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Jellyka Castle's Queen

Hello !

My fifth font is there, it's called Jellyka Castle's Queen. Just press download to download the .zip file, including the font file and the readMe.txt.

If you wanna see more of my work, please, go to ! ^^

Hope you to Enjoy !

Jellyka Nerevan

EDIT: Wow ! I wrote Jellyka Castel's queen instead of jellyka castle's queen O.o
Arf... stupid errors...

EDIT2: If you want to do something commercial with it, go to my website ( [link] ), choose your language and then, click the donate button.
I only ask a donation if you want to use a font of mine.

EDIT3: Nothing about the font, but I changed the preview :P
© 2008 - 2022 Jellyka
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These fonts are fantastic. The only problem is that I am unable to install the files. I am able to download them but when I hit the install button I get a message saying that there is a big problem with the file. I wondered if there is a problem with the file or if it is my Mac? Any suggestions greatfully received. Thanks
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Using it for a band logo. I sent you a donation through Paypal. Thanks!
Can only be--10A1--9x
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thanks for share.
See more: [link]
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any idea why on an iMac running lion, only the numbers show up, not the letters?
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Better than EXCEPTIONNAL !!
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Hi. Would it be alright if I used this font on my watermarks on deviations?
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I wanted to tell you how important this font is to me, I spilled my heart out writing a message only to have DA tell me they couldn't send it. Send me a PM and I can tell you? I think I wrote too much or something.
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I really love your fonts and I want so desperately to use them, but whenever I type something with them in Photoshop, they come out distorted and scratchy. Is there any way to fix this? I have no idea how. :\
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OMGGi been looking for this type of font for a while now! thank you so much im definately addicting myself to this lol credit will be giver(:

im pretty sure the people that hit the joy buttin just sneezed while they were bout to click joy lol
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I knew I recognised your name! I saw your fonts on ;)
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Hey. I love this font, and your Endless Voyage one, but when I download it, the font itself [ZIP file] doesn't download. :/
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Looks great! very nice =D
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SO YOU'RE JELLYKA? I LOVE YOUR FONTS. I have a bunch of them! Love this! ♥
i love this font!!! :3
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Thanks sweetheart.
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Excuse me for asking, yet how do you use this font? I've never used font before.
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Hi - I used your lovely stock here: [link] Thanks!! =)
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It looks mystic! xDD
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I used this font in the layout of my personal website. You're credited on the About page. [link] Thank you so much!
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