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NPC: Gilligan

By Jemanite
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Tiny Star Bullet STATS Tiny Star Bullet 

Arrow left Name: Gilligan Tiding
Arrow left Gender: Male
Arrow left Current Age: 72
Arrow left Birthday: March 10th
Arrow left Form: Bipedal
Arrow left known Upgrades: Brow Changer | Arm Wings | Colored Sclera | No Ears | Sleek Tail | Feathered Tail Tip | Pure Claws | Dapple Markings | Unusual Shaped Pupil | Pointy Horns | Bird Beak | Raptor Toes | Fish Scales | Feather Tufts | Teeth | Small Back Spikes |
Arrow left Quirks: The town kook, stubborn, clown, talktative, always off doing his own thing, blasé attitude towards most things

Tiny Star Bullet EXTRAS Tiny Star Bullet

Arrow leftFriends: Revealed as more NPCs are created. 
Arrow leftEnemies/Rivals: -- 
Arrow leftRelationship: -- 
Arrow leftMagic: Specializes in water magic and getting up at ungodly hours of the morning to go fishing. Also very good with flight magic, though it's probably been decades since anyone's ever seen him up in the air.

Wyngro Water Element Pixel by Wyngrew Water |
 Level: Advanced
Wyngro Wind Pixel Element by Wyngrew  Wind | Level: Advanced
Wyngro Ice Pixel Element by Wyngrew 
Ice | Level: Intermediate

Arrow leftAccessories: 
Usually has some kind of fishing rod or apparatus at hand, the odour of fish-bait and salt tends to cling to his feathers and scales.

Tiny Star Bullet PAST Tiny Star Bullet
Gill comes from a long line of sea-faring Wyngro. However any family and relatives are away travelling at sea and he now lives alone. He spends most of his days catching dinner in the local water sources. There is a rumour amongst the local Wyngro that he's gone a bit stir-crazy from the separation, many are intimidated by him and tend to keep their distance nowadays.

Tiny Star Bullet PERSONALITY Tiny Star Bullet
He appears rather surly at first, that's until you stop and let him talk for a few minutes. He's your walking encyclopaedia for anything fish or fishing related, he can also give you a good run-down on the boats of the docks. Want to learn anything about the water? He'll help you, but you had better set the day aside because it won't a quick lesson, as every few minutes he'll be sidetracked by the tale of some vague adventure. Actually finding him is a tricky task, his ability to walk on water means he can get to some rather strange and questionable fishing spots with ease. Despite his age he still gets around quite easily, his health seems in check, though his neck tends to crick and he's almost always hacking and coughing. Fishing is really all he tends to do nowadays, but he doesn't seem to mind.
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nightmarelillyStudent Writer
This reminds me of a raptor! I love it! Also, Magi wants to be a fisher herself! Maybe she can learn from this 'handsome' wyngro?
pastel-draqon's avatar
pastel-draqonHobbyist General Artist
It's actually amazing how with the right upgrades, Wyngrew can suddenly look nothing like their own species.
Jemanite's avatar
Its honestly the best part of this species
Bunnochi's avatar
BunnochiHobbyist Digital Artist
i love this dude O3O i want to poke him
NeoChaoticProxy's avatar
I love him, he looks like an Archeopteryx!
Jemanite's avatar
Thankyou! I was thinking of those when designing him xD
echostaronyx's avatar
echostaronyxHobbyist General Artist
Neat character!  Lots of personality, good backstory, great colors  :)
Jemanite's avatar
Ascynd's avatar
AscyndHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh wow this guy is epic! This is pretty much exactly how I imagined those birdlike upgrades should be used. =D
Jemanite's avatar
Thankyou! Haha we thought you might like this guy x'D
Is this the sort of direction you a considering with Djehuti? (But less old ha)
Ascynd's avatar
AscyndHobbyist Digital Artist
Sort of, yep!
Nestly's avatar
NestlyHobbyist Digital Artist

He's so cool. You did SUCH a good job on him Jemmy! <3
I gotta try my hand at drawing him soon. >D
And I love that he can walk on water! I can see some hilarious comic shenanigans later on with him in the background, haha.
Jemanite's avatar
YEE THANKYOU! (just now cleaning out my comments l'D) 
He's gonna be so much fun to sneak into comics ha
Alextrosaurus's avatar
AlextrosaurusHobbyist General Artist
Omg i love him hes such an oldass bird grandpa ;0;

Lana has found a role model
Jemanite's avatar
He the town kook >D
If Lana wants fishing lessons they know where to go ha
n-a-t-t-e's avatar
n-a-t-t-eStudent General Artist
Oh my goodness, I love this NPC way too much! :'D
The colors just fit perfectly, gahh and I haven't really seen many bird like wyngro yet, so this looks great!
Amazing work on this!
Jemanite's avatar
Ahh thankyou! 8'D
Yeah haha I was unsure about using the beak at first but it fits quite well!
n-a-t-t-e's avatar
n-a-t-t-eStudent General Artist
You're very welcome! c:
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