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NPC: Kalypso

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Tiny Star Bullet STATS Tiny Star Bullet 

Arrow left Name: Kalypso Papaya
Arrow left Gender: Female
Arrow left Current Age: 32
Arrow left Birthday: June 10
Arrow left Form: Quadropedal
Arrow left known Upgrades: Accessories/ Stick Feet / Neck Fluff / Butt Fluff / Lion Tail / Fluffy Limbs / Spiked Rabbit Ears / Tiny Horn / Horn Stubs / Teeth / Coloured Sclera / Slit Pupils / Turtle Shell / Freckles / Polka Dot Markings /
Arrow left Quirks: Eccentric, Relates more to Runeboo than Wyngrew, Blunt, Talkative

Tiny Star Bullet EXTRAS Tiny Star Bullet

Arrow leftFriends: Revealed as more NPCs are created. 
Arrow leftEnemies/Rivals: -- 
Arrow leftRelationship: -- 
Arrow leftMagic: None!

Arrow leftAccessories: 
She is almost always lugging around a large blanket and basket fastened to her shell, this allows her to carry around her creatures (and if a wyngling asks nicely, a piggyback ride!)

Tiny Star Bullet PAST Tiny Star Bullet

Kalypso grew up in a ranch village down south, raised on a farm with tons of critters around her. Her family mostly raised cattle and steeds, but she grew to love the small animals and loved to train them to do tricks! When wild Runeboos would wander into the farm, she would always feed and care for them, despite her father’s wishes. She just loved all creatures, big and small.

Wanting everyone to know the beauty and companionship of her tamed and trained Runeboos, Kalypso traveled to the big city of Antova as an adult. She just knew she’d do well getting them into the hands of loving owners there.

Unfortunately she found out the hard way that not all Wyngrew were as caring and loving with these creatures as she was.

She noticed a deterioration in breeding practices with other breeders. How were they able to sell them for so much and not even pay for the proper feed and housing? She had never seen Runeboos with so many health problems and fearful personalities.

As much as she tried to educate the citizens of Antova, they didn’t seem to care. They only wanted Runeboos for status either way. She began to be cautious of who she even gave her babies to.

Years after making close to no profit, she retired to the town of Wynsiph to quit her breeding program and find a new profession.

It was then that she noticed a completely different perspective and how much more caring these citizens were. She also noticed that the wild Runeboos that surrounded her shop seemed to travel with her to Wynsiph and flocked around like it was their new home, curiously leaving runes around the town and confusing the townsfolk who’d not seen many Runeboos before.

With a fresh slate, Kalypso decided to take root in the town and educate them on the responsibilities of owning one as a pet!

Tiny Star Bullet PERSONALITY Tiny Star Bullet

Kalypso can be pretty eccentric, always going on and on until you’re black and blue in the face. She’s spent so much time talking to her Runeboos that she sometimes forgets other Wyngrew can talk back, so the conversation can get a bit one-sided.

But she’s a wonderful caretaker that will give you all the info you need! Always willing to help and goes out of her way to work extra hard at what she does.

Don’t mistreat her pets, though. If she catches you doing something wrong on purpose, she can actually get violent over it. She may not know magic, but her headbutts are deadly when angry.

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AlextrosaurusHobbyist General Artist
Oooh i love her *°* what more can i say?<3
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Ask-Splash-SparkzHobbyist Digital Artist
((I think she may have more than just wild Runeboos surrounding her shop... I'm thinking a pair of penguins may show up soon after getting curious.))
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ah that's so cute!!
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aAA I love their design so much!
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LOL they're Runeboos! >D

Runeboo - Species Guide by Nestly
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Ooh omg they're so cute! Thanks :D
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Omg this is such a cool box
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I ment npc (stupid autocorrect)
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"and if a wyngling asks nicely, a piggyback ride!"

Bloo wants a Piggyback ride XD (She's adorable)
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KitsiclesStudent Digital Artist
""and if a wyngling asks nicely, a piggyback ride!""

Am I the only one imagining her carrying around a bunch of happy, little wynglings the the point where it's really heavy? <xD
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She is soooo cute and pretty QwQ I love her colors~
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