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I want to get more involved in the community and DA in general, so I'd love to find these guys some friends ;.; 
I'd love for them to get some dainty friends, but I won't limit this to dainties only.

. by Jellyfish-Magician
Name: Hayden
Gender: Agender (They/Them pronouns)
Setting: Our world, present day
Looking for: friends, family, co-workers
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual 
Hayden has Dissociative Identity Disorder, with two main personalities they shift between.

In their predominant personality, Hayden is a shyer person, quick to become flustered or embarrassed when put in a situation out of their comfort zone. They can usually try their best to push this aside when they need to though, such as when they're working or when trying something that is new to them. Along with this, they are also relatively quick to fall in love, and they fall pretty hard. They are also not very good with hiding their emotions from others, regardless of what it is they are feeling. If they feel a certain way towards a certain person or situation, those around them will either be notified by Hayden, or they will be able to tell just from looking at them. Despite this, they do come across as a drama queen, but simply as someone that wears their heart on their sleeve. Most of the time, their expressive-ness is just something that they have difficulty with controlling.

Their second personality surfaces less commonly, first appearing when Hayden became a victim of severe bullying in middle and high school, as a manner of coping with their situation and protecting themself. When this personality comes to the surface, Hayden will display their anger, but will become much more reserved with their other emotions. They will also be more aggressive, being provoked more quickly and more willing to fight other individuals. While this doesn't always tend to lead to violent actions, it can, as well as acts of rebellious behavior. Despite this, Hayden still carries the same love for their family and those they see as close friends, which causes these lashing out behaviors to mellow out when around them. This personality only lasted for a short time, with this personality stepping back and their main personality taking control again following an accident that took place the end of their senior year.

Their roommate and one of their closest friends is Rowan, who they met due to Rowan being the little sister of their boyfriend, Ash, at the time. Following the accident that caused Hayden to lose their leg and left Ash in a coma, Hayden and Rowan moved in together
 to comfort one another through this difficult time, as they had grown close in the time they had known each other, and a sibling bond began to form, and they were both deeply impacted by the accident and its results. 

Through helping Rowan in her shop, Hayden has made friends with a couple of the regular customers, namely Owen Crowfield and Rana. In Ash's absence, Rana becomes Hayden's new host and a significantly close friend. Following Ash's recovery, the three grow close and become involved in a polyamorous relationship. 

Hayden's hobbies include reading and writings, studying for their classes, listening to calming music, and helping Rowan around her shop on their days off from work or school.
They were originally studying theatre with Ash, but switched their focus following the accident, double majoring in botany and fictional literature at a local university. Along with being busy with school, they also are busy at a maid cafe, where they work part time as part of the wait staff. They are not too fond of this job, but it helps them pay the bills and pay for their coffee addiction. 

They also carry a love-hate relationship with their prosthetic leg. While they love the flashiness of it and how it looks so elegant, they are not so keen on the attention it brings them and the stares that accompany the attention. 
Hayden is also a die-hard dog person who owns one dog named Kobi. 

Titus [Dainty MYO] by Jellyfish-Magician
Name: Titus
Gender: Male (He/Him Pronouns)
Setting: Our world, present day
Looking for: friends, family, cult members(?)
Sexual Orientation: Gay
I honestly don't really have much for this boy just yet ^^; but he's a short, overzealous cult leader who isn't afraid to get his hands dirty to get what he feels he needs to achieve his goals.
Also, he's trash.

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HarueRaiko Featured By Owner May 21, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Hello there! If you're still searching ,
How about a brotherl-ish friend for Hayden?
With my boy here

A bit about him;
Khai is very strict at everything and is rare to see him smiling but dispite all that, he is a very caring and warm hearted person. 
//more to giving an older brother vibe
Jellyfish-Magician Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2018  Student Traditional Artist
Oh my gosh, I'm super sorry for replying so late ;.; I went straight from school to work and never really gave myself the time to check messages on here, so I apologize for missing this. 

Oh my gosh, Khai is so adorable ;u; I could see his strict but caring personality being a good balance to Hayden's shy, easily frazzled behaviors!
Twist3d-Goddess Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I would like to offer my babe Felicita as a significant other for Rowan.

Felicita's reference
Jellyfish-Magician Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
ahhh, ohmygsoh, what a cutie! <3 

Twist3d-Goddess Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I just wanna be clear, you are agreeing to them being in a relationship.?
Jellyfish-Magician Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
ah, sorry for the confusion ^^; 
Yes, I am agreeing <3 as long as Felicita is okay with a relationship that is more focused on emotional romance and cutesy things like cuddles, hug & stuff, and less of the physical intimacy, since Rowan is asexual/akoisexual 
Twist3d-Goddess Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
She is perfectly fine with that.~
She isn't very sexual herself.

<3 if you wish to expand on their relationship (ideas for how they met, how they interact, and such) note me anytime.!
Jellyfish-Magician Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
ahh, great <3 

okay, thank you! 
And the same goes for you as well! 
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