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A Tribute


This artwork is direct tribute to artist I like:


McLelun is responsible for me attempting to draw landscape/enviroment art. When I first discovered him, I wasn't able to draw anything that resembled decent landscape, but after studying how he does things, I came to a conclusion that I should definetly think outside of the box and try something new.

It's inspired by one of his artworks he did a while back.

Original piece here:
Evening Tower

I have taken liberties with this one. It's not exactly the same tower, nor represents any real tower, but it is based on KL Tower in Kuala Lumpur much like the art this pays tribute to. I did not modify McLelun's original piece. It's done entirely from scratch.

Used reference of a 3D model from TurboSquid to get a grasp of how it needs to be drawn:…

Huge Thanks to it's author!

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This is really good! Keep it up.

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Fajna wieża. Skojarzyła mi się z filmami science fiction ;) (Wink) 
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Ta wieża mi się podoba
roxidraw's avatar
☺️ wyszła ci naprawdę super
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Tobie też ostatnio ładne rysunki wychodzą.
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Dziękuję Twoje rady mi dużo pomagają ☺️
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That looks amazing! :heart:
I love the colors and you did a great job with the towers details!
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Wow. Both pieces are gorgeous and the colors are beautiful.
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great job! i love it
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Very nice Cool Wink Blue Heart Icon Applaud fella (Reactions) 
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McLelun is amazing! And so is this!
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Lovely scenery! Amazing work :clap:
I ended up here because somehow the tower looks very familiar :D
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<3 It's a present to bros and sisters from Malaysia as well. I want to go there one day and see that tower for myself.
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Very McLelun-like style, great job =)
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