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Drawing Assignment #9 by Jellyfish-Magician Drawing Assignment #9 by Jellyfish-Magician
Another attempt at drawing fabric 

I usually use charcoal, as it's been the tool I've learned to use all of the drawing class so far.
I was having issues using charcoal for this assignment though. It seemed that when I would attempt to blend the charcoal, it would either blend too darkly, or it would smear all over me rather than on the paper. 
So as much as I'm not comfortable with the medium, I attempted to use conte crayons instead 
I'd never really worked with the medium before, aside from one or two sketches when we started the class and I didn't know what most of the supplies in my box even really were. 

So, for my second attempt at the medium, as well as my second fabric sketch, I feel this is a pretty strong piece, and I can't wait to share it tomorrow in class <3 long as the one guy in my small group won't pull his typical move of turning his easel before we truly decide on which one we want to share...

tl;dr: homework assigment for drawing class that consisted of drawing fabric from a picture. Medium used was white and black conte crayons, with charcoal for the background

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October 14, 2016
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