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First Post:

Just a heads-up, you should probably by wary of :iconyukisenpaipls:/:iconyukichandesupls: on deviantart

This user has threatened and harassed many other people for a while now, such as telling people to kill themselves, drink bleach, just to name a few of the things that this girl will sink low enough to doing. 

The user also continues to threaten others when they so much as point out what she is doing, and even says that's everyone caused 9/11 and makes insensitive jokes about that subject.Proof of her various offenses can be seen here: 

In response to this, other users such as capnjess and rysshi, have been documenting their experiences with this user in order to deter people from further interactions. (5/20/2016: journals have since been removed)

When these journals started to appear, YukiSenpaiPls posted this half-assed attempt at an apology journal:…

When anyone attempts to comment on the apology journal though, their comments are quickly hidden and deleted, such as my comment:
She also told some to kill themselves on the apology journal:…

Her harassment has also escalated since her "apology", as she has now: 

  • Threatened to dox another user: Image (5/20/2016: 'Image' has been removed)
  • harassed through skype: Image and Never Ever. (5/20/2016: 'Image' has been removed)


She has since shut down the account listed above, but is now on a new account, under the username yukichandesupls

Since coming back on the new account, she has: 

  • posted other user's artwork: Blank (original -->Lady Base- P2U ) (5/20/2016: base repost has been removed)
  • inability to credit bases: Shaded (5/20/2016: credit has since been given)
  • inability to credit closed species creators: Shaded and… (5/20/2016: credit has since been given)

rysshi's comment regarding the situation:…

yukichandesupls has since tried to apologize once again this this post: Sorry

I'm keeping up this journal at the moment in an attempt to be cautious, since this is the third apology that has been given by this user, and something always seems to happen after an apology is presented 


I'm only gone for a few days, but I come back last night and today to see a whole bunch of notes and comments about this journal, stating that I need to update it and with new information that is being thrown at me. 

So I'm doing this quickly because I'm just so done with all of this, because I seriously did not want drama to be what I came back to. But what can I expect after this week?

New Information: 

  • (possible?) scamming: HERE
  • violating CS terms, harassing messages/comments, rude behavior to others:… (10/27/2016: Journal since been updated, removing information)


It's so calm on here whenever I'm not busy, but it seems like as soon as I leave for work and other important stuff, the shit show seems to further escalate. I guess I'm keeping the updates going until the drama stops.

New Information:

  •  She has since left the accounts yukisenpaipls and yukiChanDesuPls, but has not left DA entirely. All possible accounts to date:


 created a base of this original art:  Roka by Yamio

 created a base of this original art:  Micemeem by Yamio

 created a base of this original art:  Miridith by Yamio
(10/27/2016: Bases have been removed)


CorruptPastel on Deviantart has recently posted a petition on, regarding this user. In the petition, she, as well as other users who are signing, are requesting that DeviantArt ban Yuki's IP address, as account bans clearly have no effect on her, as she simply makes a new account whenever her current one gets shut down.

If you are interested in signing the petition, it can be found here:…

(7/11/2016: The petition has since been taken down)


After this update, I will no longer be updating this journal entry with new information about this user that is provided to me through notes and comments.

It's just become too much extra drama in my life and the lives of others involved, most of the community that has the chance of running into this user are already aware of this information, and there just really isn't much to add anymore. Most of the notes I get are just people giving experiences of her doing the same things she has done to other users, such as calling them names and evading payments on adopts and commissions.
Plus, with my work and a vacation coming up soon, I simply don't have the time to keep up on this anymore. And I don't want to. I don't want this to be all I worry about anymore, I don't want the constant reminders and messages about drama that is behind me. I know that I opened the door to it when I started this journal entry, but at the time I started this, I was personally involved with this user, as well as some of my inspirations and people I follow. Now, it feels as though I'm continuing to push this forward.
On top of all of this, I also read these journals (Inspired by We Can Do Better and my 6 cents on the Yuki ban petition), which I highly recommend everyone else also read, and it helped me realize how pointless this kind of is to keep this going, and that I'd almost, if not just as, in the wrong as Yuki is. So while I will not forgive and forget what she has done and is doing, I do not want to keep this going anymore.
The best I can do is to give the heads-up, and then just ignore the person if they are not bothering me.
So I'd already given the heads-up, I did so a while back.
Now I should just ignore.

So I'll still keep this up just in case, but I'm no longer adding to this with anything that I receive in comments or notes.

I WILL add a featured comment though, where you can reply with information you feel MUST be shared with other users that may see this journal. It will be marked as such. Just don't expect what you comment to be posted here, as it will not. If you comment though, you must provide some form of proof of this altercation/incident that you are warning others of, because while I understand wanting to warn others of stuff going on in the community, I will not allow any further dragging of names in the dirt. Any comments without solid proof with be hidden, plan and simple.
All notes regarding this will probably be ignored now.

I hope you all have a blessed day, and I wish you all the best.


Change of plans: I'm taking back this journal and keeping it active.
If Yuki doesn't want to stop scamming and acting sketchily, why should people stop trying to warn people of the drama that may ensue when becoming involved with her?
People deserve to know about the drama that she brings, so that they can choose to actively avoid it if they wish to do so.
I'm keeping it open here so I can link back to her pages with proof of such without her being notified each time I put information down.
So here we go. 
Since the last update, Yuki has since moved to her accounts. She is now at MamaYuki:
Some users on DeviantArt are speculating that she may be/be acquainted with another DeviantArt user by the name of QuillPup: merely speculation though, and should not be treated as a fact.The main reason this speculation is questioned is here:…
Why would Yuki comment to this person, telling them to "stay away from her shit" if both accounts are run by the same person?
Why would Yuki comment to this person, telling them to "stay away from her shit" if both accounts are run by the same person?
Regardless, it is in user's best interest to not buy or sell things to QuillPup. As it currently stands, QuillPup has:Expect more updates in the future as more info is found out.


Updated list of all accounts that are owned by or have some connection to yuki. Ones that are still active will be linked for easy finding if you wish to block them:

On these other accounts, she's been posting a lot of journals saying that she'll trade you points for cash. Examples of these journals:

 With this scam, she aims to get the other user to send their end of the trade, but then will back out on sending her part. This way, she gets the points and the cash, and the other user gets nothing. She will than block the user, so they are unable to contact her in order to call her out for scamming them. Proof of this scam in action as provided by Alexdream12:

(More information about their altercation with Yuki can be found in their journal:…(10/27/2016: Journal has been removed)

Along with this scam, the user is also back to her old ways of (proof thanks to Milkysaur):

(More information about their altercation with Yuki can be found in their journal:…)

Note: If you do find yourself involved with Yuki, please act civil, even if she does not. DO NOT turn to death threats/harassment/name calling, as tempting as all may be at that moment. They are not worth it, and will make you seem just as immature as she is.
The best way to respond to Yuki is to block, report, warn, ignore. It is the most effective way of dealing with her, and will also save you your sanity in the long run.


So a lot has personally happened since the last update of this post, causing me to be away and busy. 
Long story short, art majors are a lot more work than I thought it would be. 
Anyways, onto the update.

Updated Account List:

There may be more out there, but these are the ones that I am personally aware of and that I have enough evidence to support linking the account to her.
Her current account is Caarousel, as it was active most recently. The other lives ones could still be active though.
If you know of any accounts I haven't listed, please let me know! 

Since creating the Caarousel account, Yuki has resorted to spamming other users, such as Wishful-Krissy, BlackRavaen, and Z0MB0MB. I was told that there was another person, but I was unable to find who it was.
Her spam messages include comments such as:

Wishful-Krissy also posted a status about the incident:…
She's also been claiming that tenshilove is steal designs from FNAF and that she is going to report the designs: 39 and 40

Along with Caarousel, Yuki has also been resorting to her typical activities on her other accounts. This includes:

On September 23rd, Yuki posted an "apology" journal to her NiyvonROBLOX account. In the journal, she talks about how this all started, claiming she did not mean for any of this to happen, and this was just a joke. She continues by listing all the species she is banned from, and ends it with a repost of a journal entry that Noxious Noxxie. The journal can be found here: Yo @ all of you

Five days later, on September 28th, she then posted two of the same journal to NiyvonROBLOX, both were titled "Goodbye". In this, she is saying that she is going to commit suicide because she is hopelessly in love with a friend, has an abusive parent, doesn't want to go into foster care because she'll lose internet, and that DA was originally a stress reliever, but it's not anymore due to all the call-out journals and people harassing her. She ends the journal by posting the vocaloid song "Rolling Girl". This journal can be found here: Goodbye
This journal concerns me, as it makes me question was is true that she is saying and what she is making up. I don't want to write this up as being false and it turn out to be true, but on the same side of the coin, Yuki has shown signs of compulsively lying in attempts to gain sympathy. 

As of now, here is a list of all the species Yuki has been banned from:

If you see any of the accounts connected to Yuki creating any of the species, it is in your best interest as well as the best interest of the closed species to notify the species owner/creator, linking them proof of the character. Do not engage with Yuki herself though. Simply notify and move on, it causes less drama. 

Also, since the last updates, there has been further speculation about the account QuillPup being another account of Yuki's. Nothing 100% solid to confirm the connection, but enough for assumptions to be made and heavily imply that they are. 

With all this speculation, I have chosen to add the account on this list of Yuki's accounts. I did so because of two reasons.

  • Many accounts that Yuki has been known to engage and speak with are commenting on the account, addressing her as Yuki:…
  • Many people are also commenting, calling her a scammer. Many of the practices described are ones that she has systematically used to scam on her other accounts
  • Many closed species that Yuki has been involved in and later banned from include this account on their blacklists, linking it back to her.

While I am connecting QuillPup and Yuki though, I want to make it noted that Catholicboiis is NOT an account currently owned or ran by Yuki!!
The person that owns OcarinaCat simply allowed Yuki to momentarily use their account, and Yuki then abused that trust. Not the best decision they could have made, but they have the proof to back it up, and the account does not show any signs of being linked to Yuki currently, so I am removing it for the time being. The proof that they provided to back up this claim can be found here
Please don't continue to include them in all of this.


It contains a ton of screenshots that someone got where they were able to get Yuki into a skype chat and ask her about her scamming of others. Pretty much sums up why sales with her should be avoided.
Along with this journal, I've also listed a bunch more journals below that I would recommend looking at. This one is extensive though, which is why I mentioned them here.

There's also a video regarding this situation if you are not willing to read all this information but still want to be brought up to date about what is happening: 

on a side note, tacodoqqu's has also shared some tips to avoid being scammed:
1. Do not trade/sell. (You know, most logical thing, but you know, even I want to trade around.
2. Check out the seller's page. People say it is none of your business, but it is TOTALLY your business.
3. Look and see when they created the account. My rule is to buy items/art from an account that is around 3 months old or older than that. 
4. See if they can provide information on who they have traded with, and if it was approved by the person. People can even manipulate this, so I recommend to look at the date. And the comments.
5. If it seems fishy, it probably is fishy. Names like AnimalJamRares SellingAJCollars is really fishy. Lets just admit it. 
6. If you are in doubt check it out. Ask others if they are actually trustworthy.
7. Be vigilant. Pretty self explanatory.


Happy halloween you guys. 

Not really much to add. to this.
Yuki is sending people the link to her rp tumblr, saying she wants to do it before anyone hunts her down. I linked it in the updated list of accounts since she willingly sent it, but there's nothing on it that's substantial to any of this

Also founds some more instances of:
:bulletblue: Scamming: 
:bulletblue: Spamming: 
  - Zale Waterdog

winquts has a index in the works, organizing and cataloging information that they found, as well as other journals they come across, such as this one. 
It's pretty extensive and really well organized, so I'd recommend checking it out and and maybe noting them if you think you have something that'd be worthwhile to have on the index? But it seems they have plenty of information already. 
Yuki Index

That's pretty much it. Hope everyone has a happy an safe halloween, and that nothing needs to be added to this journal for a bit.

Part 2 of this journal:  Watch Out For This User [Part 2] + Another Scammer
Part 1 of this journal: 
chilloutyuki (formerly MetaphoricaIIy, Deactivated)
Caarousel (Deactivated)
NiyvonROBLOX (Now as YukiCalmDown)
MamaYuki (formerly Niyv, Deactivated)
BoozeyNess (Deactivated)
lveGotAMigraine (Deactivated)
Boozecicle (Deactivated)
Gin-Yin (Deactivated)
GinIsBaee (Deactivated)wisterei (Deactivated)Jus

Other journals regarding this situation:

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  • Reading: The Basic Eight by Daniel Handler
  • Watching: My cat chase her tail
  • Playing: Bioshock Infinite
  • Eating: Orange Chicken
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