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Drawing Dump 2 by Jellyfish-Magician Drawing Dump 2 by Jellyfish-Magician
I came across a drawing book I kept before I made this DA account. So a lot of this art is from 2014 and 2015, but I still like a lot of it and this it looks pretty decent, plus it helps show some of my characters that I haven't really posted all that much. 
So here we go!

Image Explanations
1: the blue haired girl from MEMEME.
2: A character of mine named Julian or Jules. He was planned to be a demon hunter as well as Mazie's little brother. I did the chibi while trying to figure out his design. While his design is different now, he is still a demon hunter and a beloved little brother to Mazie
3: A chibi of my OC, Deathsy. It was drawn during the phase where my friend and I threw around the joking idea of him being spider prince / the prince of spiders. The design didn't stay.
4: Before getting the adorable design that is mazie's old design. It was similar to her current design, but she tended to wear hoodies instead of the cute outfits she has now 
5: An old drawing of Mark during his 'Mr. Magician Man phase. This was when not much about his design was known about him aside from the fact that he was a magician
6: A lesser used character named Dorian. He was planned to be Mazie's Daemon, and this was simply his human form. While I don't think his human form will change too much, I plan to finish his daemon form and work on his bio some more 
7: A character that kind of came up in a dream I guess? I had a dream that I can across as doll, and he was the character that resulted. His name is Owen Crowfield
8: Honestly, I don't know. I drew it in high school at a time where I was really frustrated and confused over my emotions. I guess it was supposed to show that I was cracking, and all the feelings I kept hidden was starting to show through? I don't really know
9: Unfinished chibi of the vocaloid, Rana
10, 12, 13 & 14: Due to my little cousin, I am on Roblox. 10 was a chibi of a friend I made while playing on there, and 12, 13 and 14 are chibis of some of my various avatars I would use while playing. I don't really use any of the three designs anymore, but I'm considering the idea of using 14 to make a new character of some sort
11: a draft chibi for a character named Quartz. He is also a daemon like Dorian, and is paired with Jules, both as a partner and as a love interest
15: A stupid idea a friend had me sketching out. I was a magical girl, another friend of ours was the side kick, and he was to be the mustache twirling villian
16: My character, Terry Fischer. This is his current design
17:My character, Adam. This is his currently design, but with the ears smaller and the tail longer
18:  Foxy from Five Nights At Freddy's
19: The Daemon form of my character, Tourmaline, or Tori. He is my character Opal's Daemon and love interest. This is the third redesign that I went through with before finally being satisfied with it
20: This was done in the same time period as 8, where I honestly was trying to hard to give pictures a deeper meaning. The drawing showcases my character Alec, and was supposed to show how he may have looked fine to his fans, but he was actually struggling with a lot of personal issues that he didn't let his fans and even some of his friends know about. The facade is starting to crack though, as his friends are noticing that he's not okay. 
21: The human form for my character Tori, shown in 19
22: Another attempt to be "deep", once again using Alec since at the time, he was my only character that had a legitimate background story, and it was a rather sad one
23 - 29: Various outfit designs that I tried for my character Opal. I knew that I wanted to give her a pastel color palette, but I was unsure of how I wanted her outfits to look. 28 was the very first chibi done of her, and is still the outfit that I doodle her in the most often
30: Like 11, this was another draft for Quart's Daemon form. For a while, this was his final draft, but I want to go back and make revisions to this design 
31: The Deamon form idea for Dorian, the character in 6. The design was left unfinished as I didn't feel it was the right direction to go in with the character, and it was scrapped
32: A little chibi of myself at the time
33: A chibi of my character Kurt in the form of a deer centaur. This is not an official design, but a for fun doodle I was doing that turned into a full drawing for the character

All the characters shown are mine except for Meme, Rana, my friend on roblox, and Foxy
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