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June 15, 2021
Bear Spirit - Alaska Collection by jemajema
Featured by AlexanderPaupoff
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Bear Spirit - Alaska Collection


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The third in a series of alaska inspired artworks, this is the bear spirit! also much inspired by disney's brave :-)
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© 2021 jemajema
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Holy smoly such a beautiful image!

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this is too gorgeous.. the color is so vibrant but still full of dreamy and magical feeling. Great ^^

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i love it. its fantastic

This gorgeous

TheOneWithBear's avatar

That bear really caught my eyes. Such a great painting! Congrats on DD.

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DAY 8: Since I've dyed my hair red, the bears have yet to recognize me as Goldie Locks.

caesar213's avatar

You did an amazing job on this

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Awesome! I always thought that Brave was an underrated movie. Gorgeous work! Merida looks so beautiful in your style! ;)

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Beautiful work of art, thanks for sharing!

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I was wondering if it might be inspired by Brave, which I loved. Wonderful piece! Congrats on the DD!

Jeremy-The-Guy's avatar

Thanks for doing such great work for an underappreciated Pixar movie 😊

C1nderellaMan's avatar

Congrats Jemaica on your well deserved DD!! :hug:

ResistReality's avatar

why do they call you c.nderella man are you into l3wding Disney Princesses too?

C1nderellaMan's avatar

Hey RR, "Cinderellaman" is actually a song from the Canadian band Rush. The moniker was taken from that. It is a song about a man who became very wealthy but resisted the temptation to become vain. He gave away his riches to help the unfortunate.

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