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So here I am again after I don't know exactly how many years. But hell, it doesn't matter, I guess. I tried taking a trip with my good old camera and made some photos like I did in the past long gone. You know, just going out without solid plan and roaming aimlessly in the fields, forests, meadows and hills. It's good way to clean up your head.
Long story short, nothing will really change here except one "little" thing. From now on I won't be fucking up my photos like I did in the past by just randomly adjusting their contrast and saturation. Instead, I asked my good friend if she couldn't do something about that. And so first results can already be seen in my gallery. She's also doing the second sorting of my photos since it's completely up to her which of them she will and won't edit.

Aaand that's all I wanted to say. I wish a pleasant stay to those who will by some chance come to my gallery and singing out.
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So, I'm back with a few of new photos from the cottage. And I think that's the only positive thing.
There's nobody to talk, only about 12 people, all are pensioners...
I've read American Gods in two days... Those that knows it know that it's not short book.
Chopping ow wood was one of few things that I could do. I have a nice souvenir on a half of my finger.
I was really lookin' forward to Sunday. And when I was finally at home all my plans suddenly disappear.
It's very nice feeling...
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So, it's 1:13 AM and I'm not sleepin' yet... And I don't know exactly why.
Maybe it's because of holidays... If I mentioned this... I'm absolutely not lookin' forward for the school. For the getting up at 6 AM, learnin' and things like that.
But why I'm talkin' about that?! There're still left 15 days of holidays!
It's a pity, that I must go on cottage today for the whole next week... to Sunday I think.
At least I'll have some new areas for photographing.

So, I say good bye now, 'cause when I get up today I'll have to go.
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