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Jemaho's New VS: Luxurious

Update to version 1.1 on January 30, 2005
See preview for change log.
Thanks to Calming for making me think of this startmenu...

Here we go again, a new visual style for you guys and girls,
Called Luxurious, don't ask me why.
Comes with 2 substyles: Luxurious, normal taskbar and Luxury, Glassbar™ taskbar.
And also an Y'z Toolbar Theme.
Be kind to leave comments as you always do.

This work is copyrighted. I don't allow any use of any part of this VS for another one, be creative, don't rip other people's work...

P&C 2005. NovaCasaJazz Inc. All rights reserved.
© 2005 - 2021 jemaho
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thanks,but how to use this on vista,
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you do a great job it
I dont think it is for windows blinds but can you make one for wb5 this one I love.
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Hi I was just wondering how do I go about Installing this theme, do I need a program like "Windowblinds" or something similar?????????????
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great VS!!!

more! more! more!
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Excellent work my friend.

I dont have tasks underneath the longhorn style toolbar. Is it just me?
DragonXP's avatar
Visual excuse Styles is the same program that Syle XP? ;P
mykel--'s avatar
looks promising, *downloads*
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Fantastic VS !

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This is beautiful. Has your good self or anyone ported this to windowblinds? Look forward to seeing more of your stuff. [Clicks deviantwatch] Googleplex :blackice:
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nice idea (the glass bar) and looks nice too but i really hate the cheap work around... i could do it and all (and could have without the instructions) but somehow, cheating transparency seems kinda... dunno... wrong i guess... i mean i can never stick with one wall either
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To everyone his opinion, we are in a free world, but I don't call that cheating at all, in fact it hurts me to read that, anyway if you could have done it, why haven't you?
The whole idea is not just a taskbar but a complete visual style, and btw, a lot of people are very happy to have this glassbar...
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hey, i wasn't insulting you, i was saying its not right for me, thats all. if people like it then thats great. like i said, i change my wall a lot and its just a lot of hassle, thats all. dont take this like i was trying to say it was lame, if you want a transparent effect then this is how it's gotta be done.
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Great Update there mate , thanks and downloading ..... :headbang:
trestrepo's avatar
Very nice, overall, jemaho.

Some things that could be improved, though:
- The way disabled buttons disappear.. that one threw me off at first :)
- Some disabled controls (like spin controls) look rather bad
- Everything that uses "regular" styles (i.e. that does not support themes) looks rather crappy because lines are way too bold (try using the MMC console, for example... hell, even the Alt+tab application list looks really bad).

Other than that, love the start menu, and the way windows look.
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so nice goood job aime
wow thats probably teh best theme i've seen

1 thing though, is there a way to get the information stuff (like where it displays create new tasks, etc) on the side instead of at the top?

anyways, awesome skin :)
Great work... one of the best I've seen for a long time :D
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Gorgeous vs. You just keep makin' em sweeter and sweeter. This rocks! :headbang:
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Excellent job.... Hey jemaho how about making one w/ the start menu showing the background just like the task bar does. ;) Give it a try
dkdance's avatar
Looks awesome !
Great VS
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Holy shit, this is nice. I loved your DWM, but this is even better :D The only thing that I still quite don't like, are the minimize/maximize/close buttons in the topright corner of the window, I think they're a bit too jaggy or just too plain and simple compared to the rest of the theme, which is so smooth and clear. Again, great job on this, I'm looking forward to more of your releases. :)
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Window frame is all or nothing when it comes to transparency. You can't have semi-transparency.
I love your GlassTaskbar, but what 'bout windowframe. i have seen some screenshot longhorn or not, will you release???
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