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el titulo de la peli en españa es "tiburon" asique directamente he puesto "human" XD
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White Pointer

Here's one you might like.

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This might have not even been your intention, but all I can think, when looking at this, is:

Mankind is the actual predator here.

Excellent work btw. :clap:

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I’ve would’ve gone with MAN.
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Better watch out great whites, where coming for you!
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this man shall avenge all of jaws victims :3
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Role reversal at its craziest!
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É uma realidade que estamos enfrentando. 

Pobres tubarões, eles matam o que? 3 a 5 mortes por ano? 

E os homens matam milhares de tubarões por ano. 

Daí vem a pergunta, quem é o monstro? 
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Jajaja esta bien genial
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The tables have turned!
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reminds me of attack on titan
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Same here, glad I'm not the only one who thinks so ^^
(their faces are creepy)
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yup.. exactly .-. ...
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Change it to Titan! O^O 
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Must have something to do with shark fin soup?
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Human made me afraid of the land ;_; 
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Looks similar to Attack on Titan :) I like it!
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Reminds me of a mix between the music video for King Rat by Modest Mouse and Attack of Titian  
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