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Coming here to see my maybe 10 new favs, I ran into no less than 265 new messages.

That feeling was familiar. I was not disappointed.

Thanks a lot for giving me a daily deviation ! I spent 3 or 4 years around here, thinking DDs were that impossible goal I would never reach. And then I get two in one year. That is a surprise!

Thanks a lot, and thanks to you all that cheer me up!

It's been almost exactly a year since last time I talked about the font gallery. Since then, I sadly stopped reporting deviations that were not mine, mainly because it takes too much time.

At least, with the new report system, when your own work is stolen action is taken very fast :)

But I decided to couple my reports with cease and desist letters to the deviant. Having deviations removed don't seem to bother the thieves, but I think receiving such a letter, followed by the deletion of the work in the next 2-3 days might be scary enough for them to stop. Or even (Am i dreaming?) for them to pass the word. Why not.

If it was not in my confidence that deviantart will delete reposts of my fonts, I would actually be interested in pressing charges against the worst ones. But I probably won't need to do that.

Something I found funny: The font category is so full of stolen font, that when you tell them they don't have the right to post them, or even when you send them a cease and desist letter, they reply to you that it's okay because everyone is doing it. Wtf. Some also told me it was okay because they gave credit. To dafont.

Anyway. I guess it's right for me to rant about it once a year.


Just logged  in and wtf 103 new messages ? Maybe my new font is being featured somewhere ?

But no, Saint-Andrew's Queen has a Daily Deviation, thanks to you all, and especially to znow-white :heart:

Quite a cool ans unexpected Christmas gift, makes me really happy :aww:…

If you're into font just a little bit, you probably already know KeepWaiting . He just made a wonderful news article about how the font category is being spammed by hundreds of stolen works.

I talked about that in my previous journal already, but almost nothing has changed since last time I posted that journal. Please go read and fav this article, we need it to be seen by as many people as possible, so that things can be changed.

He's describing the situation very well, please go! :D
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Yesterday, I passed 2-3 hours to report (more than?) half of what can be seen in DA's font category.
If you want to understand, just go there:…

I reported 16 out of the 24 thumbs we see. And those only are the ones I could recognize, ones I was certain to find on dafont or google. As you can see, the font Ghost town is there three times. And none of them is done by the original author, dirt2 (keepwaiting here on DA):…;

What's even worst, is that I contacted one of the font-posters, asking her to remove the fonts she posted because she didn't do it. And she answered that she does that so that it's easier for people to find them and it's okay to post them because she doesn't say she did them.... Well. well. well. I heard of some cases like that on DA (today page lurker inside) but lol, I'd never think it'd be this much frustrating to see someone being <>that wrong</i>. Didn't try to convince her though, demands too much energy for what it gives. Font cat is almost dead anyway.

It's not the first time I do a font cat reporting raid, and they all get removed at some point so it's okay. But still, yesterday's was a huge one, that's why I felt like journal it xD
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Kind of weird, but I'd like to compare :D
So, I want you to classify your whole itunes library by how many times you listened to a song, take a screenshot and post it here :D

Why ?
I just want to compare, I'm curious
(and bored xD)
(and I somewhat had to get rid of my other journal xD)

In case one would be interest, mine is here:…
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Lol ! I'm surfing all over the internet, searching for good April Fools Day jokes !

For now, my favourite ones are definitively:

-DA's ones
.........] The new beta-symbol
.........] The aluminum hat :D
-Youtube one
.........] Just... Start watching a video... No matters which one... one
.........] All members are moderators, admins are newsers and things like that xD

If you're having something great to show me, I'd like to know ! :D
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Following text is from:…
:icondangerplz: Warning!
If you receive a comment saying "Hey. I think i saw your picture on this website/blog here CLICK HERE" or:
"Hey. check out this funny blog!! LOL CLICK HERE", don't click on the link
DO NOT click on the link. It will take you to a fake dA login page which will steal your login details if entered.

If you recieve a comment like this, MARK IT AS SPAM using the Mark as spam button on the comment. This will alert moderators to it and will also hide the comment it so others won't be caught out.

:star: if you accidentally clicked on it, make sure you change your password ASAP, and Mark the comment as spam! It would be wise to scan your computer for any viruses as well.

Pass on the message if you can.

:iconcathy-halo: was caught into this, she was really nice, and since we only were kind of friends on DA, I don't know how to get to her anymore, so I thought I would help to spread the word before it happens to any of you, would be a friend of mine, a watcher, or just a passer by.
EDIT: She's okay now. I thought the bot would change her pword, but she was still able to connect, so che changed it and everything is alright ^^

And an advice I could tell to you, if you fail at spotting phishing website (I went to this one, just to take a look, entered fake username and pword, and the process really makes you think you just logged on DA. It redirects you the the real DA page, and since you've never been disconnected, your name is written on top as usual. ) , so what was I... Oh yeah, if you fail at this, and always click on the links, you should download Firefox.

Don't laugh, I'm not trolling, but I went «visit» the fake page, And when you're in firefox, every click you make that lead to a phishing site is blocked and it tells you to run away from there. (and in very small in the corner, we have the button 'ignore this' )

Most of the times, when FF tells me that, I know it, I'm going because I'm curious, but it once saved my life (or should I say, all the money I've ever saved), by stopping me going on a fake paypal login page... which is a little more dangerous than a fake DA log in xD

But now I wonder if it could possibly have taken some infos about me via the real deviantart cookie... (not his one :cookie: , but the one that keeps you online when you close your browser ? I don't think it's possible, but I'm still wondering...
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Hello !

I'm kinda bored these days... I overlistened tsubasa chronicle's soundtrack and now, I need something else :P
So... passers by and watchers, please leave a comment and tell me what are your three favourite songs ! I promise I'll find them all and listen to all ! :D

If someone is curious, I'll tell you mine:
The Escapist - Nightwish
Train de vie - Mes aieux
White pearl, black ocean - Sonata Arctica

I want to know yours ! :D
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Took me ages to be able to write a news on my own website to make my English looking not so bad, so what you see below if almost a copy of tt well, the content is what is important, right ? xD

All the fonts I've ever made were free for personal use only. But throughout the years, people kept asking me to use them on t-shirts, album covers, postal card and many other things they were going to sell.

Before today, I always replied «no», to these request. I set exaggerate prices to have some rest on my mailbox.

But now, I decided, for a commercial use, that one would only have to make a donation through paypal !

You just have to click on the button on the top of this page (the one in the flashy blue square) and you will be on paypal's site, where you will be able to make the donation, through their super-secure system. You must be aware that, to do this, you don't need a paypal account. So, if you don't know what paypal is, you can click the button and use your credit card or your bank account.

For the paypal accounts owners who would like to send the money themselves, my account is . But the donate link works very well

Let's precise two last things before I leave... First, it's one donation per font you wanna use. Secondly, if you were aware of the precedent prices, don't think I'm some bitch who sold her fonts to some poor people that if they would have waited some weeks more they wouldn't have to pay that high; I just never sold anything under the last policy

So... That's all for today ! If you're having any doubt or question, feel free to mail me, as usual, at

So... that's it. Now, I allow commercial uses of my fonts, if you make a donation !

So... Why ? why that sudden change of mind ? Well... In June, the school told us that we could go in France next year ! So I immediately registered..... But now I've got to find some way to pay this ! At the end of July I'll have my first payment to do... which is 509$, and it will be 400$/month until march 2009...
And while it's not money I do have (I can handle the first payment with what left of my economies, and I think I will have work enough this summer with my actual job to handle August's and September's bill), but in winter I don't work much, so I had to find something.

Sure I don't expect earn money enough with that way, but I had to begin somewhere !


P.S.: I love DA v6 ^^

EDIT: test: I love stamps by Jellyka
EDIT2: Crap... v6 doesn't allow us to use stamps... :(
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Evolution is finished ! I can't believe !

I worked on that for months... it's crazy how fast it seems to pass...

I just want you to see, to take a look to that project that almost controlled my life !

The project:…

And.. that's all, I just needed to say it to the world ! :D

Thanks for 1000 pageviews !

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 24, 2008, 10:42 AM
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I love all single Deviant Artists in here, let's have a big hug together !! :hug:

I'm soooo happy !

And before you leave, remember this: I love you !! :love:

I'm a subcriber !

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 16, 2008, 1:37 PM
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Thanks so much to :iconrahll: ! :hug:

On that journal post, he said he'd give a sub to anyone who'd guess the answer of one of his questions... And I got the right answer for one of them !!
first, I went into my messages box and said to myself: « Eh ! so cool ! They changed the message center ! I really love it, it's really useful... » and then I read Rahll's reply to my post and I had some sort of scream... Well, Everybody in the house was like « Eh !? what's happening ?! » And well, nobody understood what was a deviantart subscription so I shared my joy with my msn contacts xD

And now... I'm so exited, I wanted a sub for so long but didn't really know if it worthed...

It seems like I have one month to test ! ^^

First thing to do: The css ! I always loved all those beautiful journals with all those beautiful header and all those beautiful footers and all those beautiful everything... I want my own now xD !
And I already did it ! It looks like CuttyFruty's a lot, but it's a little bit different... Well... I'm so happy !

( and..... I can use stamps now ! )
I support speaking french by Jellyka
:thumb78124609: Photoshop CS3 Stamp by ZeKRoBzS :thumb77696036:

And another big hug to Rahll ! :hug:

I was re-reading my presentation and I was thinking it was a little bit crappy xD
I have nothing new to say, I just wanted to redo this because my English increased these last months... I'm not perfect, no no no ! ( You never saw me, silent and nervous, serving the only person who's speaking only English in my village xD ) I'm just... better than before...

So, I will present you CuttyFruty, first ^^
Because I do not send many things here, I have a website so I don't use my deviantArt page as something really personal. First I joined only to skip the Ads, not to send drawings or anything...

My true work can be found on , hope you to enjoy ^^

and... well... I'm just too lazy to do the French part xD
I will do it later...
I think...
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