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Summer Seas - Part 27 :iconjemgirl:jemgirl 0 3
Summer Seas - Part 26
-= Tracy's POV =-
Why in god's name was I up already? I asked myself as I dragged my tired body and aching back behind Evan's as he guided the way to the branch office of the company that was hiring us for the next job. I knew why, but I protested, at least mentally, at how early it had to be done. By the time we were away from the harbor area and about seven blocks inland, my disposition had improved.
One reason being that Captain Norton fed me. I think they were called empanadas; we had two each. Then there were the sights and smells of this new place. By the time Captain Norton stopped to go into a building, I was ready to keep walking and see what else was out there. But I followed him inside the stone building without reluctance.
"Captain Norton," A man said in greeting before I closed the door that we just walked through. A tall and very slender man stood up from behind a somewhat concealing desk. He must have been the secretary to be stationed near the entrance. After bei
:iconjemgirl:jemgirl 1 0
Mature content
Summer Seas - Part 25 :iconjemgirl:jemgirl 2 3
Mature content
Summer Seas - Part 24 :iconjemgirl:jemgirl 0 3
Mature content
Summer Seas - Part 23 :iconjemgirl:jemgirl 1 3
Summer Seas - Part 22
-= Evan's POV=-
I was standing next to the wheel when I watched Tracy as he swung, with all his might, one of the anchoring ropes to a dock worker on the other side. More things went through my mind at that moment than I remember ever happening before.
Would he really be happy staying on board? With me? How was he able to love me? Do I love him? I don't know if I loved anyone but my parents. I have friendships of varying degrees that have spanned years. I have earned the respect of my crew, and in turn, they have gained my loyalty.
But did I know what love was? Lust was easy. It was the driving force for men to do what they did. Lust for money. Lust for accolades. Lust for respect. And of course sexual lust. Man, woman, boy, or girl.
I've watched his body as it has changed slightly since he asked to stay on board, and now I can confidently say that if he changed his mind about staying, his body would be more prepared, than it was before, for a life less comfortable than the one he grew
:iconjemgirl:jemgirl 1 2
Summer Seas - Part 21
-=Tracy's POV=-
It was still early in the day, and I didn't expect to see anyone in the kitchen, other than Cook, but as I pushed the door open I realized that I was wrong about the time of the day entirely. Everyone was there having breakfast. They all turned and looked at me as I walked in, and I felt sweat as it broke out on the back of my neck.
"What?" I asked the room as I came to a standstill and looked around. They, as one, turned to look at Cook who had his back to the room as he scooped something onto a plate. I think.
"If you have any food in your cabin, I think you should go back and eat that now," Nathaniel told me in a quick whisper as he moved along my left side. I looked to Job, and he nodded in return. I quietly took a step back and was out the door before Cook knew I was there.
What was that about? I guess it's something the Captain would have to deal with. I was halfway back to our cabin when I ran into Captain Norton.
"I thought that we were going to get break
:iconjemgirl:jemgirl 0 4
Mature content
Summer Seas - Part 20 :iconjemgirl:jemgirl 1 3
Summer Seas - Part 19
-= Tracy's POV=-
"Yes Captain Norton," I answered him. I was about to pull away when I felt his hand as it slid up my neck and into my hair. He slowly pulled my head back into contact with his body and the odd surreal feeling that I felt since waking up intensified.
"Clearly you had something to talk to me about since I found you waiting here for me," Captain started. "What it is, I can only guess at. But there is something that I have put off telling you also," he confessed before stopping. I waited for him to speak again but didn't think to say anything until he felt too still.
As his fingers moved through my hair, my body tensed at the unexpected movement before relaxing against him again. "I am unsure of how to begin," he said once he realized he had to say something.
"How about at the beginning?" I ventured knowing it was the correct answer but it sounded wrong to me at the same time.
"Hahaha," the Captain laughed making me think that I shouldn't have said anything at all.
"The be
:iconjemgirl:jemgirl 1 5
Summer Seas - Part 18
-= Evan's POV =-
I walked into my cabin wondering where Tracy was and at the same moment knowing he had to be in our cabin. And there he was. Dressed in his nightshirt laying in my bed. He was asleep, but it looked like he was at one point sitting up and waiting for me. One of his books had even slipped from his fingers. I stood over him trying to understand what brought about this situation. Why didn't he hang his hammock and wait there for me? Why wait for me at all? We are on a ship. He could have just found me he wanted to talk about something.
I rubbed one of my eyes as sleep reminded me that it was waiting for me lay down and join it. That only left me with a few fleeting moments to wonder what it was Tracy wanted to talk to me about. But I needed my sleep and to do that I needed my bed and my bed was slightly occupied.
That left me with two courses to undertake. I could hang his hammock and then move him there and whether he wakes or not, we would have his talk in the morning.
:iconjemgirl:jemgirl 0 3
Summer Seas - Part 17
-=Tracy's POV=-
I understood and recognized the act of paying up of a bet, so my body turned back to look at Captian Norton as he still looked at Eli before turning to look at me.
He slept with Eli? Captain Norton slept with a man? With men?
I watched him as he turned his back to me and walked a few paces to place one of the masses between us so I couldn't see him. I think that is what he wanted since that is where he stopped. I looked up at the top of the mass and there was Eli looking at me this time. He didn't look away but almost seemed to dare me to look away first.
"Come on Tracy, let's play a hand," Nathaniel said as he hit me on the shoulder to get my attention. I was bad at playing their kind of card games but I had to move. A staring contest was for children. I allowed them to pull me away before my feet kicked in and I walked on my own to follow them below deck. We made our way to the eating tables and found three other men below already pla
:iconjemgirl:jemgirl 0 2
Summer Seas - Part 16
-=Evan's Pov=-
I somehow managed to not be completely alone with Tracy other than what was required for me to either fall asleep, wake up and get ready for the offloading and taking on of new cargo for the next two days. Only when it was starting to weigh heavy on my mind that I couldn't keep this up, I realized that Tracy was also playing a part in keeping our paths from crossing often if not for too long.
I sat on the deck of my ship the afternoon of our second day in port looking around me as I tried not to look at Tracy as he talked and laughed with Nathaniel, Joseph, and Jacob.
"Has your new penny lost its shine Captain?" Job asked. I pulled my eyes away from Tracy and his little group to look back on shore, or port as the case may be.
"What?" I asked him. I knew what he was talking but I took offense at the question and didn't feel like answering it.
"Tracy," he clarified. "She's done something?" he asked. I looked at one of my men as they walked past us as I tried to suppress a
:iconjemgirl:jemgirl 0 2
Summer Seas - Part 15
As I crouched there trying to trap myself in my mind and ignore the sounds around me and the visual mockery behind me I relaxed for one second as I realized that I had succeeded. I then heard them in my head. I heard Tracy in my head. I heard him reacting to what he was experiencing. I heard my name as it lived on his tongue.
"No. No. Tracy, no," I said as I turned to see what he was reacting too. "It's not me. No, Tracy," I said again as I tried to reach him. To have him understand that he was being deceived. Something I couldn't see wasn't allowing me to get closer to him. I pounded it with my fist, but it changed nothing.
"No, Tracy. It's not me. It's not me."
"Captain. Captain Norton." The words rattled around loudly in my head as my world was shaken. My eyes snapped open and I looked around frantically as my heart pounded wildly in my chest. The quiet was as jarring to my senses as the voices previously were. Then I saw who was holding me. Who was kneeling in my bed.
:iconjemgirl:jemgirl 0 2
Summer Seas - Part 14
I could have sworn that they added at least five new items to what was first agreed on for us to transport, but as I checked my own paperwork, I saw that these 'new' items were indeed listed. I was starting to wonder if I would have space for everything until the last five boxes of tiles were squared away below deck. We then broke for a slightly late lunch prior to pulling out of port before three in the afternoon.
While most of the men either tried to get something else to eat, nap or hung out on deck, I had Nathaniel and Tracy with me as I inspected the hold. We tightened a few robes and moved a few items around, but all in all the hold was packed well. I complemented Nathaniel and Tracy since they had taken charge of how things were to be stacked after we unloaded this morning, before sending them off to do what they wanted.
"Can I have a moment with you Captain Norton?" Tracy asked after Nathaniel left.
"Aye," I answered before leaning back against a protected bail of pink dyed sil
:iconjemgirl:jemgirl 0 2
Summer Seas - Part 13
"Tracy," I said as I took another step back. "Tracy," I called out again to wake him up. In my head, I was waking him up so he could get ready for breakfast and work. But some part of me wanted him to tell me why he was dressed like this. I was also undermining myself by not calling out his name that loudly.
I regained the ground I gave up by stepping closer to his hammock again. I reached out to rock his bed but thought that it would be too jarring and slowly laid a hand on his knee before pulling back quickly as his body heat seemed to burn my palm. But not in a bad way. His warmth moved to my fingers and it felt so good and bad at the same time. I looked up at his face to see if I had managed to wake him up, but he didn't even shift in his sleep. My vision slowly narrowed from his whole face to his lips and in a movement of almost hanging my head in shame for thinking of what could be said by those lips, my eyes landed on his exposed nipple.
I forced myself to swallow as my thoughts
:iconjemgirl:jemgirl 0 2
Summer Seas - Part 12
Just over three weeks after we found Tracy huddled on board we saw the harbor and buildings of Valencia. They were still enjoying their woven silk and ceramic tiles boom about twenty years in now. When I was still getting my sea legs on my first sea voyage, there were no jobs here even though there were stories of trade picking up after their horrendous start to the century three decades earlier. But now it was gloriously flourishing. We were one of three merchant ships that were making our way towards the harbor. I walked up the wheel and took over from Jacob. It left him free to walk around shouting orders to the men to start tying up select sails to reduce our speed so we wouldn't plow into anything as we tried to dock.
Masses were turned so we could ride a lesser wind that we caught in the harbor. Men stood at the rails with ropes at the ready to be tossed over the side so the ship could be secured once we were in place. I shouted a few corrections to the men still standi
:iconjemgirl:jemgirl 0 9


I thought this was Jux before I saw our author's note. You mixed the common, the sworl, with the unique, the gaps, that grow with its o...

This is your most polished looking page to date. It is something to be proud of. I wasn't sure what you meant by color lines. But then ...

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I've commissioned some work for my Together covers.

A fan-fiction series from Inuyasha. The first of the three books is finished, so I have two more to go.

The first book, if you are interested in reading it, is the first of the three couples. Inuyasha and Miroku.

Mature Content

Together - An Inuyasha Erotic Romance by jemgirl

New Cover Up

The next two will be called 'Together Again' and 'Together Always'. In that order. The second story will be centered around Sango and Kouga, with the last one ending all the stories is with Sess and Kagome.

I've found a great artist here and we are working through the covers now. I have the money for the first one, but I need help with the other two.

So any points that you can spare would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you. :hug:

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Jhoy E. Meade
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Wattpad readers rejoice. I've finished Summer Seas. Next week I'll start porting the story over here. A part posted each day. I didn't really write them long enough to call them chapters. Sorry. 

But I don't have many. Just 27. 😅 So one a day for almost a month. I'll be reading them over and making needed corrections before reposting and fixing the version that I have over at Wattpad.

That feels like old times. :) Now I just need to start taking pics and making fractals again. 

One step at a time. 

Later. 👋
Thank you to everyone who seemed to have remembered my birthday more than I did. Thank you all so much. I actually almost missed it this year.

I’m sorry I haven’t been on in a while. I moved on the 1st and my computer is still in parts along with the desk it should be on. But I still have other things to pack away before I even have space to set it up.

If any of you are watching me over at Wattpad, this is the reason why I haven’t finished the story yet. I was so close, but it didn’t work out that way.

Hopefully this year you get to hear and see from me a little more than last year. I found my camera for one. I even charged the battery.

Later. 👋
Hello. :)

I'm not back, back yet. I try to stop in every other day to check out my not notification page. I was even tempted to enter a writing contest on here again. Since I was in a writing mode at the time. But I didn't because I still have 'Summer Seas' to finish. And guess what? I'm actually almost done. :D I have one or two parts left to post now. And if you have read most of what I've posted here on DA, you will see something familiar at the end. I still don't have anything to post here. Maybe I'll come back with the re-reposting of 'Summer Seas' here. But like I said like a year ago, I'm going to give it a few months being only posted over at Wattpad first before I post it anywhere else.  :) 

Oh, my sexy stories are being kicked off Tumblr. Well, kinda. I kinda reposted pics that are for sure against their new band, and I have pics at the start of my stories, so yeah, I could just take those out and stick around. I'll see. But for now I'm porting over my sexy, sexy stories and their pics, to my blogger site. 

Ok, I think that's a good update. :) Later. 
Ok, I just canceled my re-billing for my core membership here on DA. I'm just not here enough to need it. When I come back I'll turn it back on. 

Why am I telling you this? It may make my profile look a little different. Maybe. I'm not sure. But a heads up anyway. :) 
I should be dead for how long it has taken me to get back here. But I'm just stopping in to say hi.

"Hi. :)

I've been away writing smut over on my Tumblr blog. I (re)post other very NSFW things there too. I should be working on my other, longer, stories, but 'Summer Seas' has hit another wall for me and I just feel overwhelmed with what I believe I have to do for 'The Queens' that I haven't even finished my second draft of the first book. And by draft I mean far more sketched out than the first draft that is more of bulletins in a timeline. 

So there is that. I'll work it out. I have to. Also competing for time, in my head, is the next story for 'Together'. That thing at the top of my page. I haven't forgotten about it either. I'm having a cover drawn up now for it. I'm not pushing her to finish since I haven't even written page one yet. I want to do it like I did the first one. Just make it up as I go along, but I do have a direction in mind this time... Farming silkworms. For the first book, I just had 'writes a journal' or 'love letters'. I'm not sure anymore. 

I'm not going to share my Tumblr account address. Not here. It's kinda close by if you want to look for it. :) 

I'll try to make myself post something here this week, if not later today. 

Thanks to everyone that stopped by while I was gone and faved or commented on something I did. Thank you. 


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