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Evan and Estrya font

Huge file ahead, I'm sorry !

I really put a lot of work on it... So... Well, have nothing much to say, it made me sick of making fonts lol. Now I have to do all the homeworks I didn't do because I was doing this. (The whole week was like «Arrive from school -> Font ->Making dinner/eating dinner -> Font -> Toilet -> Font -> font -> font -> snack -> font -> Sleep»
I'm glad I've finished it, and I know I'll be happy to have it later, so... Just enjoy it guys !

And remember:

Free for personal use
Commercial use allowed in exchange of a donation.
(More infos in the readme / on my website, [link] )
© 2008 - 2021 Jellyka
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niceeeee dude

thank you very much=)
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Damn, that's indeed a huge font file. I guess that's because you have a crazy amount of vector points per character. In any case, really cool grungy font. With full sentences you will obviously get repetition of letters, which makes it look much less hand-lettered/tinkered, so OT features with alternate characters and ligatures would be great for this. For display work like the presentation you made the font is everything one would need though. Very nice presentation as well.
Just downloaded all your lovely fonts - thank you so much for all your hard work and willingess to share!
Is awsome, thank you!!
I love it 0.0

thank you very much

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love it, but 1mb? yea... sooooo huge :p
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Yeah I know, I don't even recommend to install it, it's better to keep it opened only when you need it so that it won't slow down your computer and your applications ^^'
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hmm really now? i've not much experience with fonts when you put it like that

dont you usually just put them in a specific folder and the software like photoshop/ms word links to the filepath? and that would really slow down my computer?
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Yeah usually you put a font in the windows\fonts and it actually works.
But every time windows starts up, it loads those fonts. And every time you open photoshop (or the text tool I don't remember ) it loads all the fonts. And every time you open XYZ program it'll load the font files in the windows\fonts.

If you have many fonts on your computer, you probably don't use them all. It's better to have personal a font folder, and when you think of a specific font, you double-click to have the windows font preview, and when it's open most program will be able to use the font. (Open office is the only software I remember to have issues with this technique)

'cause I often see things like «full dafont font pack over 8000 fonts» etc, but if you have a thousand font on your pc it might have significant influence on its speed :)
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lol yea true, but im using a mac and besides the default i've only got two customs i've added including yours
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ive downloaded this and used it in this picuture

thanks!! <3
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Adorable work!!! :)
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nice! you're good at this
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I found this on dafont and then ran into it here. Great work, I can tell it took forever :P
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oooh very nice :) love the whole patchwork/material thing >..< ♥
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Yayy thanks !! :D

It took me so many hours of work I'm happy you like ! :D
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