that there wasn't much story to it to begin with it. I wrote it years ago when I was back home and much younger. My flow wasn't the best, and I was still writing, more or less, porn.

Yes I said it, but I thought there was a twist to how I did write it so make it more than just the run of the mill porn.

Either way, once I got the notice from DA saying that it had been reported and then removed and I read it over, I had nothing to complain about.

Anyway, back to the title of this journal. A new watcher of mine had just read it, and liked so he asked if had my stories some where else. I told him Scribd, but once I checked I realize that I hadn't post that story. So I went hunting for this story once it wasn't were I expected it to be on my computer.

It wasn't on my computer at all and I found it on my laptop that I had put in storage because of a misfiring keyboard. So I got it transfered, read it over, and was a little surprised that the ending I had in my head, wasn't the one I had written down. So I tacked on a better ending and posted it to my Scribd account.

I posted it as private because I felt that both parts didn't match up in style. So I spent like two more days updating the older part of the story and then finding mistakes in parts I added on. Of course.

So it's now fully up and ready to be view, read, and even downloaded. It's no longer private, but I have my warnings up. I don't want people reading it and turning green one me. I want people who want to read it, to read it.… - Baby Sitting (Formally known as "My Parents Aren't Home". I think 'Baby Sitting' is a much better name and with the additions I made, it makes far more sense.

So drop by and read if if you can or want to. Feel free to share and or comment. :)

I'm going to go through all the stories that I have here, and make sure that they are posted there now. Then I'll go to my other site, that I just about never see now, and see what I have there, that is different and get those posted. But I need a break right now.

I was messing with two stories during this little update thing and just before that I made some head way on my current, one of my current, in progress stories. I don't want to read my own work for a while.

Later everyone.  


The other story I was messing with.… - Child's Play

This was not posted to DA. See, I have boundaries. :) I think my new watcher asked about it and I could only find it one place and I don't like how that site shows work at all.

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