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Hi there. This is adapted from Market Prices - Bloomberg by Mordasius, located at…
- A great rainmeter skin. I've changed it a little so it can have an arbitrary number of stocks or indices or currencies etc. All prices come from Google Finance.

I used to use a little Windows application called 'Desktop Sidebar' - and it had a great 'stocks' plugin. I really enjoyed that, and it worked well even after the software had been discontinued, until Yahoo killed off it's API, annoyingly. So after hunting down something to replace it, I adapted Mordasius' work to suit my needs.

Hope this helps people out there who want a desktop watch-list.

When you change the list of stocks, you'll have to refresh twice - annoying, but it's just the way I've coded it. I'll probably have to rewrite it at a later date to get it to refresh properly upon changing the list.

2 variants: 1 wide version, and 1 narrow. Right click on either one to edit the stocks list. Middle click to refresh.

Please comment! Thanks.


Version 1.02
- have fixed the links so when you click on a stock, it'll load the selected stock in Google Finance in your default browser. About time I got around to doing that... *sigh*
(The screenshot is slightly outdated now, but close enough. I'll update it another time.)

Version 1.03 - Ok have it kinda working, albeit not perfectly at all, since Google has changed their Finance website.

At least it's showing something (for now). Try it out... I'll try and iron out the kinks in an update soon.

Version 1.04 - Ok, it's a bit better now, however currencies still aren't working. Not quite sure how to fix that yet - I'll work on it another time.
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Excellent ❤ ❤!