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Name: Mark Amity Dubois (pronounced: DOOb-WAH )
Gender: Male
Species: Human/Witch
Age: looks 17 to 18 years old, actually 44 years old as of 2016
Birthday: June 4th, 1972
Sexuality: Pansexual
Nationality: TBA
Religion: TBA
City/Town of Birth: TBA
Currently Lives: Sacramento, California
Languages Spoken: English
Native Language: TBA
Relationship Status: Taken, in a relationship with Adam

Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 131 lbs.
Figure/Build: Trapezium/subtle inverted triangle build. slightly toned muscles, but mostly flat chested. is fit, doesn't have much definable muscle on his arms of legs
Hair Color: Chestnut brown
Hairstyle: short, lightly textured. the sides are short, the ends slightly covering the tops of his ears. His bangs hang over his head, covering most of his forehead and getting into his eyes slightly
Eye Color: blue
Skin Color: white, pale, slightly German appearance
Tattoos/Piercing: None
Scars/distinguishing marks: subtle scars as a result of nails digging into his hips
Preferred Style Of Clothing: casual clothing, simple clothing without tons of designs, logos, and sayings on them, jeans, plain t-shirts, flannel shirts, beanies
Frequently Worn Jewelry: his class ring and a small pin of that he received from the academy he attended prior to moving to the US 
Face Claim: Dylan O'Brien
Voice Claim: 

Smoker?: No
Drinker?: Socially
Drug user? Which?: experimented with weed, but not an active smoker
Addictions: None
Allergies: pumpkins/products containing pumpkin
Any Physical Ailments/Illnesses/disabilities: vision issues, requiring him to need glasses or contacts. He opts to use contacts more often
Disorders: mild depression 
Medications Taken Regularly: eventually medications to help keep his depressive swings in balance

Personality: In the magic academy, he displayed a shy personality, tending to keep to himself. He was a diligent worker, excited for the curriculum, but was often hindered by sudden flare ups in his depression, causing him to take sick days. After the death of his beloved teacher and friend, along with events that caused him and his family to relocate to the US, his depression worsened, causing him to become more shy and antisocial, opting to only interact with people when it was necessary to do so. Once starting school and meeting his current friends though, he's began to blossom back into his original self. While not as shy, tends to be slightly more cynical and not as quick to join in with his friends antics, opting to be the more serious one of the group. Despite this, he does have a sense of humor, and is fiercely loyal and caring to those he holds close to him.
Likes: calm surroundings, feeling accepted, intimacy in a romantic setting
Dislikes: overly-loud surroundings, uncontrolled crowds, uncertainty of events, judgmental people, over-dramatic people, drama in general, traffic, when the other members of the band fight with one another, empty intimacy
Favorite Color(s): greys and blue
Fears/Phobias: losing those close to him, the ocean, centipedes
Hobbies: studying and practicing magic, writing and performing music, singing, reading, keeping a journal, traveling
Taste In Music: prefers more gentle music, calmer music, instrumentals, orchestras, piano music, background music, songs with sentimental/meaningful/deep lyrics

Talents/Skills: magic abilities, singing, playing the guitar

Favorite Foods: baked good, such as pastries, pies stuffed with meats and cheeses, smoked meats and sausages, coffee cakes, potato fritters, fried pastries with savory fillings, comfort foods from his home country
Favorite Drinks: coffee, tea, milk, water, fruit juices, wine, cider 
Disliked Foods: anything with pumpkin, green peppers, fish pies, overly sweet foods, foods with overbearing scents, bland foods, seafood
Disliked Drinks: sugary/overly sweet coffee drinks, overly sugary drinks such as soda, energy drinks, hot chocolate

Level Of Education: graduate from academy for magic, high school diploma
Current Job Title: Lead singer/guitarist of Rocket In Reverse

Parents Names: Erik and Gisela Dubois
Parents Alive Or Dead?: Alive
Still In Contact With Parents?: Yes, and he is very close to both of them
Siblings: None
Spouse: Adam
Children: triplets, Amanda, Joshua, and Marcus Dubois
Best Friend(s): Martin Martin, Alec Clark, James Jones, Samuel Jackson
Pets: None


- 1972 -
June 4th
Mark is born to Gisela and Erik Dubois. He is their first and only child

- 1976 -
Gisela finds out about her son's magic abilities when she came to get him to eat lunch and found him using his abilities move the toys about the room. As she walked in, the toys quickly dropped to the ground, as he stopped, worried of getting in trouble.

- 1984 -
Mark begins attending school magic. During this time, he meets and begins studying under Lillia Locke, who he eventually develops feelings for. During this time, Mark begins to show signs of mild depression. He will occasionally miss classes, opting to stay in bed.

- 1988 -
Mark meets and begins a friendship and a series of sexaul hook-ups with Callum Darrow, a student who is one year his senior, as well as the crown prince of the country. While some were random, others were used to cope or ignore Mark's stress from school and classes.

- 1990 -
Mark graduates from school, near the top of his class.

-1995 to 1997 -
June 5th, 1995 
A series of events unfolds, including Lillia Locke and her close circle tragically dying. Following the attendance of her funeral, Mark and his family quickly relocate, leaving their home empty. They move to the US, taking up residency in a small town in Oregon. 

Following their relocation, Mark falls into a deeper depression, still grieving over the loss of his mentor and crush. This depression is also fueled by the fact that his education is worthless in the US. To fill a void left behind by this loss and depression, he turns to sexual hook-ups with others, a coping mechanism that formed due to his hook-ups with Callum.

Mark uses his magic and freezes his age, as well as his parents ages, making them unable to age. He does this due to uncertainty of how long it would take him to get better and how long it would take for them to be able to move back to their country, as he wished for them to live their lives in their home, rather than what he felt at the time was wasting it in a place he did not wish to be

- 1998 to 2007 - 
Mark gets into the sex work industry, feeling that since he is already doing this, he might as well earn money at the same time. During this time, he also began to distance himself from his parents, getting his own apartment. This distancing was caused by his worry that they would feel ashamed if they found out about what he was doing to earn money.
Mark continues this field for a while, growing to feel more ashamed and degraded as time passes

- 2008 to 2012 -
Mark finally leaves the sex work industry, getting back in touch with his parents. He uses this time to reestablish his once close relationship with both of them, coming clean about what had happened while he was away. He finally sees a doctor for his depression, and is finally put on a medication to help balance his emotions out

Mark's parents bring up the possibility of him trying to establish a new life in this country, rather than focusing on what they used to have, in hopes that it will cheer him up. After much pushing, he finally agrees

The Dubois family moves to California, getting a final fresh start, away from both the pain of their home country and the sadness that followed them when first moving to the US.

- 2013 -
Mark begins his freshman year

- 2014 -
During Mark's time in high school, he meets Mark meets James Jones, Martin Martin, Ashton Clark, Alec Clark and his boyfriend at the time, and Samuel Jackson. The band Rocket In Reverse was formed, with the members consisted of Mark, Martin, Ashton, and Alec's boyfriend. They played small events, such as parties and school talent shows.

Mark has a small relationship with Samuel Jackson. It is undetermined why they broke up, but they remain friends following the break up.

- 2015 -
During a party in which the band is set to perform, Alec is sexually assaulted by his boyfriend. Mark and Martin find out about this when they are looking for the boyfriend so they can perform, and walk in on the assault. They quickly jump in, as Martin forces the guy off Alec while Mark gets Alec out of the room.
Following this event, the band quickly is broken apart due to no longer wanting to work with Alec's boyfriend, as him getting arrested for the assault.

- 2017 -
Mark graduates from high school.

Rocket In Reverse reforms, with the new members consisting of Mark, Martin, Alec, and James. Due to Samuel being the son of a music producer, he manages to pull of some strings, getting the band an interview and eventually signed on to his father's record label.

Face Claim: Dylan O'Brien

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Maxresdefault by Jellyfish-MagicianTumblr Static Tumblr Static  640 by Jellyfish-Magician

Voice Claim: Brian Justin Crum

Finally, a character info sheet for my second oldest character
I'm still working on one for my oldest character, but it's turning out to be kind of hard. I have all these headcanons and ideas about him, but I'm having trouble getting them all out on paper. 

But this is my character, Mark. 
He is another member of Rocket In Reverse, along with my other characters, Alec and Martin, as well as a friend's character, James
Mark's background story poses to be a little more...interesting then the others though. 

Character Summary: Mark grew up in another country as a witch, studying magic. Shortly after his graduation though, a series of events and the death of someone close to him caused him and his family to relocate to the US, leaving their home behind. 
Following the relocation, he froze the aging process of himself and his parents as he slipped into a heavy depression episode, still grieving over his loss, and due to uncertainty of how long it would take him to get better and how long it would take for them to be able to move back to their country, as he wished for them to live their lives in their home, rather than what he felt at the time was wasting it in a place he did not wish to be. 
Years later, after pulling himself together, he decided to attend high school in the US, meeting the friends he later would form a band with and stay close to for the rest of his life.

While I know the years most of the events take place, I am still determining exact dates. Due to this, dates will be added as they are figured out, so this timeline is only a work in progress. 
Also, all the stuff related to nationality and his home country are TBA due to the fact that he is from a country that is the setting for a story my friend is planning, so she is still working out the kinks. 
So far, I do know that the country is Germanic related, so it's culture is similar to that. Also, the language has a German similar sound. 
I will update this once I know the facts on Mark's home country though

Mark, Martin, Alec, Ashton, Rocket In Reverse (c) Onyx-Witch
James, Lillia, Callum (c) letthemhavesugar 
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