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Guys, look at how cute this raffle is ;7;
[CLOSED - PICKED!] UniR Raffle by Cappuchi
I'm such a sucker for designs that incorporate ball-jointed and porcelain doll aesthetics, so I'm joining for sure

Sales page:… (Prices listed)

I am open to looking at trade offers for characters that have prices listed, but I do prefer to sell them.
If you're offering designs, I'm open to looking at pretty much anything at this point, as I mainly need these characters gone. Just in case though, here's a list of things I do and do not like in designs: What To Offer/Not Offer
I'll also look at art offers, but you'd have to be comfortable with drawing any of these characters.

As a sales add-on, I'd be more than happy to throw in a free colored drawing of the character you purchased!
Details for this can be discussed at time of purchase! 

So please just comment on this post or shoot me a message if any of them catch your attention!
But please contact me on this account and not my sales account though, as I do not frequent it as often and will not see your message on there ^^;

I do also have a bookling that I am looking to trade. I'm a little more picky about that character though, so I have a separate posting for them. If you're interested, please check out this journal for more information regarding that, and feel free to offer either on that posting or here.
To summarize the post though, I'm only really looking to swap them or trade for a design from another species on my wishlist.

I had received a MYO-designed bookling rather recently in a trade, and while I have some vague ideas on different ways I could fit him into my existing character stories, I'm not completely set in stone if it's something I want to do just yet. 
Due to this, I'm curious to see what offers I can get for him, since I seem to do my best planning under pressure. 

This is the bookling in question: 
MYO Bookling #087 by BooklingLibrary

At this time, I am only looking to either swap for another bookling, or trade him for a dainty, dreamy, longthing, melwyrm, or maaaaybe a mignyan.
If necessary, I am also comfortable with including up to $75 or art to make a trade even.

In terms of design/aesthetic, I'm mainly looking for designs that fall in line with my What To Offer/Not Offer list, but I'm open to looking at designs that don't as well. 
Designs from my favorite designs folder are almost always a guaranteed auto-accept!

Since I have some ideas for this character, I will be rather tentative with trading him, and will not part with him unless I find something I feel I can better connect with. 
. by Jellyfish-Magician
Name: Hayden
Gender: Agender (They/Them pronouns)
Age: 22
Setting: Our world, present day
Looking for: friends, family, co-workers
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual 
Likes: Coffee, reading, writing, acting, gardening, dogs
Dislikes: painting, loud noises, large crowds, rude people
Hayden has Dissociative Identity Disorder, with two main personalities they shift between. 

In their predominant personality, Hayden is a shyer person, quick to become flustered or embarrassed when put in a situation out of their comfort zone. They can usually try their best to push this aside when they need to though, such as when they're working or when trying something that is new to them. Along with this, they are also relatively quick to fall in love, and they fall pretty hard. They are also not very good with hiding their emotions from others, regardless of what it is they are feeling. If they feel a certain way towards a certain person or situation, those around them will either be notified by Hayden, or they will be able to tell just from looking at them. Despite this, they do come across as a drama queen, but simply as someone that wears their heart on their sleeve. Most of the time, their expressive-ness is just something that they have difficulty with controlling. 

Their second personality surfaces less commonly, first appearing when Hayden became a victim of severe bullying in middle and high school, as a manner of coping with their situation and protecting themself. When this personality comes to the surface, Hayden will display their anger, but will become much more reserved with their other emotions. They will also be more aggressive, being provoked more quickly and more willing to fight other individuals. While this doesn't always tend to lead to violent actions, it can, as well as acts of rebellious behavior. Despite this, Hayden still carries the same love for their family and those they see as close friends, which causes these lashing out behaviors to mellow out when around them. This personality only lasted for a short time, with this personality stepping back and their main personality taking control again following an accident that took place the end of their senior year.

Their roommate and one of their closest friends is Rowan, who they met due to Rowan being the little sister of their boyfriend, Ash, at the time. Following the accident that caused Hayden to lose their leg and left Ash in a coma, Hayden and Rowan moved in together to comfort one another through this difficult time, as they had grown close in the time they had known each other, and a sibling bond began to form, and they were both deeply impacted by the accident and its results. 

Through helping Rowan in her shop, Hayden has made friends with a couple of the regular customers, namely Owen Crowfield and Rana. In Ash's absence, Rana becomes Hayden's new host and a significantly close friend. Following Ash's recovery, the three grow close and become involved in a polyamorous relationship. 

Hayden's hobbies include reading and writings, studying for their classes, listening to calming music, and helping Rowan around her shop on their days off from work or school.
They were originally studying theatre with Ash, but switched their focus following the accident, double majoring in botany and fictional literature at a local university. Along with being busy with school, they also are busy at a maid cafe, where they work part time as part of the wait staff. They are not too fond of this job, but it helps them pay the bills and pay for their coffee addiction. 

They also carry a love-hate relationship with their prosthetic leg. While they love the flashiness of it and how it looks so elegant, they are not so keen on the attention it brings them and the stares that accompany the attention. 
Hayden is also a die-hard dog person who owns one dog named Kobi. 

Titus [Dainty MYO] by Jellyfish-Magician
Name: Titus
Gender: Male (He/Him Pronouns)
Age: 24
Setting: Our world, present day
Looking for: friends, family, cult members(?)
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Likes: Arbys, quiet, darkness, reading
Dislikes: disorder, bright lights, peppy people
Titus is a damaged piece of shit, to put his story shortly. 

After apparently losing both his parents and his younger half-sister in a home invasion at the age of ten, Titus ran, taking a backpack of personal belongings. He was eventually taken in by a small group of people, and indoctrinated into the cult he eventually rose to lead himself. 

Due to his past, Titus has this sort of shell personality, a mask he puts on to hide who he truly is. In this shell, he is cold and calculating, willing to do anything he needs to do for his cult or for his own personal growth. He's also cynical, distant, and reserved, leading his followers with a sure but iron hand. He justifies his actions towards others by saying the world is made of predators and prey, and he wishes to never be anyone prey ever again.

Once this shell is broken though, Titus is ultimately a damaged, hurting, and lonely individual. He is still saddened over the loss of the family he held dear to him, hungers for some of love and affection. He grows to hate this side of himself as he rises in the ranks though, seeing this as weakness, something that is holding him back. 

Titus does eventually runs from the cult though, alongside his most trusted follower and eventual lover, Camilla, as the two decide they no longer wish to hurt others and escape, laying low for some time. 

Name: Micah
Gender: Female (She/Her pronouns)
Age: 19
Setting: Our world, present day
Looking for: friends, family, fans/followers, MAYBE a sugar daddy?
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual, leaning towards men
Likes: cute clothes, intimacy, pastels, sweets, horror movies
Dislikes: dark colors, rom-coms, sour things
Micah is best described as a confident, flirtatious young woman. 

The younger half-sister of Titus, Micah was believed to have been another victim of the home invaders that took both her father and mother's lives. Upon the arrival of cops and paramedics, it was found that she was still alive, just unconscious, and she was quickly rushed to a hospital to be treated. 

Following her release from the hospital, Micah was quickly taken in by her godmother, a close childhood friend of her mother. Under her care, Micah was raised in a feminist household, where she learned to be confident in herself, as well as be an independent female who was comfortable with both her body and her sexuality. 

Currently, Micah works at a small clothing boutique that specializes in pastel goth and fairy kei styles. On the side, she also is a cam girl, posting modeling videos in which she shows off the cute clothing she gets from her store, as well as more risque content. While her risque content is slightly more tame and focuses on kinks and such that she personally takes part in, she is not above making personal videos for others in the payment is good enough and she feels up to it.

Micah is generally a flirty and social person as well, talking politely with her watchers and inviting the comments she gets. Despite this, she does not use her flirting as a means of getting extra gifts and such, as she says it feels like bribery, and she'd prefers to put out her content out and rightfully earn what her content brings in. 
Hey guys! 

I just wanted to pop in and give a quick update on life and an apology. I'm SUPER SORRY for my sudden disappearance. I did not plan to go on a hiatus like that, circumstances in my personal life came up though, making it difficult for me to do much of anything. 

To put it bluntly, the reason for my sudden disappearance was some sexual harassment directed towards my roommate and myself by an acquaintance that we met in our dorm, and the resulting anxiety it has caused me.

For those of you that don't know, I am currently in college for an undecided major.
I moved back into the dorm with my amazing roommate, who I will call E, around January 14th, and things were going great at first! We were kicking butt in classes, starting to acquire a social life again and everything. 

E and myself became acquainted with the person, who I'll call T, on when the person left a note under our door, introducing themselves. 
In their introduction, they included that they were trans, which made them feel unsafe on our campus as they didn't know if they could properly represent themselves how they wanted in the community. 
Me and E found the note when we got back from our classes and ended up writing a note back, letting T know that we were here if they needed someone to talk to, and inviting them to come with us to a show later that night.

Looking back, both E and myself regret finding this note and writing back so much. 

E and me get out of class at 2 most days, but the show we wanted to attend did not begin until around 9-9:30ish, so we had originally planned to study in our rooms until 8, grab food at a close restaurant, and then head to the show. Despite letting T know this in our invitation though, they instead showed up at 4-5ish, wanting watch tv and to get food a further away dining hall.

When we first met T, they came across as a very sweet person, albeit very open about themselves. They had let us know that they had sent the message me got to every female on our floor, and we were the only ones that were nice enough to respond to them.
Within minutes of meeting us, T was very quick to share many details of their life with us, including details that made both of us rather uncomfortable, such as their dating habits, sexual experiences with toys, and the injuries that resulted.
Along with this, they also seemed to not understand the concept of personal space, getting uncomfortably close, and at one point even walking into E's bedroom without any invitation or permission.
Despite this, we all seemed to have a really fun time at the show, which was really entertaining. 

Following the show, me and E were exhausted, as it had gone until 11:30, plus we still hadn't had time to finish our homework due to plans being changed. When we tried to explain to T that we needed to get back to the room to study and sleep though, they did not seem to understand this, and instead wanted to go get food somewhere else. 
Thankfully, the restaurant was closed though, giving us a reason to go back to our rooms. 

Basically, the night was terrible aside from the show itself.
Trying to be nice though, we wrote off the terrible night as us simply getting off of the wrong foot with a new individual, which we completely understood. It can be hard to meet new people, and it's common to come across as awkward the first time you get to know someone. 
I mean, I've definitely had more than my fair share of awkward moments. 

After the uncomfortable experience with T though, the texts began. 
The first text came within minutes of T leaving our room after the show, and was directed at E. In the text, they asked E if she would walk down to their dorm and give them a hug, as they had already felt lonely and needed someone. Within minutes of this request, they then also asked E if she would ever stay the nights and cuddle, as they liked to be held at night. 
Unsure of how to respond to such an intimate request from someone who was still a stranger at this point, E tried to be as polite as she could in her response, saying she was not a touchy person and did not feel comfortable with the request. 
The next morning though, they continued the uncomfortable requests, asking to come over while we were getting ready for classes. They then went as far as to ask E if she would have sex with them, as they were interested in experimenting and wanted E to be the one that took their virginity. 
E quickly rejected this request. 
Looking back on this, I feel like E got the brunt of T's harassment because she is a proud bisexual who prides herself on being open about this, while I identify as ace. We had both been open with T about this from the start since they were open with us about being trans. 

Over the next couple of days, we both continued to receive texts of a similar nature, displaying clingy and possessive behavior. 
T would constantly request to come over, than get upset if we could not hang out, immediately assuming that we were denying them because we did not like them, when we had tried to explain multiple times that we had classes that we needed to attend and work that needed to be done. 

That Friday, E ended up leaving campus to stay with a friend she hadn't seen in a while for the weekend, leaving me alone in the dorm. 
During that time, I ended up with a massive migraine due to stress, causing me to need to stay in bed most of my friday night. With the way my migraine was making me feel, I was unable to look at my phone.
Due to this, I missed T's text to me. Not receiving a reply, T then came down to the room and pounded on the door, waking me. Since I couldn't get out of bed, I did not answer the door. 
When I did not answer, they then texted my roommate to ask why I did not answer, and why I hated them. 
Fed up with T, E tried to be as blunt as she could, telling them that I was ill and would most likely be unable to hang out at all during the weekend, and that she could not because she wasn't home. 
Thankfully, T understood this and things calmed down for the weekend. 

Since further had happened over the weekend, me and E stupidly believed once again that maybe we got off on the wrong foot, and we decided to give T another chance, inviting them to study in the social lounge with us. 
The three of us met up, and it went okay for a while, until E and I got into a small discussion of her significant other, who she had been arguing with at the time. Upon hearing about this, T quickly looked up, asking E if she had any nudes of her SO, and if they could see. 
E sat in shocked silence while I cut in, saying the comment was horrendously inappropriate and not okay in the slightest. 
I then texted a friend to pretend to call me sobbing, giving me and E an excuse to leave the room. As we left, me and E both agreed that it was finally time that we talked to our RAs about T, as they had made us uncomfortable too many times to keep quiet. 

We didn't even realize that everything that happened, especially the texts, were considered sexual harassment until we talked to our RAs. 
Once our RA, J, said that he had to file a Title IX about the incident though, it all finally sunk in. 
We ended up having to speak with the head of our building, than the cops to determine if it was enough to be criminal or not. 
The next day, we had to schedule meetings with the dean of students to speak to him about everything that had happened and bring up the possibility of campus restraining orders against T, which prohibits us from talking to them and them from talking to us. 
We also found out during this that we were lied to by T, as no other resident on our floor ever received a note from them. We were specifically targeted.

I'm happy to say that all the meetings and stuff are finally over for the most part now, aside from occasional meetings to make sure both parties are sticking to the restraining orders. 
The harassment has finally stopped.
Sadly though, since it was only harassment and not assault, they are unable to move T's room, so we still run into them a lot, but it's been okay. 
I just have the anxiety/panic attacks to deal with now, but they're not so bad, and they're only triggered by running into T or heavily discussing topics involving rape, sexual harassment or assault.

So yeah, I'm super sorry again for dropping off the face of the earth for a while there. 
Thankfully, things are starting to get back in order so I should be okay and I should hopefully be back on here more often in the future <3 
EDIT: Reposting this so it's back to the top of my journal list, since it was buried underneath a bunch of old journals. Seeing it at the top may pressure me to finish this stuff 

I'm not in any way trying to rush anyone by posting this! This is more for me personally than anything else, as I am constantly forgetting who I commissioned to do what, how much I paid, and whether I paid or not, and then I forget to check up on things, so please don't see this as me attempting to pressure any of you! ^^; 
This is just me trying to take care of my forgetful brain

Also, note me if I'm forgetting anything because I really feel like I have missed some things that really need to be on my To-Do list OTL UUUUUGGGHHHHH

To-Do List:
:bulletpurple: Plottie MYO slot
- Plant/Flower Name: helleborus x hybridus blue lady:… and…
-traits: 2 blooms (common), single color (common), average sized blooms (common), 5-10 cm (common), sub-species pupil (common)
- Sub-species: Angie…
Design Plans: 

:bulletpurple: Finish main character bios and upload them to

:bulletpurple: Revise and Edit "Coming Undone" chapters 

:star:Current Status: OPEN:star:

Please read and understand my Terms of Service before requesting a commission.

Commission Options and Prices:
Option 1: Bust/Waist Up
Hi There! - Colored by Jellyfish-MagicianNo Diggity [Dainty DTE Entry] by Jellyfish-Magician
Colored and Shaded: 1250 points or $12.50
Flat Colored: 1000 points or $10.00
Lineart: 800 points or $8.00

Option 2: Full body Chibis
Stocking Stuffer - 2017 by Jellyfish-MagicianUnnamed Witch - Colored by Jellyfish-MagicianWakako References by Jellyfish-Magician
Colored and Shaded: 1500 points or $15.00
Flat Colored: 1300 points or $13.00
Lineart: 1000 points or $10.00

Extra Characters:
+50% of the standard commission price

Decorated backgrounds:
Valtameri digital colored by Jellyfish-Magician
+500 points or +$5.00
-NOTE: Only available with colored commissions!-

Commission Request Form:
Payment (points or PayPal):
Commission option (colored? Shaded?): 
Extras? (Extra characters or background?):
Reference images:
Other Notes: