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Vista 2.2- The only one

By jemaho
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A skin for Milork
A skin for Jordygreen
A skin for Olegmontana


See the readme files included to know what's happening and be astonished with it, you'll never get more Vista then this.
Thanks, Jemaho, 2006
© 2006 - 2020 jemaho
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How do I get this on to my computer?
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Check This Out, This Is The Extracted Version Of The Diamond Skin In Windowblinds 6, But I Made It Work On Windowblinds 5 And I Modified It A Bit.
Need Comments!
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OOooops sorry -- > [link]
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Hi every body :D ... i cant believe i found such a great site :D .... id like to thank everybody for such wonderful community [link]

As i passed by this Fantastic and Amazingly perfected theme which i thank Jemaho for :D
and after figuring everything out by myself in the world of themes and stuff (windows blinds , styler 1.38 ...... ) i (thank God applied everything correctly ) except i had these little 3 problems :( for a newbie and an idiot like me .... which (i wish for help and any kind of help would be extremely appreciated )as demonstrated following :


As u see , i have my task bar (down) is white ??? dunno why may be i did sumthing wrong ? ...

And u can see my start menu is not black also and transparent as shown on the theme preview ( extreme apologizes if this is my fault :(... but im really a newbie )

And finally the tool bar i applied in styler is perfect but i duno why its mixed up with the default toolbar :( ...

THANKS IN ADVANCE FOR ANY HELP .... and i really like this community :D....
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nice..not ur styler...fulll...or trial...can u give me the full?....thx alot! =D
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is it compatible with XP 64 bit? ^_^
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Sorestgore, that's the same error I get when I try to open it with WindowBlinds (see the post I made above this for more)
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These theme looks amazing!
I can't figure out how to use it since it's a .rar file. I know how when it's a zip or I can automatically open it with WindowBlinds.

Originally I saved it, then told Windows to open it with WindowBlinds but it said that there wasn't a skin in the file.

Can some one please tell me what to do?
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lets chek ths out !!!
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problem, and sorry if i sound like a total noob, although i'm definetly not one, as i've been using WB for 4-5 years now, when i attempt to use this in windowblinds i get this: "there appears to be no .uis file in this skin..."

what's goin on?
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I've downloaded several versions of Jemaho's Vista 2.2, 2.3, 2.4 and they don't look like the one pictured at Deviant. I am using Windowblinds 5 so I'm hoping that it supports the transparency.

1. The borders are not transparent, like that of Arrow by Mike.
2. The minimize/maximize/close buttons are not together and do not glow like Arrow by Mike.
3. It doesn't have the Vista style search feature like the one pictured.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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yeah...hmmm I cant download it...neither of the links work....They dont do anything for me...Please..Please help me...!!
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holy crapola! this is the best vista skin i've seen ever:)
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Question. In the screenshot, the window frame is translucent while the Start Menu and taskbar are not. But on my system, it's the other way around, AND the Start Menu/Taskbar appear to have the blur-everything-behind-them effect (which the window frame doesn't in the screenshot). So, what happened? And how do I get it the way yours is?

Oh, and my titlebar/clock lettering is bigger than you showed, even though nothing else is; are they supposed to use a font I don't have?
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Sorry to say that but all that has to be translucent is on the screenie, might be the wallpaper playing.
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wot is it for..will it work on win blinds ? and can u sedn me the file cos my pc cant stand rar file pweeeess!!"
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Windowblinds 5
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Excellent work, the file transfer animation is truly mesmerising!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Looking forward to 2.3, hopefully you redo the userpic as it looks a bit dark to me ;)
Anyways, i can edit it myself so no worries, it would be a good idea to include a psd for people who dont know how to change the userpic ;)
Great work
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