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Jem G. Eviter Faces
And finally, I had to finish this rabbit hole of a problem with making the Textbox heads. I hope that I'll be able to use these assets if I ever make an RPGmaker game myself, but for now they're here for future reference. I added more detail to the ears and added the Glare to the glasses. I messed up with the Nervous/Fear sprite's mouth, but I feel it really works, so I left it as is. The emotions from left-to-right, top-to-bottom are Bored/Unimpressed, Happy/Confident, Sad, Angry, Guilty/Disappointed, Curious, Confused and finally Nervous/Afraid.
Jem G. Eviter Title Card
Now that I had the portrait, the next logical step in my rabbit hole of a problem was to commit to the issue and make a Title Card if I were to ever appear in the game. I KNOW I wouldn't ever appear in the game, but I humored the idea and I decided to run with it. I also noticed that I had made my head a bit too big around the ear and had to fix the sprites, Portrait and this image to make it look more natural. I probably also should have made the little text below the title card a bit clearer, but I think it still works.
Jem G. Eviter Portrait
Now that I had the Sprite Sheet, I was thinking, what would the character look like if Drawn. So I did that as well. I cheated on drawing the hand, ultimately taking a picture of my own hand and tracing over it, I also used one of :iconaxlwisp: 's drawings as a base for drawing the head. I probably should have added more shading, but I can't really be bothered to fix this now.
Jem G. Eviter RPG Maker Sprite Sheet
So while testing Axugaem2 for :iconaxlwisp: I started playing around with a sprite sheet in his character style and I went a liiiittle too far with it. But I couldn't bring myself to stop until I had completed the whole thing. I will note that All the only sprites that used a base were the middle-top-left block of 12 sprites, the rest of the sprites I just kinda eyeballed and hoped for the best. I'm really proud of how the Fall Down/Sleeping sprites turned out and I strived to keep my hair consistent facing left and facing right and not just image swap them. The glasses glare was to add a bit of mystery to the character only becoming visible when I needed to convey a specific emotion that I couldn't muster with one of the lenses being glared over.
Couch Girl Sequence
What a weird couch. Oh hey! Food!
Oh wow! It creates food and refills my chips as I eat them, neat!
Oof, getting a little full, but don't want to disappoint couch friend.
Okay. I'm pretty stuffed after that Burger, as soon as I'm done with these chips I'm outta here.
*URP* Maybe, I overdid it a little. But this couch is so comfy, and I'm so heavy. So I think I'll just camp out here for a bit longer.

EVITER work. My third(?) attempt at a sequence. I'll try to find the original two. I'm really bad at resolution, so feel free to make your own ending!


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Justin and a few others.
United States
Current Residence: Alto, Michigan
Favourite genre of music: Rock/Metal, Dance/Dubstep
Favourite style of art: Pencil/Graphite, Freehand, Mouse
Operating System: Windows 10
Wallpaper of choice: Personalized
Personal Quote: "To each his own."
I can't believe I haven't touched this site in over 12 years! Holy crap.
I mean, I've USED the account for checking out my favorite artists, but in terms of's certainly been lacking.
So over the next few days I'm going to be uploading both sides of my art to the website, regardless of my feelings on it, just so that I can have a somewhat permanent home for the art and won't end up being lost to being destroyed, or some other annoying factor.

My art will be split up into two categories: My Eviter work aka Fetish stuff, and my JEM work aka whatever I've felt like doing when I wasn't hiding behind another account. I could make another account, but I feel after TWELVE years of inactivity, there really isn't any reason to keep them separate anymore.

So enjoy art! Or don't...I don't really care! I'm just happy to finally getting around to uploading the bulk of my art after going through 2 computers since 2006 and water damage ruining several of my drawings, I just want to upload them and see what people think. Then I'll probably drop off for another 10 years or use this regularly. I neither care nor worry much about it.

I also updated my website link to the "new" website as doesn't exist anymore, and the comic that was "featured" there was mostly lost during the transition from Computer 1 to Computer 2.
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