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Another font !

Like the other ones, free for personal use, and commercial uses allowed if you donate !

Se more of my works and informations about the fonts on [link]

Enjoy !

(Yay ! cool preview this time :D )

Edit: yahhhhh wrong category >,<
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beautiful design. thank you so very much and i love your work.

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Great font! I HAD to download it. I don't even know yet where I'll use it, but I just had to have it. :D (Big Grin) Clap 
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Oooooh,so swirly!!! I LOVE it!
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I LOVE YOUR FONTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3
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Got this one too!
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Hey, your font was used here - [link]

I hope you don't class this as 'commercial use', as I make no profit from it, but if you would like me to remove the piece, just tell me, and it will be done.
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Amazing font! I'll have to find a reason to use it!! Great work!
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What a beautiful font! Thank you for sharing. :D
If u can add this chars also: "š","Š","č","Č","ć","Ć", "ž", "Ž". Nice work! Thanks in advance
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I also cannot get your font to work. Too bad, it looks great. :(
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this is the absolute most perfect font for what i need but i can't get it to work :-( two of your others showed up fine but not this one.. i'm completely distraught!
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Beautiful... :)
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Beautiful... :)
Wow - beautiful!
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Can not wait to try it. you make such great fonts
So pretty! Thank You!
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you been featured here: [link]
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This is gorgeous. :) Would work beautifully on scrapbook pages. Thanks for making it available!
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Wow! I'm impressed, this is a very beautiful font; at the same time it's both script and handwriting, and looks both old and modern.

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Haha thanks a lot ^^
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