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Stocks 1.04

Hi there. This is adapted from Market Prices - Bloomberg by Mordasius, located at…
- A great rainmeter skin. I've changed it a little so it can have an arbitrary number of stocks or indices or currencies etc. All prices come from Google Finance.

I used to use a little Windows application called 'Desktop Sidebar' - and it had a great 'stocks' plugin. I really enjoyed that, and it worked well even after the software had been discontinued, until Yahoo killed off it's API, annoyingly. So after hunting down something to replace it, I adapted Mordasius' work to suit my needs.

Hope this helps people out there who want a desktop watch-list.

When you change the list of stocks, you'll have to refresh twice - annoying, but it's just the way I've coded it. I'll probably have to rewrite it at a later date to get it to refresh properly upon changing the list.

2 variants: 1 wide version, and 1 narrow. Right click on either one to edit the stocks list. Middle click to refresh.

Please comment! Thanks.


Version 1.02
- have fixed the links so when you click on a stock, it'll load the selected stock in Google Finance in your default browser. About time I got around to doing that... *sigh*
(The screenshot is slightly outdated now, but close enough. I'll update it another time.)

Version 1.03 - Ok have it kinda working, albeit not perfectly at all, since Google has changed their Finance website.

At least it's showing something (for now). Try it out... I'll try and iron out the kinks in an update soon.

Version 1.04 - Ok, it's a bit better now, however currencies still aren't working. Not quite sure how to fix that yet - I'll work on it another time.
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Hi everyone. I'm using the "Markets" section of this skin now - it seems to work better than anything else I've found thus far.

Gadgets Additions 4.2.0
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I hope someone is able to fix it. I have been looking and have not been able to find a replacement and I really liked it.
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Im confirming that it is broken. I tried commenting out lines 174-179 (and other subsets of that). Unless someone takes time, it likely stays broken. Its hard to say where the break is without de-bugging. 
Broken! Any chance of a fix?  btw Mordasius uses CNBC for prices but limits display to 8 stocks. 
Jelryn, I think (someone correct me if they know differently) that the retrieval of data from Google is broken.  Seems that something changed on May 24th...since then data retrieval/display not working with Stocks v1.04.

The skin doesn't seem to be updating (at least not on any sort of useful schedule).   Update is set at 1000 (1 sec) and then there is UpdateDivider =6, which as far as I understand should make the skin update every 6 seconds.  I can wait hours and still not get an update unless I manually refresh the skin.  There seem to be some additional refresh settings in the "stocks.lua" file which may be effected the refresh interval.

What was your intended refresh interval, and how can I adjust to every 15 or 30 minutes?


Nice skin.  Is there any easy way to turn off the info pop-ups that appear when you mouse over individual stocks?  My mouse is constantly rolling over the skin and I would like to turn off the pop-ups form time to time.  I assume it is in the "Stocks.lua" file, but not sure the easiest way to edit out the pop-ups.

Hi Steve.
Yes, it's in Stocks.lua. If you comment out the lines from 174 to 179 inclusive (prefix each line with '--' using notepad or notepad++ or something similar) and save it, it should work.

e.g. start from here:
--     f:write('ToolTipType=1\n')
(continue prefixing each line with --)
--     f:write('LeftMouseUpAction=["…\n')
and finish on that line.
Let me know how you go.

I'm a bit busy at the moment but would like to do more work on this skin sometime... might be awhile tho :-(
I suggest to leave line 178, otherwise the stock name would not appear. Thanks :)
Great, thanks Jelreyn.
Thanks Jelreyn.  I also realized I could have the skin "Click through" which disables the pop-ups.
Hmmm. I've been hearing good things about AlphaVantage's API... might try switching over to that instead, if I can work out how to... heh.
Jelryn, still using your Rainmeter skin with so much happiness in it's performance.  Lately (last 3-4 days) it's starting to display blank after a refresh?  If I unload skin and reload it loads and displays fine but on next scheduled refreh it goes blank.  Any ideas on what might be causing?  Running Windows 10 (full patched).
Ok the problem is that Google has changed their Finance section. I've got it working again, albeit not perfectly, however if the list of stocks is too long, it seems to lock me out for updates etc... I'm going to try and introduce a delay between retrieving each price, so that Google doesn't freak out, so to speak...

I'll get back to this soon.

Thanks for your patience.
Downloading now.  Thanks for keeping at it Jelryn.

Update: After downloading and installing I copied over my old stocks.txt file to find I needed to modify the quote source (i.e. from NADAQ to NYSE, etc).  Wasn't too hard to do once I was able to click on a row and see the Google page source.  I am pulling 29 quotes at a time but not sure if I am seeing a problem with refresh, you mention Google may freak...

What does the Update=1000 do in Stocks.ini file?  I assumed that is refresh cycle time, maybe not based on your comment.

Great work, very much appreciated.

Though I've released a new version, I most likely haven't fixed that problem yet. As I said, I'll have to check it out when I have a bit more time. Thanks.
Thanks for letting me know. I'll check it out tomorrow or the day after, when I get a chance. I'm using it daily on my desktop, but I'm away from home for the weekend.
Fantastic work Jelryn!  Call out to Mordasius whose skin I used for a long set the bar high for useful RM skins.
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