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Heart You get some basic shading in there too and the layer for colouring is already locked for you to use owo
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PSD file: Download it for free on the side there

- You can move the tag but please do not remove it from the picture
- Link back to this base in the description
- You may use it to sell :points: and $ designs
- You may edit/change as much as you like
- Do not reupload the blank base anywhere
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hey, could i get a transparent png file? I use medibang paint, and that doesnt support sai or psd files.

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Used! I love your base!
Flower Themed Canine Adopts (OPEN) by CookieAndCreamAdopts
Hi !
I have a website where you can play with virtual pets, can I use your line for it ?
Of course I'll write your DA profil in the description :) (Smile)
Is it okay for you? 
Thank you :) (Smile)
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Do you haooen to have a png version?
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Very nice! may i suggest doing it transparent, png, file? For those that can't access these types of files
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If you download the PSD file it should be able to open transparently in photoshop, paint tool sai and Clip studio paint if you use any of those programs! Probably others too, but I don't have experience with them.
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I don't have the storage on my laptop to get Photoshop, and I use medibang and I'm pretty sure it isn't as convenient as the programs you listed
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You should be able to open PSD files just fine in Medibang 👍
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I'll try it to see how it goes
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Used! Needed some cash so I did up this little guy ;0
Look At This Boy | AUCTION by sodadoqq  
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<3 these lines! May I use on other sites (Furry-Paws in particular) if I provide credit?  
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Yes of course! As long as there's credit
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I accidentally removed the tag but I credited you (Here, on toyhouse:… I credited you both in the description and in the artist section!!) but oh my gosh this is the best base/lineart I've used,, And your other bases too are anazing as well aaa!! 
Uhhhh by Ryamyn  
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Hey black heart [version 1] Can someone who has SAI note me a transparent version~?
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There is a sai file in the desc you can download, it will be transparent
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I don't have SAI though. he program I use does not open SAI files : P 
I just want someone who has it to send me the transparent version, since I can't get it myself.
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Does the program you use open PSD files? Bc you can download that too
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!!! It does, sorry, I didn't see that,, 
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This was very usefull, thanks!
Have i strayed too far? by NiftyNoibeat
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What brush/brush settings did you use here?
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The default brush settings in paint tool sai
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