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Well then, apparently Deviantart wants me to write a journal entry... where should i start. Oh, maybe not anywhere because why am i doing this XD. 
As of 2016 April 2, I am 13 (yea, and look at the stuff I draw).
Birthday: October 4
    Well then, time to start. I think when i started drawing was about when it was the summer of 2015. I was in chine (yes I am Asian which makes me more of a sterotypical furry artist and yes I am a furry and no I will never wear a fursuit XD). In china, I was bored so I look around (too much) on the internet and saw people drawing crap. The first influence of my first every drawing of furry was probably an artist named BGN, or blueguy(goat)now. I got pretty into drawing furry things from then on. Nobody really knew about it until I got tumblr and posted stuff there and a person from my school found me and spread through the school. I always like sculpting, a huge influence from my sister. Another main influence to the way I draw was another artist named Jung.E who actually came p with Kuan. He was a really big impact on how i could sketch the body of a human, the structure and shape just became easy for me to draw. 
    Well theres 10 mins of my life gone, here it is. Some bio of me about the way I developed my drawing skills XD. its 1:05 am right now omg.