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HilledSE v1.1 for Win Vista

By jemaho
The skinning testing continues:

- new shellstyle template (changing one or top one) thanks to Michaël a.k.a Lost Soul for having found the way fo the changing one.
- new scrollbars
- new Glass Borders
- new buttons
- new checkboxes
- ...

Thanks to Lost Soul and Karl for some help on tricky parts.

Dedicated to the memory on Benjamin Aaron Lucas (Utakz- 1987-2007)

All work copyright to Nova Casa Jazz, 2006-2007
© 2007 - 2021 jemaho
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wow, so amazing!
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Yesssss, ive got it.
Thanks a lot.
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sweet, thx so much:headbang:
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how do you get he back and forward buttons like that?
Hi, very good gallery ;)
trey icons like vista..for xp..
This is really nice, keep it up :P

Very nice work. Any change of a thinner taskbar?
Very nice work... Just wondering: any change of a thinner taskbar?
Please help me install this, i cant get it to work, I did everything It writes in instructions but i just cant get this beauty to work on my Vista Home Premium 6000
This looks amazing. Great work!
Hi Does anyone know where I can find that aquamatrix wallpaper?

Help me!

Thanks in advanced
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I'm just dying to get my hands on that wallpaper... care to share?

Lovely VS! =)
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Thanx Jemaho,

Do reply me using PM or my mail.

I'm waiting for ur response.
I got everything to work but now my Internet Explorer won't run. Any ideas?
I'm having huge problems. I renamed and replace dall files EXCEPT shell32.dll. I renamed it as you said, but now I cannot place the new shell32.dll into system32. I cannot rename the old file back to shell32.dll either. If I logout or restart windows my start menu will disappear. Any ideas on how to get this file to copy? I did a system restore point before this in case this happened, but I really would like to use your theme. Thanks!
Please help!


^Why isn't that like the one in your screenshot?

I changed it yesterday, for the thing to be on the bottom (default) instead of on top, but why isn't as cool looking as yours?
Mine doesn't look right, I don't have different color's, and the bar where you can access the different things (aka, burn, change views) is completeley white/grey backround.

Also, can you please include a version with a start orb?

Thanks in advanced,

congratulations man
i live what u´d done !!!
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